1990 Mazda MX6 LX 2.2L 12V I4 from North America


As reliable as an anvil, and a hidden gem of a car


I bought the Mazda with a broken windshield, so that had to be replaced when I got it. It had a new head gasket, brakes, plugs and wires.

I had to replace the clutch, which I believe was the original, at around 130,000. That's pretty good for a clutch!! The regulator for the driver's side had to be replaced, along with the driver's side switch to control both windows.

General Comments:

The Mazda has been a great car that I believe has been over-shadowed by other Japanese car manufacturers. It's been very reliable, and held up very well over the past 20 years.

Its engine has quite a bit of torque for being a 2.2, the transmission still shifts very smooth, the body has not begun to rust through, and the interior looks like brand new!

I love the Mazda, and am currently looking for a MX6 GT, since I love my LX so much, but would love to have the F2, 2.2L with a turbo and an intercooler mounted to it. That would be reliable AND super fun!!

If you can find a good looking used one that someone has taken good care of, BUY IT and don't look back. I've seen them before with 200-300K on them...

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Review Date: 1st September, 2010

1990 Mazda MX6 LX 2.2 SOHC from North America


This is a great little car, and I hope to find a newer, similar car to replace it!


Timing belt broke.

Interior is sunburnt, peeling and breaking up.

Alternator gave up the ghost.

Rear brake drums had to be replaced (factory recall, defective design).

Rides a little rough on the small, low-profile 14 inch tires.

Wind and road noise are a little wearing on long trips.

General Comments:

Fuel mileage is the best I've ever had - 29.9 miles per gallon, winter, summer, rain or shine, day or night, city or country. I can't squeeze 30 out of it, but I'm not penalized when driving in the city either. Every time I figure a tank of gas, it's 29.9!

The car is AMAZINGLY reliable. With over 1/4 million miles on it, it still starts when I turn the key. This car was supposed to be a temporary ride to work, nothing more, but it keeps going, and going, and going!!

Engine is rather powerful for a little 4 cylinder - it almost compares to V-6's that I've owned previously.

Transmission is smooth, quiet, and simply gets the job done.

Handling is great - you almost believe you are driving a sport car.

Lack of headroom is the very worst thing I can say about this car. I'm 6 ft tall, and my head rubs the roof when I'm driving. Can't wear even a ball cap, 'cause the little button on top rubs a hole in my scalp!

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Review Date: 4th February, 2010

1990 Mazda MX6 DX 2.2ltr 4 cylinder F/I from North America


Cheap maintenance, dependable and fuel efficient!


Blower motor stopped working.

Passenger side CV Axle ripped.

Driver side door handle broke.

Radiator fan stopped working.

General Comments:

These are great little cars. This is my second MX6, my first one was a 1988 base model with the automatic tranny. It was my first car so unfortunatly I ran it into the ground *three years ago*

Just recently got this one which is the DX model, it has the 5 speed tranny and power options/sunroof. Has quite a few miles on it, had an upper rebuilt 6 years ago, the head up has 70 k miles on it.Runs and drives like new!

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2005

1990 Mazda MX6 LX 2.2 4 cylinder from Japan


It is the perfect car for city and interstate use, offering comfort, economy of operation


The drivers window power motor ceased to operate. The moon-roof power motor had to be replaced. The road rash on the hood was so bad that I had the car repainted. The drive axles have had to be replaced twice due to cut boots!

General Comments:

The car is extremely reliable. It is comfortable for city or interstate operation. It offers good economy, 27 to 32 mpg. I can pass slow traffic on the interstate without problems. The acceleration from 2500 to 4000 rpm in any gear is fantastic.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2005