2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C230 Kompressor 2.3 supercharged from North America


A high performance bargain for sure!


Since I owned the car, nothing has gone wrong with it. I changed the oil regularly and put high octane gas in it. I guess if you treat your car gently, it will treat you back the same way.

General Comments:

There is nothing, but good to say about this car. Of course it's no Ferrari, but it is one hell of a car. The car is really quick, as soon as you step on that pedal, you get what you want. And for the price it is one awesome deal. This is the first year they came out with it and only the year with a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder supercharged engine with 192 horsepower. They only make it with a 1.8 liter with only 189 horsepower just like any other car in its class. But hey, that's probably a good car too. It's comfortable with great sport seats. I have no idea of what I can say bad about this car so I won't even try!

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Review Date: 21st April, 2003

2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C240 2.6 Litre petrol from North America


Superlative sports sedan at an affordable price


Rear license plate illuminator light bulb burned out. The car monitored this fault and informed us via the instrument panel. The dealer fixed the bulb during the last service.

We had to have the vehicle aligned when it was new, which the dealer did.

Around 10,000 miles the steering started vibrating between 35-40 MPH. The dealer rotated the tires and re-balanced the wheels, and the problem is gone.

We have had to replace the windshield 3 times in six months due to cracking, but each time it was due to a rock impact on the freeway. Not sure if the windshield is slightly weak or under stress, or if our luck is just bad.

Took the car in for rough idling around 12,000 miles, but the dealer insists it is within "normal" limits. It is not horrible, but does idle rougher than I would expect from a Mercedes. In fact, we own 2 Mercedes, and this idles rougher than our other model which is a 4 cylinder. It is no worse than less expensive cars, though, and if it were a Ford, I would not even think twice.

Otherwise, the car has been fantastic! We already have 20,000 miles on it and outside the little issues above, we have had no problems at all. Having maintenance included is a huge plus since this car requires synthetic oil!

General Comments:

This car is an ideal blend of sporty handling, composed road manners, vault-like build quality, and quietness.

You can be cruising down the freeway at 90 MPH and hear absolutely no wind noise. It is absolutely amazing.

The car is solid as a rock and the doors sound like bank vault doors closing. Everyone who rides in the vehicle comments about the doors and the overall quality.

I don't know how the MB engineers did it, but they managed a nearly perfect blend of sport handling with cruising comfort. The car handles extremely well without being harsh riding or stiff.

The engine is smooth and reasonably powerful for a 2.6 litre, but the C240 won't win any stoplight races. It does just fine in traffic, though, and the fuel economy in mixed driving is always at least 25 MPG, and 32 is achieved on the highway. We drove this and the C320 and decided the nearly $4000 difference was not worth the additional power of the C320.

We opted for the 12-speaker Bose sound system, which is nothing short of concert quality. However, at $1100, the 6-disc CD changer is an obscenely priced addition. MB has insured that only their player will work, so you are captive. And this is on top of the $600 audio system upgrade.

The car seems extremely safe with very solid doors, high door sills, electronic stability protection, traction control, brake assist, and 8 (yes, 8) airbags.

Overall, this car compared favorably to the BMW 3 series, the Audi A4, and the Volvo s40. It was also not much more expensive than a Toyota Avalon which is hardly in the same class as the Mercedes. If you are shopping in the low to mid 30's, this car deserves a look. You might be surprised that a Mercedes is in your budget.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

30th Sep 2004, 19:04

I wonder how yours rides so quiet and I feel like at 60mph, I have to turn up music to drown out the noise. My dealer has replace the door seals without any results. I hate this problem.

7th Nov 2006, 16:51

My 2001 C240 is nearly silent as well, even after 91,000 miles.