7th Jan 2004, 11:44

Agreed with the last comment, I have an mx6 also, I abuse the car and still have no major problems, the engine has 135,000 miles on and is still strong, OK I did replaced the cv boots, brake pads etc.. but that's normal for any vehicle. Some of the parts are cheap and some are expensive, but that goes for any vehicle.

14th Jun 2004, 20:36

I have to disagree with the negative comments. I purchased a 1993 MX-6 when it first became available in late '96. And now--$166,000 miles later--I consider it to be my smartest automotive purchase. Although there have been a few tiny problems, it has provided me with reliable transportation, nice performance and after 12 years I STILL love the way it looks. I finally bought another vehicle (an Infiniti G35 Sedan), but find myself driving the MX-6 more often. It's more nimble, gets better gas mileage and actually receives more comments than the G35!

19th Jun 2004, 09:34

I sympathize with you that you somehow bought a lemon when you purchased your car, but I cannot empathize, since my own MX6 LS (1993) has been virtually problem-free. I bought it as a demo back in 1994 with 9,000 km on the odometer, which now reads 180,000 km. All I've had to do outside of regular maintenance has been to replace two sets of spark plug cables, replace a valve cover seal, a pair of struts and a power window switch. I've owned many cars in my life, but have seldom come across a more reliable one. Up to 1994, I used to change cars once every 2 years on average, but my MX6 has kept me "faithful" for over a decade. I hope you won't give up on the MX6 and buy another one after yours meets its rightful end. Lightning has never struck the same person twice, that I know of.

22nd Jul 2004, 17:03

I agree with the reviewer, I too bought a Mazda MX-6 (1992 model) it it was a heap of junk. It had a full mechanical inspection done before I bought it and no faults were found.

Within 1 month of purchasing it, things started going wrong. First it was the ignition leads (rather expensive too at A$180 per set). Then the heater stopped working, but no-one (including my local Mazda dealer) could work out why! Then I had the problem with rough idling, again which the dealer couldn't fix, did all the online diagnostics etc and found nothing wrong. A few times the car even stalled and refused to restart for several minutes. The shift quality (it was an auto. transmission) was very poor, even though the trans had been recently serviced. And I also had the problem with the handbrake locking up.

I couldn't afford the ongoing repairs so I sold the car after 6 months and lost about $5000 on it (not counting all the repairs I had done).

The MX-6 is like a woman, even though it was a pain I still want another one, it is like I am irresistibly attracted to them for some reason, but fortunately so far my head has overruled my heart in this matter and allowed me to stay away. I would strongly advise anyone considering this car to reconsider, they really are a heap of junk.

9th Dec 2004, 23:17

I purchased a 1993 Mx6 for seven hundred dollars two years ago not. I figured for that price something got to be wrong. Turned out I was wrong. Yeah I had to replace the timing belt, thermostat, and radiator, but for the complements

I get on the car with it being still primer yellow I'll take the bad along with the good.

25th Aug 2005, 14:16

I have a 93 MX-6 two door and love it! But I think that I have a bad one that blows up distributors. When it runs it runs like a charm. People think it's a brand new car! But when it blows up (distributor) it blows bad. Everytime I get a dignostic check, it's the distributor. Rats! I just love my car and I'm just not ready to give it up!.

7th Sep 2005, 17:28

I have both feelings about the Mx6.

I bought a '93 Mazda Mx6 in June of 2002 with 115K miles on it. It was my first car. I had it inspected right after I bought it, and it needed a full brake job. Rear calipers and all. A week after I bought it, the a/c quit working. I had it recharged with negative results. I was then told that my high/low sensor was bad. So I bought one from the dealer for $50 bucks. Swapped it out, got it recharged... still no a/c. Took it to an a/c shop and they told me my compressor was bad. A new one would mean switching the entire system over to the new Freon (since 93's support the old stuff) which would end up costing around a grand. I said forget it and have lived without a/c ever since. Later that summer my distributor went out along with a few other things.

Then in Nov. of 2002, I traveled the hour and a half to the college I'd be attending and on the way back, my alternator died. I had to have it towed to the nearest dealer, leave it there, my dad come get me, buy another alternator, drive back and have them install it.

In Feb. of 2003 I was heading home for the funeral of my grandfather and my engine threw a rod in the middle of Salem on I-5. I got to leave the car on the side of the highway and tow it home the next day. Four months later in June, I installed a new engine (klze) and it has been running ever since. Thank the Lord. Oh, I forgot, earlier this year (2005) my alternator belt broke while driving down I-5. Had to tow it 100 miles back home and never did make it to my destination. A few small things have stopped working on the car as well such as the antenna (no longer goes up or down, so it remains in the up position all the time), the trunk shocks are about shot (they no longer pop the trunk open and barely keep the lid up), the LED light on the trunk fin has since gone out…etc.

Aside from the very loud clunking noises that come from somewhere in the suspension every time I take a corner (both sides), the extremely loud tapping noises, an engine that leaks oil from just about every orifice and no a/c...it's been a joy to drive. I love the black leather interior, and the setup of the dash. I love having all automatic abilities in yet a 12 yr old car. It’s quite luxurious, but very sporty for a sedan sized car. Unfortunately I’ve spent more money in maintaining this car than I paid for it, which was $3350. But until I have the money to buy a second car so I can sell this one and get a better 6, this one will have to do. And I’m OK with that, because I love my car. =)

Thanks for reading


6th Oct 2005, 22:34

I've been the proud owner of a Mazda MX6 (1992 Model) for three years now. It's clocked up over 200.000 km & I've never had a problem with it. No major repair bills, and the only mechanical problem I've experienced is broken boot gas struts. I couldn't disagree with the reviewer more strongly. The MX6 is a classic, and easily the best car I've ever purchased.