2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Avantgarde SE 320 CDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Everything I want from a car



General Comments:

The engine is absolutely superb. A brilliant drive.

Gearbox ratios are well considered and the shift is seamless.

The car is packed with extras, so great value.

Quality and refinement are definitely there.

I actually prefer the interior of this model to that of the latest model.

I'm glad the car does not share the same "get outta my way" grille concept as newer cars.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2009

2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C240 4Matic 2.6 170bhp from North America


I would buy it all over again


Front low beam light bulb went out. Other than that, nothing.

General Comments:

I love this car. Quite comfy, rides great. MPG is very good. I am getting about 27 on the highway.

The 4MATIC AWD is a must where I live.

I do about 400 miles a week driving, and the 170bhp is just enough pep to get on the highway and pass cars.

The interior is wonderful and is like going from day to night compared to my old 2000 C Class. The car has enough room for 4 people to fit.

The sat nav system is great, along with the heated seats. The handling is wonderful as well. I have had Mercedes since 1980's and will continue to buy more. I currently have 4 other Mercedes, but this is the one I use to commute with.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2009

3rd Oct 2014, 18:20

Still driving it in 2014... It is faultless. I also own a C220 CDI with more mileage and also without any problems.

2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 CDI turbo diesel from Serbia





General Comments:

Don't listen to anybody... This car is absolutely FANTASTIC. I'm so pleased for buying and owning this car. I look forward every day to drive it. I think it's even better than the bigger E Class. Much better than an Audi A4 of the same year (I owned one also for six months). Just go for one in silver color facelift.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2009

2nd Aug 2018, 23:00

I agree with you, own the same car in black, shows the dirt, but drives like a dream. Gives me a smile every time. So far also no faults apart from normal servicing and new brakes.

2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C230K 1.8 Kompressor from Malaysia


Good blend of performance and comfort


ABS/ESP warning has occurred three separate times. Each time different sensors or switches were replaced in an attempt to resolve the problem. All work was carried out under warranty, but this has been a known issue with MB for quite some time.

General Comments:

This car has been reliable with the exception of the previous ABS/ESP problem.

Just routine service has been required at the intervals indicated by the on board computer. Oil changes are typically indicated at 20-25,000km as the car is used mostly for highway driving.

First set of tires (Goodyears) were replaced at about 50,000km with Bridgestones.

Wish the car had a few extra power outlets.

It is a good balance of power, handling, and comfort.

Good fuel economy on highway, not so good in city driving.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2008

15th Oct 2014, 12:34

I have had my C230k 2005 ex Japan (I live in Botswana - Southern Africa) for about 3 months and I have 2 words: no regrets! This car is a good buy and I can't believe more people don't know what a gem it is. I owned the 1998 C180 W202, so I expected more of the same, but this is a significant jump. The interior is great, mine is the facelift, the acceleration is the best surprise, and overall it's a great drive. However I got mine at 125k km and its shocks are worn so I am yet to experience its best. Will update soon.

2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C180 Kompressor 1.8 litre from Australia and New Zealand




Nothing that I can find.

General Comments:

Mercedes gave me that car as courtesy car for the day when I booked my A190 in for service. WOW, the smoothness and the grunt, got me hooked. hook, line and sinker.

After 2 years, it still put the smile on my face when I drive it, same as my son since the day he got into the car, " Wow! Dad! We HAVE to buy this car."

Got my top speed of 200km/h, no sweat to the car, but me...

That car drives like a charm, solid not heavy like some other cars. Cornering is an enjoyment.

Only thing I dread is servicing time, it hurts.

Other than that, nothing I can fault.

As for petrol, same as my A190. Amazing.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2007

13th Dec 2009, 07:28

Take your car to a Mercedes specialist, servicing won't hurt as much, they use excellent parts and all the correct fluids. My one costs me less to service than my friend's Honda Accord euro and my other friend's Mitsubishi 380.

19th May 2011, 01:29

That was a good, short, sweet review.

I have a C200, and I love the car also. It's a great car for what it is. No S-Class, but very nice. I actually catch myself smiling sometimes when I drive it. Love it too.

I can understand coming from an A-Class to a C-Class is a world of difference. My uncle has an A-Class, and I still don't understand why someone working at Mercedes Benz chooses to lease an A-Class... beyond me. But each to their own.

I haven't posted a review yet because I've had mine for only 3.5 weeks, and want to wait a little longer.

PS. As for maintenance etc; I suggest finding a good Mercedes Benz online forum with lots of activity. Then get involved in the discussions. Most of the high active one are USA based.

You'd be amazed how much information is out there. Today I reset a sunroof fault myself, which I would have had to go visit the dealer for otherwise.