22nd Dec 2012, 06:12

Hey guys, I have an 88 B2600. Was wondering if anyone knows of a motor that will bolt up to the transmission with little to no fabrication? Thanks.


20th Jan 2014, 22:04

Mine does the same exact thing!

If anybody could help with this problem, it would be greatly appreciated!!

7th Mar 2014, 17:06

Mine always died when warm. Later I found it was the water choke. When it built up pressure, it would leak into my intake... stupid. Didn't find out until I had already bought a Weber.

7th Mar 2014, 17:12

5000 is a lot to spend... I rebuilt mine for like 1000 with a parts truck. For 5 grand you could get something like this: http://www.racetep.com/starengine.htm

Same exact engine. They put it in all kinds of stuff, and for 5000 it could be a very fast truck.

Check out this site before you judge the truck; it's filled with potential without an engine swap.

7th Mar 2014, 17:16

It's a great truck. I take it everywhere and beat the hell out of it!

I have rebuilt it and done a bit of research. I'm gonna swap the axles with Toyota straight axles; A arms just don't cut it. Then I'm gonna beef up the engine so it doesn't bog down when I put 33s on it. http://www.racetep.com/starhead.html

That website helped me a lot. I suggest checking it out.

18th Jan 2016, 16:08

It's your ECU... change it and you will be fine.

I had the same problem... ran fine... then one day it wouldn't start. Then an hour later it would fire up. When I was driving it, it would sputter, then run fine... etc... Had the ECU rebuilt... same problems (bad ECU rebuild, which I didn't know at the time, and thought it was fuel, spark problem), so it sat in my driveway for 8 months, and $1200 in parts later, to only have the same problem.

Went to a scrap yard to get a fuel pump relay, found an ECU for $40, brought it home, plugged it in and my truck fired right up.


13th Mar 2017, 05:43

I have a 1988 Mazda B2600. When I start it, it idles fine. Go to take off and it has no power; barely even takes off on flat ground. Can someone please help me out?