1990 Mazda MX6 2.2 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A performance bargain with luxury, performance and love or hate me charm


Engine expired at 230 000kms.

Electric window motors faulty (common).

Gearbox crunchy on 1st to 2nd changes (common).

Plastic intake manifold boot cracked (Common).

Paint fading.

Power antenna no longer retracts.

Windscreen wipers occasionally call for ignition to be switched off before working.

General Comments:

Big bore 4cyl pulls well off boost (low revs).

All the power options you would get in a current car of same class.

Electrics can be tricky, though aren't all Mazda's of that era?

Great potential for further modification.

Parts can be hard to come by though!

4 wheel steer is great for parking.

Good balance between ride and handling.

Quite cabin, low road noise.

Doesn't behave or Feel as heavy as it is.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2003

24th Jan 2004, 07:42

I have a 1989 MX6 with twin rotary turbo, nos, body kit, in car DVD, jet black, 8 12" subs in the back, a sports 3" muffler, chrome 5 spoke mags, supercharged chip full leather trim, I can blow off V8s easily.

I love my car it's fully optioned, sunroof, sports suspension. I've had the engine rebuilt to my needs.

28th Feb 2006, 12:31

Good afternoon ~ does anyone know the rpm relationship curve to mph. My speedometer cable is broken and I want to drive within the speed limit! For example 2500 rpm in 1st gear equals how many mph and 2500 rpm in 2nd gear equals how many mph and so on. Thank you. Frank.

28th Apr 2006, 01:28

Hello people, I have had my Mazda Mx6 for seven years now and I am looking into making it go better. Fitted to the car so far have a duel stage boost controller and blow off valve.

Apparently it won't run higher than nine pound boost without doing damage to the engine. Can someone please help me with making my Mx6 go harder, money is not a problem I just don't know how. I want to such things as an awsome exhaust system, but don't know what type to get, can you work the engine, can I get a computer chip that makes it go harder, new cam or bore the engine. I have no idea, but would love to know. I love my car and have been thinking of getting a Lexus Soarer, but would much prefer to keep my Mazda. Can someone please help me with this problem.

4th Dec 2008, 06:44

Great car, best well balanced car I have had, great in the gravel and on the road,you can run 15 pound boost in these and there is a chip available to aussie owners to do this. As always extra boost means extra pressure on components, so a car with 300,000km on it you would expect to expire, but for the prices you can pick them up for they're a gem.

1990 Mazda MX6 GT 2.2 Liter turbo from North America


Self-destructing bullet


Where to start...

Both of the power windows barely work.

The power sunroof won't slide open half of the time.

I had to change the radiator twice.

Power steering pump went out.

Many sensors had to be replaced.

The car leaks oil.

And finally the automatic transmission just went out.

General Comments:

It is a very fast car once it gets the RPM up and the turbo kicks in.

Before that it's painfully slow.

The steering is tight and the adjustable suspension is nice.

If only everything, or at least most of the things worked on the car, it would be a nice car.

But that's not the case.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2002

13th Mar 2003, 07:58

You bought a car with 110000 miles and you didn't expect to change everthing in it. What is wrong with you. It was probably reliable for the original owner.

1990 Mazda MX6 LX 2.2 from North America


Not a good car


The transmission has gone out and the engine is shot.

General Comments:

It is a great car. all the girls like it, but it only gets 18 MPG and don't have enough power to race anyone out there. But I'm ready to put a new motor and transmission it it so hopefully it will go faster.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2002

27th Nov 2004, 04:47

I have a 1990 Mazda MX6. I can't complain about the performance. It has a 2.2 4 cylinder, and the factory speedometer goes to 150 mph. And she has been there a few times, LOL.

In fact, I also have a 1972 Gran Torino Sport/351 Cobrajet, and my little Mazda gives her a good run for the money.

Don't get me wrong, my Mazda won't ever beat my Torino, but it's scary to know they stay side by side for the first 50 yards, LOL.