28th Sep 2011, 02:29

My 1999 A-160 manual gearbox, has just turned 150,000 miles, and I have never done any major work to it. I have just changed last month - for the first time - the battery. The engine feels as good as the first day. I bought it new, and I haven't been too kind with it, and it always surprises me with the great quality of the car. I know very well other Mercedes - Cs, Bs, Es, MLs, and the A Class is my favorite because of its simplicity and the normal durability one expects of a Merc.


18th Apr 2012, 04:53

Hi, found this site. The info will get rid of a problem that is a service reminder. Pete.


8th Oct 2012, 05:15

I had a semi-auto A-Class S reg Elegance. It was good for basically 7 years, having done about 40,000 miles in that time, not really heavy use as you can see. However, the car started to suddenly lock into a gear when driving, especially around corners. This was sometimes very dangerous, as on occasions, it was in a high gear.

One day the car just refused to start or go into any gear, an 'f' was in the display. I was due to go away on holiday the next day, so left it to my return. On my return, my regular mechanic said I quote; "get rid"!

Called a breaker one day, and 1 hour later £100 and the car was gone.

My sister has the same car, but an Advantgarde 1.6, and 80,000 miles plus later it is going strong with very little problems.

I was given recently a 2003 A-class Elegance, 1.4, fully automatic petrol car. Thought I might be lucky this time, BUT yet again the DREADED 'f' appears on dash.

I have spent several hundreds in the vain hope I could have a nice runner. NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!!

So many forums and blogs talking about this 'f' fault, and the number of problems with the A-Class gearbox and steering, makes me wonder how this car got into production?

Yes, it looks nice and is very versatile, BUT be so prepared for handing over your monthly wage - regularly!

I do think on the whole this car was designed with many cheap parts. A few owners out of every 2000 (I believe) have been lucky. The rest of us have suffered, and have spent lots of money hoping to resolve the problems, and not have to lose a lot more.

Mercedes garages just keeping piling on the charges, with NO SHAME that obviously the car is poorly made.

HONESTLY, I say stay clear of this car, and I for sure will not be buying Mercedes again.

This model was definitely a car for women to look good in, and feel up-market. However, they drive straight into their garages for repair, upon repair.

Shame on Mercedes-Benz!!!

10th Oct 2012, 19:25

Get rid of your mechanic, not of your A Class Mercedes. These cars are extremely durable, rugged, and reliable, but people don't expend on parts on them, they want the parts to cost as much as in a VW Beetle... just unrealistic.

I know several A-Classes with enormous mileages, mine is 250,000kms and no problems at all. The problem is not in the car's, but with some owners. Your problem could have been easily fixed by changing a part in the clutch... In many other cars, you would have changed the clutch at 20,000 miles.

12th Oct 2012, 03:18

My 1999 V6 Elegance 125 KS just blew its gear box. What kind of junk is this crowd turning out? Should have bought a Toyota.

13th Oct 2012, 13:06

Come on! I know Toyotas, crappy cars. I know of one that needed a major overhaul with just 198,000kms, always well serviced... I had a Toyota since new; it was very poor and unreliable in comparison with my Mercedes. That's just a meaningless name.

2nd Dec 2014, 23:56

I would try a wheel alignment, change the MAS meter, and also check the throttle body.