1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C180 Esprit 1.8 Litre petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A quality German automobile with an affordable price


Needed a new starter motor upon purchase of the car (at 172000 Km).

Tail light bulb failed.

Driver power window began to become scratched when wound up and down.

General Comments:

Look of car made more modern with large 18 inch mag wheels.

This car is slow to start off in first gear, but very quick and responsive in higher gears.

Good manual gear ratios.

Very responsive power steering.

Solid, comfortable ride.

Very small and impractical glove box.

Distinct sense of build quality that only comes with Mercedes-Benz.

High service costs are a pain, but worth the money to keep the car running for decades.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2008

1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C220 Classic diesel from UK and Ireland


Nothing has ever gone wrong with my car.

From day one everybody said they are slow and an old man's car, but mine as never let me down.

The C Class 220 diesel is the best car in the world. It has passed every MOT with no problem, and it's a 1995 car.

All I ever done to it was put tyres and a couple of bulbs in it, and it still can do 125 miles per hour and 55 mpg if driven right.

General Comments:

Best car out there.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2007

1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Elegance 1.8 from Hong Kong


A great car to buy brand new and use for twenty years!


Replace all shocks at 70,000 km.

The wiper motor broke at about 90,000 km. The driver side power window motor broke about 110,000 km.

Replace under engine cushion at about 120,000 km, and now the engine runs like brand new & is so quiet.

General Comments:

Overall this is an extremely reliable car and can last for at least quaetre of a million km, if maintained properly. The only thing missing is the power. For hilly roads, it has to run very hard. The new Compressor engine is a big plus for this car!

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Review Date: 15th June, 2005

1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C-180 Esprit 1.8 four from Australia and New Zealand


No S600, but for what I paid, I'm very happy


My Wiper Arm Died. I bought a second hand one at half the cost of a new one $800 (aud). This plays up every so often, I'm convinced these only have a 10-12 year life span.

My alternator died. This cost about $650 (aud) as this is a French brand not Bosch. Unfortunate, but these are heavy duty and a half.

My fan dies out when it's on 5 for length of time. I'm told this is the fan seizing up. Don't know how much, don't really think I want to either.

My dash clock can't be read. Just a globe, no big deal, there's a clock on the radio.

My hazard light switch doesn't work.

My rear demister switch doesn't work.

I have a headlight and a brake light that constantly go out, this is wiring related. Also have an indicator that go's, but only when I have been driving extremely fast - don't ask me why.

My seat belt adjuster won't "click" into any position, it just moves up and down at will.

The gearbox linkages wore out, leaving me with the car stuck in reverse. The orriginal quote was for a rebuilt gearbox @ $8000 (aud), thank god I found a very honest person on line who directed me to the problem. I also found a new mechanic.

The engine is very noisy, so noisy It can be embarrassing to drive. Friends ask me if the "rattly engine" was an optional extra, others ask if the car is diesel.

General Comments:

Great car, takes alittle while to understand, just a different way of thinking. Drive one for a while, then drive something else, then you will begin to understand the Mercedes.

Sluggish take off, embarrassing with the air conditioner on, speaking of the air conditioner, I question if the recycle button actually achieves anything?

The airconditioner is very weak, but then again, so is the heater.

Despite all the bad I speak of, this car is very reliable. Never does this car make you feel unsafe or unsure.

Very much a highway car, at 100 km/h, drop the car back into third and nail it, not many cars will keep up. The faster you go, the easier it gets there.

I frequently have this car up around 195-200 km/h mark and it feels like your doing about 115km/h...that feeling that you can accelerate another 40 odd kay relatively quick and hassle free.

Lack of road noise, yes even at 200 is incredible, with the music on, the passengers would never know.

Mine has the sports suspension and I find it hard to fault the handling of this car, you would have to drive one to understand. No other car provides sports car like handling with out compromising on the ride quality quite like these. Mine does have a tendency to understeer initially, though I put this down to cheap tyres.

The best brakes I have ever come across. They won't let you down, and you NEVER ever feel like you can't stop, even when these brakes are worn right out.

Although mine is no S600, It is one of the best engineered entry model cars I have ever seen.

Mercedes-Benz is a lifestyle, not a car.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2005

29th Apr 2005, 17:02

I also forgot to add the master cylinder needed to be rebuilt, from memory this only set me back about $150.

26th Jun 2005, 19:33

I also have had major immobolisor problems, resulting in the car being towed everywhere while people try to fix the problem. My window almost had to be smashed to get into the car to fiddle with the immobolisor, says a lot for the security of these cars... almost impossible to pinch. I have only had the car back for a week or so and there is a terrible vibration when I drive, I have never felt or heard anything like it, perhaps something was bent when one of the tow truck drivers towed my car.

Since I commented on my C180 I have come to the conclusion that this car is no good, nothing works, unless I have paid top dollars to replace it. I am selling this to buy a Volvo S40, might I say that although the Volvo doesn't drive/handle/brake as well as the Benz, it does everything else far better, and is much more reliable.

Anyone thinking of buying one of these cars, please read the comments listed by other peoples surveys here, as it seems the newer the Mercedes, the bigger the problem.