2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C240 4Matic 2.6 V6 from North America


A small, poorly built excuse for a Mercedes! Get an E Class or S Class


Everything inside the car has broke. You name it.

General Comments:

I got this car in 2008 and I wanted to trade it a year later after ownership. It started to rattle like crazy all of a sudden! Interior quality is so cheap and poorly assembled! My parents told me to keep it because it will be reliable. OK, so it's cheap to upkeep and is never in the shop. So are many other cars!

This car is small, slow, and the interior has busted on me! The sunroof shade broke, the door handles broke, the gauge cluster plastic broke, the A/C vents click so I yanked them out and glued them, but they make more noise! The front defrosters are way too loud. The rear sunshade broke! The wood trim (plastic) clicks and creaks all over, and needed to be glued down. The center radio speaker clicks all the time. God forbid you use the heater in this car, because the whole inside expands and contracts, making so much noise that even when the radio is on you can still hear it! What an awful car!

And the size is a joke! I am 6'0 tall. How in the hell can 4 people fit into this clown car? My 911 was more comfortable and drove nicer.

The steering sucks! I don't know what I am more annoyed at! My car how it is a piece of crap or the fact that I listened to my parents and was dumb enough to keep it... Now it's worthless and I might as well just drive it until it gets old or I get lucky enough to total it!

It's easy for other people to tell you it's a good car when they drive around in a real Mercedes (S600, CL65). Drive this car and you will hate it!

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Review Date: 18th November, 2014

18th Nov 2014, 21:21

A C-Class is a Mercedes in name only. C-Class = Cheap Class. It's for people that just want to say - "I drive a Mercedes", not for people who really know Mercedes. It's a farce. However it is a clever business decision for Mercedes to offer an entry level car. I'm sure the C-Class is the best selling model, and I'm quite sure they make a good profit off every one of these sold and serviced at the dealer.

19th Nov 2014, 18:37

Didn't use to be - the Mercedes 190 series was very much a mid-size (they didn't use the word E-Class then) or S-Class car scaled down. It was just as over-engineered as the bigger cars, but easier to park on the road as most Europeans do. But these smaller cars (including the 3-Series BMW) have been built to a cost recently. Heck, even the late 1990s E-class. The E36 1992-1998 BMW 3-series was also a shrunken 5-Series. Just shut the door and it feels like the window glass was concreted into the door. But now, the most recently-superseded E90, shut the door and drive it; if you were blindfolded you can't tell you're in a BMW. But the 5-Series still has doors for example that shut solid.

20th Nov 2014, 13:13

You should count yourself lucky in the USA, as the C-Class isn't entry level over here, because we have an A-Class and B-Class too!

25th Nov 2014, 06:47

Mercedes has a very similar quality for all of their cars. The S Classes are more luxurious, not more reliable or durable. I have a C Class with 550,000km and not a single story as this guy reports. I also have an A Class with 298,000km and not a single problem.

And to the person with the C240, I think your car might have been mistreated before it was yours; these are very durable cars.

19th Mar 2017, 23:17

The 190 was not a E class, it was a predecessor of the C class.

2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C240 4-matic 2.6L V6 from North America


A solid, confidence-inspiring vehicle


Minor valve cover gasket leak & front brake pad replacement at ~110,000 km.

Driver's seat heater element on seat bottom failed and one headlight bulb burned out.

That's it.

General Comments:

I purchased the car from a family friend in March 2011, when he traded up to a 2011 GLK 350. My C240 had 74,000 km on it at the time. In 3 1/2 years, I have put 48,000 km or about 14,000/year on it. I own three cars, so this vehicle doesn't see high mileage. I keep it in a garage most of the time and rarely use it in winter. The exception is during really bad weather, when I depend on the 4-matic system, which works great! I consistently get an average of 9 l/100 km or a bit over 26 MPG (US). On long highway trips, I can count on getting around 8.3 or over 28 MPG.

In terms of comfort, it has a more "sporty" ride than my old '84 300SD, which rode like a dream. However, when I take it on highway trips, it is great. It's the only car I've ever owned that I can drive 12 hours straight and walk away from the car without limping. The climate control works great.

If I were to complain about something, I'd prefer to have a timed intermittent wiper than the rain sensing type, which either doesn't wipe often enough or chatters across the windshield too much. My other beef would be that the heater on the driver's seat bottom died this past winter. It's built into the leather seat bottom and I've read it's costly to fix. I haven't bothered digging any deeper.

I would definitely get another Mercedes. My friend is trying to sell me his GLK (the 2011 from earlier), but I can't afford it! From my perspective, a Mercedes isn't 100% better at any one thing, but is a few to several percent better at many things. I used to go to the dealer for service, but have found a former Mercedes mechanic who provides excellent service at a significantly lower rate.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2014