1989 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.6 from North America


An all-around great car


Not much has gone wrong with this car.

The brakes squeak pretty bad even after just putting new brake pads on.

The car hasn't had any engine or major mechanical problems yet.

General Comments:

This car is extremely bad in rain and snow. I lost control going around a turn at a very low speed in the rain once.

The seats adjust just about every way possible making it one of the most comfortable cars I've ever sat in.

This car is still a wonderful car even though it is over 10 years old. It rides very smooth and is easy and fun to drive.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2001

4th Feb 2003, 16:59

I too own this same model and the reason that we have squeaky brakes is not because of the car as much as it is the mechanic. The way you glue the brakes together makes all the difference in the noise when you apply the pedal. I dislike the performance of the 190e, it is a little hesitant when you stomp it, but so far it has been a wonderful car.

1989 Mercedes-Benz 190 Cosworth 16v 2.5 from UK and Ireland


A Cossie, but shhh, don't tell everyone


Not a lot can go wrong with this car as it's built like a battleship.

I've had a few problems with the air conditioning and one door rubber, plus a fuel pump is noisy, but if you keep it regularly serviced by a good mechanic, all should be OK.

Cam belt a must to keep an eye on.

Engine can be a bit noisy.

General Comments:

Fast car for a 4 seater weighing 1 1/2 tons.

Heavy clutch & gears make changing a bit slow.

Stunning performance, but don't forget it has a fuel cut off at 6300 revs. to stop you blowing the engine.

Top speed around 145 mph.

0-60 in around 7 seconds.

Get some good treads & it handles well.

A very safe car even when driven to its limits, but watch out for the light steering.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2001

28th Jan 2001, 15:33

Ere. - I think you'll find that there is no cambelt. It is a chain.

31st Mar 2004, 16:14

Once I owned a manual 23 16 & crashed, then, I have many other cars. Now, I owned another one again because it is so great after experience with all other cars.

7th Aug 2005, 15:37

I managed 175 MPH (indicated) in Germany - I have a 2.3 and I love it... This has to be the best value quality car around. Watch for rust at the rear of the floor pan.

5th Mar 2006, 14:16

Just bought a 2.3 cosworth collect in 5 days can't wait!!!

18th Jul 2006, 12:33

For the guy who says 175mph out of a 2.3 cosworth (it's a car not a time machine!!) 175Kph that's a bit more like it.

1989 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Nothing major - brakes seem to wear out quite quickly.

General Comments:

Wonderful car - still enjoy driving it after 10 years - time to trade it in, but can hardly bear to give it up.

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Review Date: 31st January, 1999