27th Jan 2011, 22:54

1998 160 Avantgarde: So far so good... BAS/EPS & ABS lights came on 1 day after purchase, fixed with a brake light switch, no problems...

Mega stalling issues when coming to a stop = fixed completely with the above & air filter clean and use of high quality fuel.

Now, seem to hear a rattling noise when driving in 1st & 2nd gear... then goes away... I have no idea if it is:

- Wheel related (CV joints?)

- Engine related (Tappets?)

- Gear related...

Doesn't seem to affect anything... but after reading all of these comments, I'm SUPER PARANOID that it's the start of EXPENSIVE repairs!!!

20th May 2011, 23:08

Hi! I have an A160 too, and with only 71,000km on it (bought it with 61,000).

I have had the "F", which I think means it's a fault. My car didn't want to reverse when it was cold. Lucky I have purchased extra years of warranty, so they ordered me a new gearbox from Germany, but I was without the car for a month.

I also had the CV joint break on me while driving, new airflow meter, new alternation belt... I love the car, but the dealer I got it from didn't tell me it was smashed from the front. So 3 years on I'm chasing the guy who sold this crap to me, and also selling the car, but with not much luck.

Now I have the steering power problem too... You would think a Mercedes is for life... Yeah, you definitely will die trying to pay for all the mechanic costs.


29th May 2011, 23:32

My partner's 99 A160 had the 'F' coming on the dash as well. It turned out it was caused by slightly different tyres (60/65 profile I think). It was causing the ECU to have fits because it thought the wheels were going different speeds. Easy fix.

The seized A/C comp that has just occurred I fear will not be. :(

15th Jul 2011, 14:16

Yes, I have the same car as you have, and also felt jerking. The garage told me not to worry, because automatic/fun shift boxes in Europe are under life warranty. Then changed the gear shift box oil and the problem has subsided. Otherwise I like the car very much (room - front and back), multifunctional (I moved to a new home and removed the back seats and it's almost a mini-van!). Love driving it (stable, silent, snow-lover) Only real repair I had were a set of rolling wheels (don't know in English) for the alternator. Cost me only 50 euro. Nice car, but it's a petrol one, and here in Belgium the fuel prices are way too high. Maybe mine wasn't built on a Monday.

15th Jul 2011, 14:41

It's probably the ECU, which can be repaired by a third party at modest cost (here in Belgium). I bought the car in 2004 from a independent Mercedes-oriented garage. They can get practically all spare parts at very low prices (speaking of Belgium), and repair costs are low (there). Never go to a Mercedes dealer; they'll rip you off.

Also read http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100428204558AALvLrI


25th Jul 2011, 23:37

I have the A160 Elegance, and can say it is the worst car I have ever bought. Gearbox cost 5000 dollars, timing chain re tension fitted, still noisy, suspension problems. The car is 8 years old, and had only done 80 thousand ks when it started to go pear shaped. We have had Mercs for 35 years, but this is by far the worst Merc ever.

5th Jan 2012, 01:35

I haven't had any problem with my 160A, but now the power locks have failed. Please give me advice; how did you fix yours, and how much did you pay?

18th Mar 2013, 07:37

Hi there. I would just like to know if you can help me by telling me how you fixed the F symbol on your car, because I'm driving my kids to and from school every day, and sometimes the car is fine, then all of a sudden, the F symbol would come up again. Please help.

24th May 2014, 08:19

Did you fix the F code, last poster?

12th Nov 2016, 21:22

Hi and thanks for the information. Can I ask how you fixed the ECU unit since I borked my A150? The people that have looked at it (two) say it's the ECU, but don't want to work on it.

Thanks, Rog.