13th Nov 2006, 18:51

Didn't say surprising... just interesting. Given that better reliability, and higher horsepower/torque/fuel economy can be had from today's high displacement engines, perhaps the rotary engine is obsolete.

18th Dec 2006, 01:53

The rotary is less fuel efficient than piston engine due to its higher surface area to volume ratios. This doesn't allow the combustion chamber to reach high enough temps and thus less efficient use of fuel. To give credit to Mazda though, the 12a mazda Rx7 got 17/24 gas mileage and weighed about 2500 Lbs. The RX8 weighs 600 lbs more and gets better gas mileage.

21st Mar 2007, 02:17

Turbo option?!?! are you sure you're not mistaken for an after market turbo?

18th Nov 2009, 15:58

Sorry sir, you are incorrect, the rotary engine puts out 230 hp from a 1.3L engine. You show me a high displacement engine that even comes close to that.

24th Nov 2009, 01:42

No, sir... you are incorrect. I don't dispute that the rotary engine puts out more horsepower per liter than a "normal" piston engine. I simply stated that a higher-displacement piston engine could do a better job than the RX8's rotary. Example: The low-tech 4.6 liter V-8 in the Mustang GT produces significantly more horsepower than the 1.3 liter rotary, yet produces better MPG numbers despite being installed in a significantly heavier car. All while being infinitely less troublesome.

Brakes, suspension, steering... well, they are a completely different story. But simply comparing engines, the rotary makes less horsepower (and sense).

14th Sep 2010, 11:28

New Z06: $74,305.

New RX-8 R3: $31,990.

The Z06 is good, but it's not 2.5x the car.

*Stop comparing very different cars.*

GM could do so much better with a DOHC LS-series aluminum motor. As it is, it's pushrod (straight from, oh, the 1930's or earlier...). I love the Z06, but it's just another Corvette by appearance. So if you want something distinctive, buy the RX-8.

21st Jan 2012, 19:28

Comparing a Vette and its cost to an RX8 is ridiculous. One could say a Ford 150 can carry more cargo than an RX8. Be realistic in your comments; most people here obviously bought without doing research, and did not buy what they should have bought.

No vehicle is perfect, unless you want to buy one at a Barret-Jackson auction.

The RX8 is a phenomenal car!