1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C180 Elegance 1.8 petrol from Portugal


It's fantastic!


2 bulbs on the dashboard in 1999 and 1 stop bulb in 2001.

The wiper almost blocked in 2001 due to lack of lube. Repaired in 10 minutes free of charge.

Radio aerial has to be lubed frequently during winters (avoid oil).

There is a small problem (when the weather is hot) with the front door windows, that makes the windows to make a noise when they move up/down. The glass is scratched by this.

General Comments:

It is a very comfortable car that inspires in the driver a high level of security. I had a trip of 600 km under heavy rain and wind and inside the car I felt at home!

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Review Date: 15th March, 2001

11th Aug 2001, 07:49

Incredible - my driver's side window also makes a noise and the window is scratched!

Farhad (London) - C180 Elegance owner.

8th Sep 2001, 03:18

Have recently bought a C-Class Elegance C180 and think for the way it's built, the performance is OK. When you buy a C-Class C180 you're not looking for high bhp, my previous car was an Alfa 145 twin spark and had 150 bhp night and day. With Mercedes and Alfa, you know when you're driving a Mercedes-Benz.

1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C180 Esprit 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Ignition lock broke - which meant the car wouldn't start. Cost £200 to get replaced.

Gromit on washer bottle perished - cost 13 pence.

Previously owned by fishermen who must have left it by the sea a lot as any exposed bit of metal has rusted - not good for a 4 year old Merc!

General Comments:

Dashboard bulbs seem to keep going on and off.

Very basic internal instrument and switch layout.

Wind noise from back door only solved by sticking a small piece of sellotape on window rubber.

Not much leg room in the back with a tallish driver.

Avoid Mercedes servicing - overpriced.

Very comfortable and quiet.

Can't imagine why anyone would want to pay new prices for this car - reasonable value second hand though.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2000

4th Mar 2003, 05:26

Following on from the comment about Mercedes Benz dealer servicing, I'd agree the first poster is ENTIRELY WRONG in recommending that dealer service is best avoided!

Many newer models have longer warranties, including 30 year corrosion warranty and road-side recovery. This can be voided by failing to have the vehicle properly serviced by a specialist garage.

Mercedes Benz motor cars with full service history hold their value much better. While expensive, dealer servicing and repairs enhance the re-sale value of the vehicle where similar examples with partial or no dealer history are comparatively worthless! Putting aside the issue of competency and risk of reduced reliability, any saving made on servicing isn't likely to offset the drop in value come sale time.

17th Mar 2011, 08:13

This site is very negative about this car, I've driven a lot of cars and these Mercedes are amazingly built, this site would put someone off buying a great car, I wouldn't trust anyone other than a Mercedes dealer with my car.

7th May 2012, 09:34

This is a rather anecdotal comment. Your timing chain breaking had nothing to do with a power increase from changing your air filter, etc.

If memory serves, the timing chain changed from a single row to a dual row in the later generations of the 190e. The single row was good for near 100,000 kilometers, and the dual row should last near the lifetime of the engine. Any increase in power short of changing compression via shaving or overcharging the intake would be minuscule. However, that same chain is used in 1.8, 2.0, and 2.3 liter engines, again if memory serves.

More importantly, did your brakes work, which is what your mechanic fixed? There are good mechanics and bad mechanics. Some work at dealers, some don't. Sometimes two things break from completely unrelated causes, merely temporally contiguous.