12th Jan 2004, 22:18

I am having the same problem and I have purchased a new transmission, but the hold light is still blinking possibly something going on with our computers I am taking mine to get it tested on a computer good luck to all.

4th Apr 2004, 21:46

I have just purchased a 1992 Mazda MX6, and have also noticed the problem with the flashing HOLD light. This problem is intermittent however, as it disappears when I switch the engine off, and then back on. I an a bit worried though as I have sometimes heard that these cars are prone to transmission problems! I consulted the manual, and it says that if the hold light ever starts flashing, then it is most likely an electrical problem with the trans axle. I intend to have this checked out as soon as possible, and am praying that it is only a minor problem. Wishful thinking perhaps...

9th May 2004, 02:09

The hold light is flashing because those flashes are cel codes.

29th Aug 2004, 00:27

Man I have the same problems you all got wit my 93 mx6 but the hold light is just a short in the circuits a default, but the trany it could be the gear box.

25th Jul 2005, 23:55

The MX-6 are LEMONS, sell it for cheap or bring it a wrecker (if you don't want karma).

Autos ALL have the same transmission problems, and there are also others as well including stalling when putting into D or R when cold.

Manuals are also crap, although not as bad as autos, they can cost a lot to repair, simply because the parts cost a lot (2nd hand parts can't be trusted, new parts cost more than the car) and mechanics charge too much for repair as it's extremely hard to get into the tight area of the engine.

Sell, sell, sell!

12th Oct 2005, 22:25

I think the problem here is that you got an automatic transmission in a car that should have a manual. Not that I'm bashing any of you personally, but it seems to me that Mazda's auto transmissions from that generation of MX6 weren't exactly the greatest, whereas all I've heard about the manuals is that they are great to drive.

I would try to sell the car if the tranny continues to refuse to go into gear, or take it into a Mazda dealer and try to sort out the problem. And hell, while you're there, test drive the new Mazda3 or Mazda6. Both are awesome cars and the Mazda3 can fit any budget. :)


16th Oct 2007, 20:43

There's no way to fix it. It's the transmission failing - the HOLD light is the computer giving up on handling the automatic transmission because something simply isn't working right. The Ford automatic transmissions just weren't that robust, and the cooling mechanism on the cars is inadequate, and no one knows that you have to change the transmission fluid frequently.

If you buy an MX-6, buy a manual. If you have to buy an automatic, ask if they have records of transmission fluid changes. If they don't, walk away.

27th Nov 2007, 14:57

I personally bought a Mazda mx6 just yesterday, and the problem is that no one changes the transmission fluid! That's the cause of the problems. Anyway, when the filter gets clogged it can still run all right in rural areas, but if you get it up around 50+ mph, then you start grinding the clutch disks. This is what I have found out in a day, but I hope this helps.


8th May 2008, 17:08

Hello everyone.

I got my 93 MX6 V6 in 05 and it's been so good, other than problems that came about from my driving habits :)

I've had this same problem happening for like a month, and it all started the day I brought it back from the mechanic. I had a new axle put in, and I never ever had any problems with the trans or hold button function before. So it's getting really bad where I press on the gas just to get home, it revs to almost about 7000 and you can smell the trans fluid burning - so today I did the last thing anyone would think of and that's check the car's manual -- and it says that if the hold button flashes -- it's a problem with the trans electrical systems and not to drive it anymore until its fixed or it will result in the trans totally going out -- I think it's getting to that point with me -- just be careful everyone and don't let it happen to you -- in my case I think the mechanic didn't place the new axle in right and messed up the entire transaxle.

Well for everyone else who bashes the MX6 before this, I had an 93 MX6 V6 for ten years and I sold cars for years, and it still is truly the nicest car I've ever been in or drove (when in good condition and compared to other new and used cars) --- my last MX6 I trashed and ended up snapping both the axle and steering going over a bridge. Thats why I got rid of it for a new one.

The only thing someone said something about the cooling systems before, and it's true, the cooling systems really can't keep up with the car's engine -- what I did was pull the fan sensor out:) So the fan is always on it; helped me a lot - good luck all.

20th May 2008, 11:41

I just purchased a 1995 MX6 with a 2.0 ltr engine and automatic transmission.

The hold light was flashing constantly, and the car shifted hard out of first gear. I took the car to a transmission repair facility and was told that flashing hold light was a warning indicator for the transmission.

I was told there was several things wrong with the car. First the transmission was overheating, next the engine oil level was too high, and finally the transmission fluid and filter were dirty.

The cooling system for the car cools the engine and transmission, and not very well. A separate transmission cooling element would cost about $300. If you add too much engine oil, it interferes with the automatic clutch, which is dependent on internal engine oil pressure, causing the hold light to flash. After this happens, oil from the engine clogs a pressure line to the transmission, causing the transmission to shift hard, or not go into gear at all.

Finally, when the transmission shifts hard, or at a high RPM, the transmission oil and filter get dirty and clogged. A cheap fix is to add "Seafoam" additive to the transmission and engine. There is a separate additive for the engine and transmission. These additives allow the dirt and other junk to settle to the bottom of the engine and transmission until you can replace the oils. It is worth the extra money to add a separate transmission oil cooler to any car that sends the transmission oil through the radiator.

15th Feb 2009, 20:59

I drive MX6 2.0 automatic 1994.

An year ago I was driving on a steep uphill at about 50 mph. Usually at this speed the RPM are about 2000. Instead of shifting to a lower gear, in my case "S" or 3rd gear, I let the automatic handle the uphill. The RPM stayed 2000 for a few seconds and then moved to 2500.

I kept driving on through the mountain pass without realizing that the automatic was grinding the discs instead of shifting down. I drove about 15 minutes like that, and all of the sudden the hold light started flashing. Then I realized that the car was still running on 4th gear instead of 3rd as I expected from the automatic and I switched to 3rd gear manually.

The light kept flashing. I drove a little bit more and since it kept flashing I stopped, put on N and let the engine on. It kept flashing for about 5 minutes and then it stopped. I guess it cooled the transmission oil and then the light went off. That was an year ago, about 15 000 miles ago, and since then I haven't had any problems with the transmission or the light going on and off...

1st Jan 2010, 20:51

There is a sensor at on the top rear of the transmission. It controls the speedometer and hold setting, as well as cruise. Replace it.

1st Apr 2010, 08:43

Hey folks, I have a 1993 Mazda MX6 with the same problems with the hold light blinking and tranny working like crap, but all in all, it's the best car I've ever owned.

Oh, and the car has never before given tranny problems. Am grateful for all the advice here.

Charles (Trinidad)

8th Jun 2011, 07:32

I have a 94 MX6 Mystere and have the same problems... when it gets really bad, I pour transmission sealer into it, and it gets better for a good while.

8th Jun 2011, 07:35

I think you're right... I've always said that when it starts acting up like that, it feels like it should be a manual.