2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C240 2.6 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Good dynamics, poor internals


Squeaking from from front anti-roll bar bushes. Lubricated by dealer once, now kit from Mercedes installed, seems to have stopped.

Electric window relay unit (in front drivers door) replaced twice.

Felt 'rub' strips from internal window seals replaced on all doors after peeeling off in hot weather.

Front Left hand indicator bulb holder has burnt out twice (and replaced twice by dealer).

Radio/music drops out momentarily about twenty seconds after starting the car.

Parking brake cable rubbed against tail shaft (twice repaired), gives a road speed rubbing/grinding noise if you turn to the Left.

Leather gear selector 'boot' too short and would lift up the front part of the chrome surround when 'drive' selected. Replacement part fitted and did the same - 'bodge' job has held for 18months so far.

General Comments:

Handles well.

Poor fuel economy.

Air conditioning doesn't handle Australian heat well.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2003

2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C 270 CDI 2.7 common rail diesel from UK and Ireland


A real lemon


Car has lost drive (akin to an automatic box going into neutral) three times. The third time when overtaking.. scary.

Alternator fault caused lights to fail, though they came on again very quickly.. scary.

Electrics have failed three times, losing indicators, automatic lights, cruise control etc. Manual lights still worked.

Had many early problems with the oil level indicators. Seems to have been fixed now. Not helped by the dealership overfilling with oil many times. And one of the service receptionists asking why I did not use the dipstick to check the oil instead of the electronics. There is no dipstick.

Had a fault akin to losing the turbo, though apparently it was a hose of some sort.

Have had the 'anti roll bushes' (?) replaced 4 times after serious squeaking and knocking noises appeared.

Have had struts replaced to try and eliminate knocking noises. Had to take it back after a part was put in the wrong way round.

Knocking noises now eliminated by taking out the suspension, it seems.

Many, many problems with the radio, still ongoing.

Seat belt is fraying badly. Hopefully not weakening it. Have never even mentioned it though, too many other issues.

All in all the car has been in for repairs and service 40 times in 26 months - once every 13 working days. Some of the dealership staff think I work there.

General Comments:

I feel the car should have been recalled by now. It was an early build and I think it's simply a lemon.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2003

20th Sep 2004, 11:45

Your experience is entirely consistent with mine. I had so many difficulties with my car, I ended up storing them in a spreadsheet to keep track of them. Mercedes will go to extraordinary lengths to deny responsibility and/or shift the blame back on the customer.

The end came for me after the car almost cost me and my girlfriend our lives. I had Mercedes repair the brakes. Shortly thereafter, I took the car out on a busy highway. I tapped the brakes as someone changed lanes without shoulder checking. And I emphasize tapped. The brakes locked completely. I did a long slow pirouette to the left, and then the car snapped back in the other direction, perpendicular to the traffic flow. I did not have my feet on any of the pedals!

I brought the car in to an independent mechanic that I trusted to 'check it out' and put new tires on. I came at lunch and he said 'Who the heck did you brakes last time! It's taken two of us all morning to pry your wheels off with crowbars'. Benz had their power driver on 'max', seriously overtightening the bolts, and everything was squeezed so tightly, it couldn't function properly.

Good bye Benz dealer, good bye Benz car. I wouldn't dream of buying another Benz...ever.

11th Nov 2006, 18:15

This is very sad to hear that such a reputable auto company would be making such crummy cars. Hopefully DiamlerChrysler will get the drift and improve; or else I see them going further into the ditch every day. This is very disappointing news.

11th Nov 2006, 21:42

The Japanese (namely Lexus) would never do this.

You bought the badge and got screwed over.

4th Dec 2006, 20:52

Regarding the brakes sticking because of tight bolts, I had the same problem with my Benz immediately after a brake job. Fortunately, the lockup occurred on a lightly traveled street. I was angry and drove it back to the dealership with smoke billowing out of the front rotors.

6th Jan 2008, 23:51

I have a 2003 C270 CDI. The turbo had to be replaced at 90000kms.

Diesel smell with vehicle surging at full acceleration. Was informed the diesel pump was common and was the problem. Looked myself and found a gray plastic pipe going to the diesel pump leaking, was informed by the agents they would have to change all the related pipes. They did not want to hear that all it was, was a rubber O ring were the pipe enters the pump. Silent now about the pump??

Agents have told me tie rod ends need replacing??

The vehicle goes into neutral when driving; real scary on Hi-Way. Has done this 5 times. Try as you may, when the gearbox is in this mode, you can't change gears, it's just stuck on D, only when the vehicle slows down do the gears work again??