19th Feb 2011, 14:40

This is not a recurrent problem on A Classes, but you have bought a car with some use, and maybe a sensor was damaged. I don't believe it has anything to do with the air con, at most: with the O2 sensor. This happens to many cars of different brands, although Mercedes have fewer problems than others.

4th Jan 2013, 12:56

Hi, I'm looking at a 2001 A170. Please could you tell what the problem with the ABS light was, and how you cured it? Thank you.

30th Jun 2014, 09:31

DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR AN A-CLASS; they are very expensive and troublesome cars.

The auto box is a hugely expensive failure and a minimum of 2,000 to fix.

The have rear suspension problems, and anything that needs doing on the car, most of the time it means the engine has to be dropped or even removed.

There is a list of COMMON problems that are as long as my arm, and Mercedes deny that there are any problems at all; maybe because it is Chrysler crap and not a real MB.

30th Jun 2014, 20:12

Chrysler has absolutely nothing to do with the A-Class. It was a Mercedes development from the ground up. Mercedes had the opportunity to improve Chrysler when it owned it, but didn't. It wasn't Chrysler who screwed up Mercedes - the latter were perfectly capable of doing it by themselves. Amen on the A-Class problems though - the automatics are trouble. Mercedes automatics are typically very robust; well this one wasn't.

10th Jul 2014, 02:16

Chrysler has nothing to do with the A Class or any other Mercedes. The A Class are truly and completely Mercedes. By the way, I have 2 of them with very high mileages, one with 300,000kms, and never had any problems with it. I know the automatic transmission did had a problem. Mine are manual gearboxes.