27th Jun 2006, 15:36

I also own a 94'b3000 and absolutley love it! best truck ever.

17th Nov 2008, 12:23

107,000 miles - Here's an update on this truck. I noticed two weeks ago that my temp gauge was fluctuating and starting to overheat. I had to replace the water pump and heater core. The water pump vanes were gone and the heater core was plugged up. I flushed the cooling system and replaced the water pump, thermostat, and heater core myself. The heater core for the '94 B3000 is cheap ($21) and can be easily replaced in less than 45 minutes. Let me know if you need direction on how to replace the water pump. There are a couple hidden bolts on the brace that holds the A/C and power steering units.

15th Dec 2008, 13:01

Best Vehicle I have ever owned! And its my 10th vehicle. Much better than my Toyota truck.

Dec 2008- A little over 200,000 miles and going strong. Replaced radiator 1 yr ago, water pump,4 yrs ago, clutch 3 yrs, alternator 9 mos ago, plus usual maintenance.

AC has died so truck may have to be replaced. But I hate to get rid of it. So reliable!

30th Mar 2009, 12:00

Here's an update on this truck. I now have 105,000 miles on this truck. The truck started to hesitate at high speed. I changed the air filter, cleaned the MAF sensor, and replaced all of the spark plug wires. It looks like the wire coming from the main coil was corroded. Once I replaced the plug wires the truck is running like new again. This is a great truck!!!

21st Dec 2009, 20:39

280,000 miles, bought used in 98 with 43,000... couldn't have gotten a more reliable, great running pickup! I love my 94 B3000!

I do my own work, and haven't had to do much... usual wear and tear, but this truck is the bomb!!! My hat's off to my reliable pickup!

28th Oct 2011, 00:07

94 Mazda B3000.

I bought this truck highly used with all the little hidden problems, that were not mentioned of course.. Most I can fix, but one has me puzzled. When accelerating, the truck seems to buck, shutter or stumble going from 1st to 2nd. If you're not hard on the gas, it doesn't do it. It idles fine at first, then the RPMs drop down, and it sounds like it has a race cam in it... then the RPMs level out, then repeats... what's that all about?

What have I done?

1. Plugs, cap rotor, wires.

2. Fuel filter.

3. Air mixing valve, right by the throttle under the hood.

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks gdpiker@yahoo.com

17th Aug 2012, 11:52

Here's an update on this truck:

At 125,000 miles the clutch has been replaced. I also replaced the A/C compressor, the receiver/drier, and the main A/C hoses. The mechanic let the manual transmission fluid leak out when he fixed the clutch, so I replaced the manual transmission fluid with Mercon V. I think there is a TSB about using Mercon V. The transmission is smooth, quiet, and shifts great now. The truck runs great. You should check the spark plug wires if you are experiencing hesitation during acceleration. I found a corroded spark plug wire connected to the distributor, so I replaced all of the plug wires.

5th Jan 2014, 00:57

It sounds like your throttle position sensor is failing.

16th Mar 2014, 19:55

Where exactly is the heater core located? Is it located on the firewall?

14th Dec 2018, 05:04

I am the original poster and I still own this truck.

The truck is now 24 years old and still going strong.

The timing cover starter to leak coolant so I replaced the water pump with gasket, timing cover gasket, and replaced the front crank seal. The timing chain and gears looked to be in good condition so I didn't replace those items.

I also replaced the leaking valve cover gasket on the driver's side of the engine.

I replaced most of the brake hardware myself including the front wheel bearings, drums, rotors, pads, rear brake cylinders, front calipers, and front brake hoses. I also had to replace rear ABS control unit because it was not allowing fluid to pass to the rear brakes.

I also installed new headlights and a new front grille along with new front and rear shocks.

I replaced the starter relay and also the ignition switch (I had replaced the lock cylinder many years earlier).