7th Aug 2007, 16:02

I have a 2002 Mazda Millenia. The hold light began flashing on the way to work this morning. What does this mean?? I do not have an owners manuel. Please help!!!

14th Aug 2007, 22:16

I purchased my 2000 MilleniaS Millennium with 6k miles on it, so basically new. I've loved it and it continues to turn heads now even at 103k. It is terrific on the road and cruises all day at 85mph no problem. I haven't had any of the problems mentioned such as transmission, door locks, etc... except the check engine light. It's been fickle. I finally got tired of taking it to the shop after 4-5 times so I decide to just let the light burn. It has been lite for probably half the life of the car. On the highway, it doesn't seem a problem. But in town stop and go driving, the car has no power, especially if the A/C is on. It seems like it's running on only 4 cylinders! The light alternatively stays off for one week then it comes on for 4 weeks... then repeats. When the light is off, the power returns and it blasts off the line, no matter the gasoline octane rating. I'm planning to try the solution mentioned above to clean out the carb. If that works, I'm keeping the car until one of us dies!

26th Aug 2007, 17:10

I've got a Mazda Millenia 02 that my company provided to me. The car looks nice outside, but is not to nice to drive.

6th Sep 2007, 14:56

The Hold Light you're seeing on the instrument panel is because it's been disabled on the shifter. Push the silver button located on the left side of the shifter and it will go out.

9th Sep 2007, 12:14

I have a 2000 Milenia S with approx. 143,000 Km and have had a few of the common problems mentioned. 1. Missing and jerking on move off... Corrected by replacing 3 coils on plugs at a cost of $2500.00 2. All door acuators do not operate, and there is a loud noise when remote is used. 3. Foul smell when engine is run at high speed. 4. Cat. also had to be replaced. 5. Engine light has been on and off and now on for the last 6 months. Car looks great and drives well, but I would not recommend it to anyone. Neither would I buy another Mazda!!

18th Sep 2007, 11:53

I purchased an 01 Milena, sexy looking car 17" rims, leather, feels like it hugs you when you sit down. Runs great, looks great, paid 6k...took it 2 days later to emissions, FAILED>>> 5 issues.. replaced 2 O2 sensors, failed, replaced egr, failed, now mechanic says it needs 2 new cats! Has anyone checked the price of those? are they lined in GOLD or what! I am a single female raising 2 children, and I am not a happy camper, I looked for negative comments b/4 I purchased the car had I seen this site... I would not have. Unfortunately, I also own a Miata and an Mx3...This will be the LAST Mazda product I ever purchase.

10th Oct 2007, 20:04

Just a bit of information seeing that I don't own a Millenia (or any other Mazda for that matter).

The person who had the smell of rotten eggs when the a/c is turned on needs to have the evaporator core cleaned. The core looks like a radiator and it is located under the dashboard. This is what is cooled by the a/c system. When the blower is turned on the air passes over the core and is thus cooled. Because the incoming air is warm, when it is cooled it leaves behind water on the core. Dust and other particles stick to this water and over time the core gets rather moldy. That's where the smell is coming from.

Believe it or not the knock sensor is basically a microphone. What it does is to listen for any sound that has the same frequency as engine knock. When it is picked up, the engine timing is adjusted to reduce knock. This device is critical on a supercharged engine as knocking can cause piston damage when under boost. The bad thing is that the knock sensor can also be triggered by other non-knock related sounds. Some knock sensors will respond to a hammer that is struck on the side of the engine! If the diaphragm inside the sensor is weak then it will be prone to failure. Perhaps what is needed is a stronger aftermarket knock sensor.

The poor fuel economy some people experience is potentially as a result of the bad/weak oxygen sensors. I would suggest moving away from the Mazda parts and go with a Bosch oxygen sensor (Autozone has them). Bosch is the company that created the oxygen sensor back in the 1960s so they know more about them than anybody else.

Good luck to all.

8th Nov 2007, 18:46

I bought a 2001 millinia at an auction. I took it for emission test and it failed. I have to have the oxygen sensors and catalytic converter changed. Price quote $1700.00...

Is that about right?

13th Dec 2007, 11:18

I own a 2001 Millenia S with 53K miles. I bought the car in 01 with 2,700 miles on it. I like the car a lot and I am happy so far with everything. People think that it looks like a Lexus. That being said, I am currently having the valve cover gaskets replaced bc of an oil leaking issue. Approx. eight months ago I had to have "T" connectors replaced that had cracked. Other than that, I've not had any major issues. The car is almost eight years old and both problems I've had are from rubber/plastic parts that will fail over time. The check engine light rarely comes on, there is no smell from the a/c, no problem passing emission tests, no problem with O2 sensors or knock sensors and door locks work fine. I agree that repair work is expensive, but with the Miller-Cycle engine's design I'm not surprised. You have to take the engine apart to get to the spark plugs! I have a K&N filter, 18" wheels and I had my ECU programmed by Jet Performance (this woke my engine up!). My plan is to drive the car until 2011 and then I feel that I'll have gotten good value out of it. A few grand every so often is cheaper than having a car payment every month!

13th Dec 2007, 15:18

For it's class "luxury", the value is decent. As far as cats are concerned, brace yourself. They run upwards of $700... EACH. There is the oh so popular "dealer only item" and the cat falls right under it (correct me if I am wrong). So far, I am experiencing the same problem with a recently purchased 2001 S. The ABS, TCS and TCS OFF lights come one and the car bucks/hesitates when applying acceleration. A mechanic told me that the ABS sensor needs to be replace. I will see what happens when this is done (covered fortunately for me, but dealer item so there is the waiting game). As for that "check-engine" light, will see what happens there as well. Two O2 sensors were replace and the light came back on less than 10 minutes later.