2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Classic 2.2 CRD from UK and Ireland


Quick, comfortable, reliable and economic



General Comments:

This car never put a foot wrong. It was comfortable, quick and very economical. On motorway trips (I regularly drive from central England to the south of France) it regularly returned nearly 50 miles per (UK Imperial) gallon.

The only attention it needed over 16000 miles was two litres of engine oil. When it left me (my employer canceled the lease) the computer in the car was saying that another 3000 miles were necessary before the first service.

My only criticism: my three teenage children found the backseat uncomfortable on long trips because the seat is really designed for two people and curves up at the ends to accommodate the wheel arches.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2003

2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C-Coupe 2.3L Kompressor from North America


Head - turning Pocket Rocket


Sunroof motor quit, replaced by dealer.

Cup holder and luggage compartment cover (both plastic) broke and were replaced by dealer.

The most serious problem, which took two trips to the dealer, was the "Check Engine" light came on. Apparently it was a bad oxygen sensor and it was replaced the second time.

General Comments:

We bought this car for our daughter. We looked at several small cars, but since she is quite short, she had trouble seeing out the rear windows because of height of the rear seats. This car has a separate window under the main rear window to increase rear visibility.

This car is fun to drive! Even with the automatic, it has as much if not more acceleration than the 1973 Corvette I had. Her choice of color was Citron Green, so just about everybody stares at it, trying to figure out what kind of car it is.

We did not get the factory CD player as you lose the glove compartment. After market players that directly connect to the factory radio are non-existent as Mercedes uses fiber optics to connect the player to the radio. I did find a trunk (boot) mounted Alpine unit that connects through the antenna and plays through the FM radio.

My only complaint about the car is it requires premium fuel (91 octane or greater). It does get 32 mpg at 75 mph.

It requires 4 snow tires for winter driving.

What makes this car special is the panorama sunroof. It's like driving a convertible without all the wind. We also opted for the leather seats, which brings the cost of the car to $34,000. The leather, while pricey, is well worth the extra cost because of the comfort factor - Mercedes cloth seats are very hard and slippery.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2003

3rd Sep 2003, 14:13

ALL cars need 4 snows in winter!!! (at least they do if you get snow) It's both a misconception and deadly to put snows on the drive wheels only, If a tire dealer tries to tell you this is safe, LEAVE!! It's actually proven that with front drive you should put the snows on the rear, otherwise the back will lose traction and put you into a spin, which is exactly why you need 4. On a rear drive car such as yours, 4 snows will leave even front drivers (with all seasons) well behind. Besides, if you can afford a new car, 4 tires are cheap insurance, it all comes down to this: How much is your (or your daughter's) life worth?

Not trying to be snotty, just trying to dispel a myth, one unfortunately that goes back to my grandfather's day when they didn't know any better.

21st Mar 2006, 15:56

I actually had the engine light on for some time now, as well. Had it cleared once, but the mechanic says is just a sensor and nothing to worry about. The car is running just fine anyway. What annoyed me the most was changing the bushings twice. Other than that.. not much to complain. Since one wants to drive a sports car, the usual blind spots are obvious, as well as the ride being a bit rougher than a regular sedan. My coupe comes with a standard/manual transmission, and I find the gear knob a bit rough as well. Conclusion, nice ride, though my next car will be a sedan. Guess I'm getting old..hehe.