25th Sep 2006, 14:21

I have a 93 Mazda MX-6 (4 cylinder and only owner of this car) and haven't had near the problems that post 1 had. I have replaced the distributor once, not a big deal at all, but bought an after market (rebuilt one) and it didn't work so I had to buy one from the dealer. The only recurring problem I've had is with the oxygen sensor going out quite often (they say from using cheap gas). Also, it's had a knocking noise in the engine for about 9 years now, but haven't had one engine problem so far. It has 180,000 miles on it and still runs strong for a 4 cylinder. Other than the normal repairs (tune up stuff, brakes, struts) that's it.

15th Nov 2006, 14:23

I have a 1994 Ford Probe GT (basically the same as a MX-6, just a different body) and I have had no problems with it besides normal maintenance. I bought it at 135,000 miles and I am the third owner. The loud clunking noises someone hears from either side of their car is your axles, you need new ones. The ticking you hear from your engine is the HLA's (Hydraulic Lifter Arms). After a certain amount of abuse and mileage, they just fall. It doesn't hurt your engine, it's not a catastrophic failure that could lead to disaster. It is just a chronic problem with the K-Series Engines. When you buy a car you should really look at it and inspect it before you buy. You got stuck with a lemon. That's your fault, not the car.

14th Jan 2007, 23:21

O.K., now, how do I start, I bought my 1993 Mazda MX-6 about 4 years ago, and in that time I have replaced the distributor, as of tonight, 5 times (working in the cold of a Canadian winter for almost 2 hours, albeit only minus 15 Celsius). I had it in to 2 reputable electrical shops in town, and with the first generation of diagnostic computers, they had no idea what was causing the distributor to go. I do not have a Mazda dealer in town (the closest is 45 minutes away), so I have not been able to get it to them. I am at the point where I want to use C4 on it, but that is expensive stuff. I think I am going to buy a mountain bike for my next means of transportation. They don't have distributors do they?

28th Jan 2007, 08:44

I have a 1993 Mazda MX-6 LS. I recently replaced the battery, about a week ago. Then today I drove it about 6 miles with it running perfect. After coming home and leaving it parked for a few hours the car will now not start, but does turn over. What could be the problem?

15th Apr 2007, 19:15

Hi your battery is not taking any charge it drains. Not a big problem easy fix. Show your mechanic.

19th Apr 2007, 19:32

I'm commenting on the battery problem... How much miles do you have on ur mx6?

7th Jul 2007, 12:07

I only stumbled in here while looking for some info on replacing the distributor, but have to say that my gf bought her MX-6 brand new in 1993, and is still driving it. Well... sort of. The distributor just went on it, after 180k kms. I have been with her for about a year, and this is the first issue she has had with the car. She claims that she has not put very much into it besides general maintenance. After the distributor is replaced, she is selling it because she just bought a new RX-8.

18th Jul 2007, 16:55

I bought the great looking 93 Mazda MX6 LX (6cyl) 1 year ago and have had nothing, but problems with it. I love the car when it runs good, but I can trust it to get me to where I want to go and get back with no problems.

The engine likes to over heat and will melt all of the seals and o rings very quickly if you don't notice the temp go up right away.

I replaced the engine after it through a rod and it has not run the same since. The mechanic I used is great with cars, but the MX6 is a very touchy car.

I recommend that anyone who doesn't want to have their car in the shop more than the road stay away from this car. If you love the car like I do (wish I didn't) then buy it, but be warned that anything at anytime could go wrong.

6th Sep 2007, 22:21

I love my MX6. I got a 93 with a 2.5L and it had 160 000km on it till I burnt the motor in it, which was my fault for driving 4 hours with it without oil. I put a new motor in it (used that is), and I keep up with a Camaro with a 305 in it... never had a problem with except for the burnt motor which was my fault.

28th Sep 2007, 22:54

I'm now scared yet optimistic I am currently going to embrace myself and make the dare move to purchase a decent looking 1993 MX 6. I test drove it and it runs good. Body job not bad for a 13 year old car. Not bad at all. Only one owneer. Asking for 700 bucks that's what scares me off. Rims, Radio, Ac, its beautiful. I don't understand why... he wouldn't ask for more. I hope I don't get screwed over by purchasing it next Saturday. I really hope it won't have to go to the mechanic every 2 seconds. I hope itll get me to point a and to point b in one piece.

23rd Nov 2007, 20:39

I have a 1993 MX-6 with the 2.0 It seems that the transmission will not drop down into a lower gear for easier start off any suggestions. From what I gather it is a CF4-EL transmission.

12th Dec 2007, 14:34

OK where do I start... I've owned a Mazda MX6 for 13 years now - bought it new in October 1994 in Sacramento California. My son was three years old; he is now 16 and the new driver at the car. The car has 220,000 miles on it. Yes, I've had my share or issues with it, but I don't think it is out of the ordinary. In 13 years, I've replaced the timing belt three times, water pump every time I replace the timing belt. Distributor twice, gaskets on the engine head covers -- you know I had the oil on the spark pulgs thing - this was not cheap. CV boots once, brakes - front twice, rear once, 3 batteries, many, many oil chages -- every 3000 miles, air conditioning compressor, air conditioning fan, clutch, power door switch, and antenna. oh, yeah - I had the radio issue, but that was an easy fix - got an alpine many moons ago. We also have the loud knock turning left; I lived with it for 13 years. I think my son can live it for a few more.

I think that is about it. I don't think that is too bad. Yeah there quite a few things on the list, but take a look at the mileage again. 220,000 miles and I can smoke many newer cars out there.

Oh, if you know how I can fix the loud noise when turning, let me know. thanks.