27th Jan 2004, 00:28

Hey guys love the comments on the car. I am a true exotic car enthusiast out from Las Vegas. I actually got the opportunity to drive one of the McLaren f1s out here in Vegas owned by a certain someone. Sitting in that car was unreal, may not have been very comfortable, but knowing the power and and how much it cost, I was like driving a house. In all reality, it doesn't matter how much the car is, or if anything can beat it (I don't think so), But what does matter and what nobody else has, is the center mounted drivers seat with 2 extra seats on each side of the driver with a total of 3 seats. You feel the power and it feels like driving an F1 race car. But let me tell everyone in the forums, I know of someone that is going to build a McLaren F1 with a 600-700 HP BMW V12, all carbon fiber body, chromoly chassis, any color you like interior/ exterior etc. The cost for this, well lets say for the price of a real one you can buy 6 of these. I am not on-line in the forums very much, but you can always email me for further questions about anything of the car. Also I have 4 GT Carreras, 2 Bentley GT Coupes, 2 Vision SLR Mercedes by McLaren, all on order for this year, if you would be looking to buy or know of someone, please contact me. Serious inquiries only please...




AIM: Pyldvtrme

Hotmail: Platinum777s@Hotmail.com

Yahoo: Platinum777s@Yahoo.com.

Thank You.

27th May 2004, 22:57

For all those persons who doubt the genuineness of these McLaren F1 reviews, there are some great video clips floating around the net on the F1 McLaren including one where a high performance Nissan Skyline gets blown away with effortless ease. What an awesome car! It's a shame that very few people will ever see one, let alone drive or ride in one. Modified Jap boxes just are not the same. They may be fast and furious, but they are not as sexy and scinitillating as the F1. But a road car? Who are we kidding? Surely there is a philanthropist out there who is willing to give us mere mortals a chance to ride in one on the track?

4th Dec 2004, 19:04

Tell me this, If you arrived at a party and drove off home in an Ferrari or Toyota and crashed it, do you think anyone would write about it? (doubt it!!) Now, try the same situation with an F1, an experience Rowan Atkinson went through. It was all over the front papers. You're bound to understand the effect that such a car has in it's mere presence. No doubt it's statistics are overwhelming considering it costs so much, but would otherwise have been so popular, would every person that read these comments have known what a Mclaren is? Point being, it's one of the most expensive, most lucrative and most desired cars on the price tag and uniqueness distinguishes it from the rest of the pack, even a decade later.

The trick is in the image, would other manufacturers have known how to market the car so well, answer... no. So it goes to show you that they are good in every aspect.

Just another tip. Did anyone know that the first car that was sent by nasa had mclaren technology in it, and nasa helped develop the technology that is used on the engine hood of the mclaren formula 1 racing car. Hint hint, a heritage of supremacy. Case closed.

1st Feb 2005, 00:54


Rowan Atkinson could crash a toyota corolla and it would still hit the news.

7th Mar 2005, 06:19

I don't own a McLaren F1, but I do at least own the official book! (hey! It's something...)

The fact that people are still talking about this car says something. If it was crap then it would already be forgotten.

McLaren spared NO EXPENSE in developing the car to the absolute best that the then current technology had to offer, and the only conditions were that it was to be a "pure" super car... ie: no ABS, no power steering, no 4WD or 4WS, no japanese-derived gimmickry whatsoever... and they succeeded...

Interestingly, testament to the fact that the F1 was a "no-expense spared" super car is this: the official book is actually quite candid and frank in admitting that the company lost money on the Macca... it never made them the profit they so deserved...

Obviously current technology must surely be capable of bettering the McLaren F1... it's called progress... I happens and we should be ecstatic that it happens!

But McLaren has without a doubt succeeded in creating the best "pure" super car ever... sure, Ferraris have and always will be sexier cars... but the Macca will always be incredible and very special...

I have the highest respect for the McLaren F1.

7th Apr 2005, 01:45

Its official. The McLaren is now no longer the fastest street legal car in the world.

That title now goes to a modified Porche 911 with a funny name (9FF??)

9th Jul 2005, 02:30

The Maclaren F1 is the closest thing you will ever get to motor vehicle perfection. Its original design was conceived on a "no compromises" basis. Amongst the innovations born were the carbonfibre monocoque structure and active aerodynamics. It was so innovative at the time Gordon Murray was considering ceramic brakes... nearly a decade before they were being made mainstream. This concept was pulled at the last minute due to lack of testing, reliability etc..

If you look at the design today its barely aged, compare this with the Porsche 959, Ferrari F40 & F50. I'm sure you can get any car with good aerodynamics to top its 231+ mph, but you also have to get them to stop and remain reliable.

Not really sure why I'm writing this - its all been said before.

Suffice to say the car is 'real' part of English history. One day its mighty crown may be taken, but it was definitely here first!

Now I'm off to test drive a Koenigsegg CCR.

27th Nov 2005, 23:35

I am surprised no one has apparently posted this up before: the new 1001 HP Bugatti Veyron just released accelerates to 100 kays in less than 3 seconds (2.5 in fact)! It can do over 407 kays top speed - and that's with a speed limiter! So the King (Macca) is dead at last. Long live the King (Veyron).