2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sports Coupe 220 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great product, spoiled by serious (inside out) rust



Rust appeared along both front wheelarch lips at 5 years of age. The progression of this was so quick that both front wings needed changing this year. Rust also appeared along both rear wheel arches and randomly in open areas of bodywork NOT associated with damage or chips.

The car has just cost me £800 for paintwork repairs. I paid £25500 for it at 3 months old.

I spoke to the Mercedes dealer when the rust first appeared, and they would not support a warranty claim, as the vehicle had been serviced by an independent garage, despite this being on time and always to Mercedes specification.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2010

25th Feb 2013, 14:12

I agree, Mercedes are just boxing their customers into a corner and making fancy adverts, aided by fancy computer graphics. Tricks your mind into thinking, oh if I buy that car.

The servicing pricing is silly and complete nonsense overall. The areas they service are no different from any other car, they do the same thing. My service B was £785; what a complete rip off, it really is for what they do, so now I do it all myself. And you know what, I did it for much much less, and the parts I have used have had no effect on performance or handling, no loss of power or any indication of errors anywhere on the car.

Mercedes are charging these silly prices because of the image they project, not the cars. They seem to keep pushing and pushing and pushing these silly answers that they give you, of outstanding quality and build, but believe me, it's not true; a metal wing is going to rust, just like any other metal wing. Stop letting these car sellers pull the wool over your eyes; stand up for yourselves.

Just for washers and nuts, it cost me over £25.00 once. I laughed at the people behind the desk, and said it's just a nut and washer, and he had no reply, just like most folk these days. No, this silly pricing rubbish must stop, it's getting stupid and silly.

For instance, just for an air filter, over £90 pounds, then they said that doesn't include fitting. I said what fitting, you take a cover off and take out the old one and put in a new one, what's so hard about that? I said I tell you what, just don't put that on as I can do it for a third and less of that price, and hey presto I did. Again, no loss in performance at all, it's just a filter.

Once I had to have the poly belt and a fitment changed; over £250 + fitting charge and labour on top; well over £460; I couldn't believe it. I told them where to stick it, and I took it to another garage, told them of my experience with Mercedes, and this person did it for £120 quid, and again no problems at all. So guys and gals, wise up to these silly charges. If you don't, Mercedes will just keep taking and taking your hard earned cash. Do some serious research, and make sure you don't get ripped off.

I think cars have become daft in pricing for what they are. All the more reason I would never ever buy a new car in England. It's a total rip off what you get and totally over priced; you need a mortgage just to pay for them if you go down the credit route, which I won't as it's a joke in the UK.

You're being ripped off guys.

2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 240 2.6 from North America


RUSTcedes!!! Taxi drivers in Germany will soon use Toyotas if you continue with the flaws in quality


Oil level sensor.

Valve cover gaskets.

Fast interior and exterior wear.


General Comments:

It handles like a Mercedes, but it is built like Mercedes should not be.

Interior is much cheaper than on the older models, and wears out quicker.

Better replace your tranny filter and oil every 50k miles, otherwise you may face tranny problems above 100K. Mercedes is back to recommending this service every 50k miles with the new model; they claimed the fluid to be lifetime warrantied for the W203.

RUST!!! DOOR PANELS!!! QUARTER PANELS!!! AFTER 7 YEARS!!!??? Come on Mercedes, take the example from Audi and Volvo on this, because probably Chinese Geely is better in this department.

SOLD in 2013 at 130k miles, rust on doors fixed by Mercedes (no issues); the front fenders and quarter panels were not the part of this recall. I paid to fix it twice, but no luck, it came out 6 months later in other spots. Just look at Sprinters nowadays - there is no way to stop it. Mercedes cheaped out on that

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Review Date: 9th August, 2010