19th Jan 2003, 13:27

I have to say that I agree completely with the last 2 comments posted on this site. Why bother investing all that money and time and effort when you can own what the majority of the world's driving population would agree to be the best super car ever. It was designed by the best, built by the best, and driven by the best (for testing purposes) and was openly admitted to be the most perfect road legal performance car ever built. Of course not everyone will love it for its looks or performance (I'm mean to the mod people) but if anything it's engineering cannot be dismissed. I think it has to be seen with an open mind and a broad acceptance for what it is. Can so many experts in the world be under some mass form of delusion when it comes to talk about and rate this car? - they all agree it is incredible!

25th Jan 2003, 01:02

For the F1, it requires a few moments thought to come to terms with the fact that only 64 of these exquisite cars will ever exist. Their rarity is guaranteed, and consequently, their value is likely to increase with time.

Most of the existing owners intend to keep their cars for their lifetime - some even intend to pass them on to their own children. But,just occasionally, an F1 becomes available through McLarens facilitation service, which helps to place existing F1's with new owners. If you your one of them. LUCKY YOU!!!

3rd Feb 2003, 22:28

I really hate being negative, but you know what, you people are missing the greatest point of all. IT'S POINTLESS!!! All the cars you mention are so obscenely fast anyway only a select few could run them at their full potential. If you are in a race against a McLaren or Koneigsegg CC or what-have-you doesn't it seem stupid to ague which one was faster to sixty, 3.2 seconds or 3.3? If you think about it, you may realize that once your car can perform in this range, you will dominate against anything you go against, and on the off chance you get that once in a lifetime shot at a real competitor the winner of the race will be decided only by driver ability, i.e. who screws up less.

19th Mar 2003, 02:28

I agree completely. Anyway, my 2CV can get to 60 in 0.4 sec. That's 60 inches, by the way, with a tailwind.

20th Mar 2003, 07:26

0.4s?! wow! what did you do to it? I knew I shouldn't have sold mine! ;oP.

23rd Apr 2003, 10:22

A stock F1 actually hit 240.1mph (not 230) while being powered around a ring by Andy Wallace, not Tiff Needell.

3rd May 2003, 12:05

I've read all the comments and you can all say what you like! - Mclaren F1 is by far the best road car of all time and I want one!!


15th May 2003, 13:58

McLaren F1 is the best car ever... it gives the best adrenaline rush when you step on it... i know this for a fact because I own one... and for all those that don't believe me that I would own one... email me and you will see for yourself...junkmailtrn2k2@yahoo.com.

3rd Jun 2003, 16:38

The top speed of a McLaren is 392 km/h NOT mph! One commenter got this very wrong. But anyway, this is besides the point...

It doesn't matter if imports can be tuned to perform as well as the F1. This is completely irrelevant. The F1s are as rare and prestigious as anything. The engines are coated in gold for heat resistance qualities for gods sake!

Since when did a super car only derive its status from being quicker than everything else on the road. If we take the attitude of many above, since a Nissan Skyline can run 10 sec quarters in my country, then every single Ferrari, TVR, Porsche etc. should no longer be considered super cars. RUBBISH!

From the sound of things above, there are several extrememly jealous people out there, who resent the fact that some people can afford to spend one million on a car. The fact that your nissan or toyota is fast, and you've only spent $10,000 on it, is completely irrelevant. You may have the quicker car, but at the lights, I'd still be in an F1, and you'd still be in a Toyota.

6th Jun 2003, 05:01

For all you that bash the F1, or brag that their modded cars are faster, I ask you this... would you trade your car for a brand new Maclaren F1..think about it for a second. Anyone can make any car go fast. But who's the real king of the road.. the million dollar sports car, or the 30,000 modded rice rocket. All I know is, if I pull up to someone driving a F1, I'm gonna know which one of us is living the good life. Status people, it's a symbol of STATUS.

I drive a fast car too. But id trade it in a second for one of these babies. As if YOU wouldn't too...

30th Jun 2003, 07:13

Let me start by saying that most of the comments made here are laughable.

A message for the person that left the last post. Wow you must be a fantastic engineer if you think you can come up with a car better than the Mclaren F1 for 1.3 million dollars, I didn't realise that Mclaren was run by a bunch of grease monkeys.

I wish you moded car guys would give it a rest your making the yanks look pretty stupid, plus everybody know that British engineers are the best in the world.

1st Jul 2003, 09:33

I have to say that the mclaren f1 is the best looking, and best performing car ever made. Surprisingly no-one has mentioned the unique center steering setup. You can't show me any Japanese crap that has that feature. Also we forget the f1's cousin, the f1 GTR which still has been the only car to have won the 24 hours of Le Mans first year running. I honestly have never seen any car that is even half as good as the mclaren. NOTHING COMPARES simple as that.

26th Jul 2003, 10:34

Since I don't own a McLaren F1, I probably should not comment. But what owner would spend his time here? One, that I have seen... I would prefer to staring at my car.

Well, my opinion for what I know is that is definitely a superb piece of engineering and besides that it's pure smooth beauty on wheels. I guess much enough has been said already. Nothing to add. Impressive work...

People that makes the pathetic comparison of original super cars with modified / tuned "normal" cars: You don't like cars; You like speed! So why don't you buy a Japanese motorcycle or even a plane (if you can afford that)? It's for sure faster! Original supercars is one thing. Modified/Tuned cars is another. This type of car was not meant to "race" around a neighborhood. It's his own class, no matter how fast they can go. That Japanese and American cars (and why not Europeans too?) are nice cars (nicer when original) but the filosophy is different, in my point of view. Tuning/mod people just went here to criticize McLaren F1... why? I don't understand the "joy" of "run" at the streets and ridiculously try to do the work of a team of engineers and... remembers me the kids riding all day their bicicles, making noise, or playing with Lego... You can save a lot of money, and have a "faster" car, but some will have to spend all that they saved (and probably more) in a healthy brain (if it is possible)...