25th Sep 2002, 23:49

To each his own on thier views of how a car looks. The same babbling you talk about on speed and power, it also applies to your views on how the F1 looks. So you can say goodbye to that.

1st Oct 2002, 11:15

I agree that the McLaren F1 is one of the most impressive cars ever built and is at present the ultimate status symbol. However, there are cars that are either out or coming out that will beat the McLaren. Koenigsegg CC V8S, more power (655bhp), less weight, better handling = nice. Koenigsegg CC F12S, even more power (800bhp approx), less weight, better handling = very nice indeed. Bugatti 16:4 Veyron, tons more power (1001bhp), 0-60 in under 2.5secs. All of these cars have or will have a faster top speed than the McLaren, however the McLaren will still be the ultimate status symbol and I take my hat off to anyone who owns such an incredible car.

4th Oct 2002, 19:17

Although what everyone could say about the McLaren F1 Road Car could be/can be true, whether it be speed wise or handling wise, at the time it came out until it was defeated at its position, was a pretty long time, if you look at how far advanced we are from 1993 to 2002. I would still say today that it's still worthy of it's title at being the best owned super-car ever created. No other car was designed to beat it in every aspect that you could call a sports car. Many tried and many FAILED. People must also remember that when the McLaren F1 was built it came with a V12 6064cc engine, without a turbo or a supercharger, or Nitrous Oxide. Just imagine if this engine were turbocharged or supercharged, what it would do to even the most current up-to-date models of cars that can beat it! I'll leave the modification up to your imagination on what this machine would and can do...Tyrel Reuben

24th Oct 2002, 15:58

Whats this? A testosterone contest or something?! Big boys and their toys? You know a modified American car would beat the F1 in acceleration, but modified that much you wouldn't be able to maneuver it very well. Yeah maybe a Geo metro could out steer the F1 but never would it keep up in speed or acceleration. A "land rocket" car broke the sound barrier 600+mph, but again no maneuverability or acceleration. Either way the F1 is the best ALL AROUND performance machine. nothing else, but an expensive toy if you ask me... but I drive a jeep so what do I know? Right?

28th Oct 2002, 11:44

Let's get this straight. The brilliance of this car shines through in its marketing. It was ingenuous to make a car so incredibly overpriced that car magazines and web sites around the world would immediately be interested in what made it so special. Of course, it's just another ordinary vehicle, but the high price tag immediately snagged millions of people who associate price with quality (incorrectly). The beauty of it is that by making a car so overpriced, it attracts media and teenage attention all over the world, and when someone is actually dumb enough to "buy" one, they make 98.5% profit. Absolutely brilliant.

Let's pay attention to the "performance" of the car, if that's what you want to call it. We already know that a mildly modified car (Japanese OR American) can stomp it into the ground in acceleration and price. Though here's a bit of clarification. People lying about spending a 100k on their car beating the McLaren F1. The simple truth is that I couldn't find a way to spend a 100k on a car. The Camaro owner was right on. 10 thousand or less on a decent platform should be enough to out accelerate the car (and of course, top speed is irrelevant). But the handling was suspect. Let's examine the handling of this car. Someone mentioned a link to the alleged supercar's performance at supercars.net, a website I'm rather familiar with.

Let's take a look at the handling. Lateral Acceleration: 0.86gs? Not bad, but I expect more in a 15 thousand dollar car than I get with this million dollar one. Let's examine some other cars at that very same supercars.net website. The 1998 Camaro SS pulled 0.87gs on a solid rear axle -- price? Under 30k.

But someone mentioned the wonderful RX7 -- by supercars.net, a car that pulls a very impressive 0.98gs on the skid pad, more than a tenth of a g more than the F1. Price? Just over 30k. Let's not forget the Z06 and Viper capable of over a G lateral acceleration, both for well under 100k. And in my own, personal opinion, both cars that look far better than the over-the-top, didn't-go-to-design school F1 body.

Of course, the new Leigenfelter 427 Corvette not only out handles the car, but out accelerates it -- pulling off the quarter mile in less than 10 seconds in full street trim. Oh, and that irrelevant top speed -- it's higher on this car -- not that it counts for anything. It costs well under 200k. The same is true for most of Hennessey's models (Hennessey is actually not but a little while from where I live). And of course, we can't neglect our Japanese super car brethren, though I'm not as familiar with them as I am with the "nearby" corporations.

Does it matter to me, Joe Average? No, I can't afford an F1, I can't afford a Leigenfelter Vette, I can't afford a base Vette, can't afford an LS1 Camaro -- the wealthy people of the world seem completely unaware that cost does matter -- and that my cheaper vehicles will stomp their arrogant faces into the ground. Of course, it's better to admit I can't afford a hideously overpriced car rather than pretending to be an arrogant automotive novice with a lot of cash. It really only makes it that much more embarrassing when you get to losing.

7th Nov 2002, 19:59

Like hell they made 98.5% profit. McLaren LOST money on every car sold by them. They sold it at a LOSS. That's why they made only 100 of them.

I think it cost over 1.6 million to make... No marketing wizards here...

And it IS the most advanced supercar ever created.

15th Nov 2002, 17:19

I've just picked up on this website and am wondering what the fuss is all about. Why are some so intent on bagging the greatest supercar of all time? Supercars are all about performance, looks, sound, style. Be honest with yourself - which would you prefer if you had an unlimited budget: A Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren etc or a modified Japanese car or heaven forbid a modified Camaro. When you reach maturity you will realise that raw speed is not the be all and end all. Pleasure of ownership takes precedent and surely you'd want a Ferrari F575 before a Corvette, no matter how fast it accelerates.

27th Nov 2002, 06:31

The boy with the 2.2 sec 0-60 Camaro probably means 60 ft times. In my lifetime I have never even heard of a 2.2 sec 0-60 car.

1st Jan 2003, 16:36

Of course, a Japanese car could undergo a series of extensive modifications to even hope to match the McLaren F1's performance. Keep in mind, however, that the McLaren F1 was designed to be the ultimate driver's car, regardless of cost or clientele, whereas Japanese cars are usually designed for a specific market, with a profit and cost-cutting objectives in mind.

First, a little tech talk. The F1 utilizes the most advanced technology available not just on the road, but in professional racing. As such, it's a world apart from the RX-7 and is likely to be taken more seriously on the road. It was created by one of the most brilliant, experienced designers in the industry, Gordon Murray, and his good pal Paul Rosche of BMW's Motorsport division. Each McLaren F1 is a built-to-order supercar that takes approximately 2,250 man-hours to construct by a team of certified professional mechanics with state-of-the-art equipment. But wait... it gets even better. The stereo system itself was specially designed to weigh no more than 18.7 pounds. The driver sits in a central position close to the McLaren's center of gravity, allowing for an ideal left-right weight balance. The F1 has a sophisticated aerodynamic system with a combined effect that literally sucks the car to the ground and delivers optimal amounts of traction to where it's needed most: the rear tires. It has a scant 2,425-pound curb weight. There's also the joy of owning what was and still is the fastest, most expensive road car ever produced. Only 100 were built, including five Papaya Orange F1 LMs and an even smaller number of long-tailed racing versions. McLaren F1s are so valuable that even at their depreciated prices, they speak for themselves. Owning a handbuilt, limited-production car like this sets you apart from the masses and puts you in a stratospheric upper echelon of performance-oriented testosterone junkies who have plenty of net income to spend. I will forever be envious of the lucky owner who posted this review.

To come even close to this ultimate sports car would require an extremely intensive investment of dedication, time, and labor. Even then, a super-modded, ghetto-blastin' RX-7 could still lack comforts like air conditioning and a CD stereo system for the sake of saving weight, both of which the McLaren has. Modifying a Japanese car would involve redesigning it from the ground up. Lightening the body. Increasing engine displacement and horsepower. A complete reworking of the suspension, transmission, engine, you name it, everything heavy's gotta go and better, lighter mods have to go in. Anyone can make a car go fast. The trick is making it turn fast as well. However, as the saying goes, it's not impossible. It's just highly improbable.

I'm not afraid to get feedback on this comment. If you've got something you'd like to say, send it to bj_chin@yahoo.com.