2002 Mazda Tribute LX V6 AWD 3.0 Duratec from North America


Engine "broke" suddenly at 48,500 miles. Mechanic says it is a broken piston, though it is too expensive to take apart to verify. A used engine with 13K will replace it at a cost of $3200.

General Comments:

I have owned 3 Mazdas and no problems until now. It is obviously Ford's faulty design, and Mazda's fault for allowing itself to be associated with Ford. No more Fords or Mazdas.

The vehicle's warranty is expired because of age. If it weren't 6 years old it was still less than the standard warranty's mileage limits.

Mazda customer service is terrible, as is the only nearby dealer at 200+ miles away.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2008

2002 Mazda Tribute LX big 4 from North America


Bad bad


Left driver's door mechanism went bad at approx. 50K miles (just like other's in this survey).

Seatbelt sensor, causing airbag light on (just like other's in this survey).

Car won't stay running when the engine is hot (this is a big problem) and mechanics can't figure it out.

Has anyone see this?

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Review Date: 18th April, 2008

22nd Feb 2015, 03:18

In some old cars there was a problem with fuel pumps. The car would start and run great until it reached a certain temperature. At that point the engine driven fuel pump would stop working properly and the car would stall. The car then cools off and again starts and runs normally until it again reaches a certain temperature and then stalls again. Very frustrating. Just my two cents!!!

5th Nov 2015, 12:27

I had this EXACT same thing happen in my 1991 Camaro RS. It would run and drive beautiful up until about 70 miles, and then would just "shut down" and I would have to wait a xx amount of time for it to cool down, then would drive great, and then the same process again. I would even have to shut it off at stop lights, so it wouldn't continue to heat up and add to the problem. PLUS, I wouldn't drive it during the hot parts of the day (Florida) so I could get home. During this as well, it would also be a struggle at times to get it to start or stay running. I replaced the fuel pump and discovered the strainer had fell off and the bottom was just gunked with crap, and again once it reached a certain temp, it would do this. Since replacement I have NEVER had this issue again, the car runs like a champ. I have owned the car for 3 years.

2002 Mazda Tribute 4 cylinder from North America


In my opinion, I wouldn't recommend Ford/Mazda to anyone


When it rains, it leaks in the car. I thought the car was from the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

I had the mechanic shop where I purchased the vehicle check it out, and they lied and said the hoses for the sunroof were clogged and they had to blow it out. But as soon as it rained again, I could remember driving home while being soaked with water dripping from the roof. Sometimes, the water only soaks the floor!

The check engine light came on two days after purchasing the vehicle, and I assumed that the car was placed on a diagnostic check, because after they stated that the vehicle had a O2 sensor issue, the light came back on.

The car stalls while in the first gear. Sometimes it acts as if it doesn't want to go in gear.

Now the emergency brake lights, the air bag light and the check engine light are all on.

I've only had this vehicle for a little under 6 months, and I've got to do all this work to it. I didn't purchase a warranty because I didn't have the funds. But even with the warranty, who in their right mind wants to keep repairing vehicle issues. The car only has 70,000 miles! If Ford/Mazda is a head-ache, then who am I supposed to deal with?

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Review Date: 13th February, 2008