5th Feb 2005, 04:18

Yet another disappointed A class owner.

I purchased my A170 in 1999, like the reviewer I love the concept of the car and it has performed excellently... Except for the rear suspension which failed at 50,000 miles.

I was disappointed that MB UK only offered 50% of the cost of materials when it was the labor that made up the greater part of the cost.

And now BOTH rear springs have failed. MB aren't interested in any help at all with this.

I feel it is a disgrace that a major company such as MB and its dealer network do not stand behind the quality of the products they sell.

JP Surrey.

16th Feb 2005, 12:03

MB deny there is any fault with this car - I too have just had the rear suspension replaced and the trailing arms - all with less than 40,000 miles on the clock. The local MB garage mechanic said off the record to me that they have A classes in all the time for suspension problems.

28th Feb 2005, 02:00

I have an A-Class 140 (V) 2000 reg. It had a rear arm and spring failure at 24000 miles. MB repaired this under warranty Dec 2004. I was very pleased. Now Feb 2005 at 26000 the other side spring has snapped. MB will not cover this or provide part payment toward it. I feel very let down. Apart from that the car is great!

13th Jan 2007, 10:43

Loved my A Class 160 Elegance when I first got it. However not so pleased now. Panels have fallen from the bottom of the car, anti roll links have been replaced, suspension springs and trailing arm replaced, power steering pump replaced, starter motor replaced. Now the electrics are playing up - indicator/head-beam stalk needs replacing, radio does not work (CD's play fine), electric windows work when they feel like it, but not when I feel like it!! I won't be buying another one and I won't be recommending one to anyone else.

8th Apr 2007, 04:16

In 2003 I bought a 1.7 CDI automatic, two years old. Fault developed in the control unit, which meant that it would not pick up revs when filtering into traffic at low speed at, say, a roundabout. Mercedes replaced the unit and covered labour, under warranty. In 2005 I replaced it for same, a 1.7 CDI automatic. Exactly the SAME fault developed! Mercedes covered it under warranty. Now the replaced control unit has developed a fault! Complete loss of revs (in outside lane of motorway!). When ignition was switched off, it reset. Mercedes replaced the unit at no charge, out of warranty. Now two fuel injectors need changing - no help from M. I now have no trust in this car. Not recommended. [In other ways, excellent!]

3rd Sep 2007, 12:14

Can the person who left that comment please email me as I have the same fault/s with my A-Class. and Merc won't repair it at their cost :-(


Thanks Rich.

20th Nov 2007, 15:10

I have had the bad fortune of getting involved with 3 A-class Mercedes cars.

1st one a A-140 manual, not too bad and the least troublesome.

2nd one - Diesel Automatic - in my opinion these really are best avoided at all costs - the common problems on these are just beyond belief for any modern car.

3rd one - and the last one that I will ever go near - A160 manual - failed starter motor and guess what you have to remove the engine to change it - quoted £800 by our local stealer.

I just cannot understand who would want all the problems of owning an A-class when there are some really decent and trouble free alternatives.

17th Jan 2008, 11:43

Mercedes A class a170 diesel automatic 2001 Y reg.

Problems so far;

ABS warning light keeps appearing

Rear road spring snapped

New steering column fitted under warranty

I have had these faults in just 12 months of ownership. I can't believe a car can go wrong so much. It is pretty much unbelievable, but such an easy car to drive with all the Elegance extras. I have looked at the new A class and that's a big improvement. I would prefer the long wheel base model for better leg room.

26th Apr 2010, 14:31

I bought a 1999 Mercedes A class one year ago with a loud noise on both axles (not the axle joints), and noise coming from in the auto transmission (all gears chaining very good). The previous owner said the car had been dropped in a large pot hole; so large the tire blew and the noise started. Does anyone know what broke? Please help me.. I never drove the car..


26th Apr 2010, 14:52

What do you all do with your cars? I have a 1999 A Class 140, 88000 miles, no trouble at all. Good car, nice to drive, good power / good handling / good miles per gal. / good style.

I love the baby-Benz. She is 10 years old.

28th Sep 2010, 18:27

We have a 2005 A Class diesel 180 automatic with FSH and 26000 miles.

Every now and then, the yellow engine light comes on and goes back off.

About six months ago, I had no get up and go from the car. Lots of revs, but would cruise at 60mph, but no kick down. Then on my return, everything was back to normal.

Last three weeks it's returning, engine sounds noisy. If it was a petrol, I would say the leads were round the wrong way round. The revs are high, like a belt slipping. Any ideas/costs?

Thanks, Rob.

14th Jan 2011, 12:39

ABS light on after about 7 miles run, switch off, another 7 or 8 miles and it's back on, replaced brake pedal switch, front wheel sensors, checked, one stone removed, diagnostic machine reads steering sensor, on two different machines, good battery. Help or advice please.

10th Feb 2011, 09:59


I had bought from MFL direct (motobility dealer). The car came directly from Mercedes in Liverpool. I have had the car only for 8 months and it has 10,000 miles on the clock, it has been looked after and cared for, as I do love my car. I am a mother of 3 with a part time job and it took me 3 years to save my money to buy this car. A car which I thought was reliable, but this is a lie as this model and some other have faults with the engine.

My car will not start at all and RAC said that it is the engine which has ceased up. My car engine has no leaks of any kind and has been topped up with water and oil regularly. It has also been looked after by Mercedes so I cannot understand how this can happen. I have done some of my own research about this specific type of car and the problems it has and it seems to be an ongoing problem with the engine, something to do with the oxygen sensors and the air conditioner.

What I cannot understand is that if this is an ongoing problem, then the car should not be sold. I do believe that Mercedes should take responsibility for their error, and fix the issue. In other words give us the money back. I am so disgusted, disappointed and disheartened as I have spent thousands on this car and now have no car. I'm struggling, begging for lifts from friends or jumping on and off buses.

Something should be done about Mercedes cars. They should not be able to get away with this, knowing that a car has a problem and then still selling it. If any one feels like me then please email me.