2001 Mazda Millenia S MIller Cycle S from North America


Great luxurious look, but terrible drive


I purchased this 2001 Mazda Millena S in 2006 with 96,000 miles for $7800.

For the first few weeks it was great but after that the check engine light came back on. The dealer said to make sure the gas tank was closed properly LOL. So far this is all the problems that have occured/are occurring.

Smell of gas on rear of drivers side. TCS off blinks and causes car to lose acceleration at 40-45mph. Have to pull over, turn car off, then back on to reset.

AC unit smells at times like old coolant, had to replace passenger side ball joint, hold light on.

Had to replace transmission, as it wouldn't go past 1st and 2nd. $3500 for a rebuilt engine.

All 4 tires leak air; have to put air at least every 2 weeks.

Air bag light blinks from time to time.

Check engine light has been blinking for the last year; sometimes it's solid, but most of the times its blinking.

When I first purchased it, it drove great, acceleration was great. I guess I learned my lesson. I still have it but want a new car. grrr.

General Comments:

This car has a great luxurious look, but doesn't drive well and has lots of problems.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2008

24th Sep 2008, 23:52

I have the same problem I think about the TCS off light. My car refuses to accelerate when I sorta punch it from a dead start, or when I try to speed up at random times. I have to turn it off and on, but to me it seems to only do this when it's warmed up, cause for the first few minutes it runs like hell!! Then the problem occurs.

27th Oct 2012, 10:39

That is because because of the throttle body sensor.

2001 Mazda Millenia from North America




I purchased this car new and have had nothing but problems since it fell out of warranty. Knock-sensor was the initial start of the headaches to come. Replaced transmission 6 months ago, I'm pretty sure it needs some work again. O2 sensors, knock-sensors, EGR, crappy gas mileage, can't seem to keep the check engine light off for any length of time, and now the air-bag light is flashing. When I 1st purchased, I questioned the dealer about the hesitation and jerking of the transmission, I was told this was how the Mazda transmission behaved. More like how the Ford Contour tranny behaves.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2008

2001 Mazda Millenia S 2.3 superchager from North America


Nice style, not so nice problems


Before I purchased the car, the salesman told me about the engine light. It is a sensor that needs to be replaced, and to replace it the supercharger has to be taken out. Very time consuming and expensive.

Only have had the car for about a week, and no problems with the engine light.

General Comments:

I really like the car, but I have noticed the slipping on the transmission when I accelerate. I think it's in 2nd gear.

I also had the problem with the ABS and TCS light coming on. They were on for one day and haven't been on since. Found this... front CV joint or the wheel bearing also needs to be replaced because it is causing the ABS and TCS lights to come on, and makes a loud clicking scratching noise as I turn.

Other than that... I haven't had any other problems, and knock on wood that I don't!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2008

2001 Mazda Millenia millenia s 2.3 supercharged miller-cycle from North America


Mazda please bring the millenia back from the grave


My check engine light is blinking repeatedly.

My car struggles to accelerate onto the freeway and makes a funny noise once over 3000 rpm.

My car leaks oil between the engine and transmission.

General Comments:

Other than the few problems I have with the car I still love it to death.

All of my friends are jealous and want to take it with them everywhere.

Everyone looks and compliments me on my car when I cruise the city and town.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2007

5th Feb 2008, 09:34

The check engine light could be the sensor. The supercharger (if you have that model) has to be removed to change the sensor. I had the same problem. Hope this helps.