2nd May 2008, 14:35

I have a C180 and I can hear a watery swishing sound on the front passenger side. Behind the carpet where the immobilizer is, the back of the carpet is wet. Has anyone come across this problem and knows where the water is coming from?

1st Jul 2008, 16:31

Rainwater is collecting behind the dashboard because of the righ-side drain-pipe (under the hood) is clogged by dirt. If you do not open this drain the whole floor in the front at the right side will get soaked. I had this problem twice and now check the drain regurlary.

8th Dec 2008, 09:49

Hi all, I have a 1995 Merc C180 Elegance with 86000 genuine miles and it judders when taking off in 1st gear. Also the speedo does not work and the revs stay on for a second or two when changing gear!

Are these serious and costly to fix or should I get rid of the car immediately?

Somebody please help because I am afraid to drive the thing in-case it lets me down!

I thought Mercedes were renowned in being the best car in the world.

Thanks all.


14th Dec 2008, 00:12

Merc C180 comes with the immobiliser? It seems my car doesn't have one. And the central locking isn't working, though there is a switch on the dashbook. Is it an option with the 1994 C180? Thanks for your reply. Please reply to my email: victor156@gmail.com if you don't mind. Thanks.


17th Apr 2009, 15:00

I own a Mercedes C180 2002 Avantgarde and have a faint rumbling sound from the front nearside when going round a right hand bend, which I think could be the wheel bearing on the way out.

Can anyone tell me how much it will cost to get fixed?

10th May 2009, 15:36

I have a C180 Avantgarde 2006 model, I have had it a year and its been great. Yesterday though I heard a clicking noise when I put driver side window up and down, then today it jammed and made an awful grinding noise. I need it fixed obviously, how much do I expect to pay??

1st Jul 2009, 09:56

I there, I have a 1995 Mercedes C180 and there is a problem with the overheating. I`ve changed the thermostat, but the engine keeps going up. What should I do?

17th Jul 2009, 15:04

I have a 1994 c180 petrol manual. Lately it has started overheating when stopping with the engine running after a trip with the car. I have not heard the auxiliary fan starting when this happens. Fuses are OK. Help please.

Brynjar / Norway.

27th Jul 2009, 07:04

Hi, I have a C180 Kompressor 2002 and I hear a knocking noise in the engine. Any ideas what it is? Did anyone have the same problem?

21st Sep 2009, 15:34


I have a C180 1995. The only problem I had till now was the drive shaft bearing, but now it's leaking oil in the back of the engine, and it seems to be leaking water too (not too much), and another problem is a knocking metallic noise coming from the wheels, maybe due to disks and pads worn.

But I never had a problem in it, and it had already 180.000 miles on the clock.

Can someone tell me if they had the same problems I have and how they fixed them?

Thanks (goncaloncpinto@hotmail.com)

2nd Nov 2009, 16:14

You buy radiator weld from car parts shop and will stop water leaks. Use 2 units like I did. Total cost 5 pounds approx.

31st May 2011, 19:50

I had the same problem. It was the air intake sensor that was gone.

8th Jun 2011, 08:22

I have the same problem.

My car idles rough for the first 30 seconds in the morning, after that it is fine. I have been complaining to the dealers from 77000km. The following has been changed crank case breather pipe and valve, temperature sender unit, mass meter, injectors, harnesses, a couple of electrical senders on intake and the EGR valve.

The manufacturer shrugs it off and told me to go to the Ombudsman. Very disappointed about the response and service that you get from dealer and manufacturer.

25th Mar 2012, 19:30

I have a 1996 C-Class.

She cost me £650, but I've spent an awful amount of money, in the region of £1000; new water pump, brake discs & pads all around, new tyres and refurbed 16 spoke alloy wheels.

She's had new air filter / oil filter plugs and fan belt, plus new cam chain fitting kit.

She drives superb, almost too quiet. Too straight.

So my comment is "WELL DONE MERCEDES". I own a stunning car, electric windows x4 + electric sun roof, electric mirrors, central remote locking, ABS & twin airbags. Wood effect dashboard, and it's right what her name says, ELEGANCE, because that she is...

23rd May 2012, 05:04

I have just bought a 1995 Mercedes C180 Elegance automatic, and it's a stunning car.

The only problems I have is the aerial sticking... it has power going to it when I turn on the radio, but is stuck in the lowered position.

Also the inner seal on the bumper (right hand side/drivers) is loose and rubs when I turn the car.

I paid £550 for it and couldn't be happier. Though it does seem to fog up quick and the lights are terrible, so have to drive with full beam on.

Also, there are 3 tiny buttons on the left of the dash display, a minus, a plus and an 'o' lower down; they don't seem to do anything when pressed... Any ideas what they are for?

Oh, just remembered, driver's side window doesn't work, and it looks like someone has taken out the button on the centre console and turned it upside down!!!

Other than that, I love the car :-)

23rd May 2012, 14:34

The buttons might be for adjusting the clock?

13th Jul 2012, 12:09

Lay shaft is loose, and may need replacing/fixing (the shaft from the engine/gearbox to the rear wheels).

16th Dec 2012, 16:43

I have a Mercedes C180 Elegance 1995 auto.

When I drive, the steering wheel has some play of about quarter of a cm each way, when stationary, and when I'm driving, it makes it difficult to keep the car in a straight line.

Can anyone help me to resolve the problem? It cost me a small fortune to get it fixed at a garage.

10th Apr 2013, 06:32

I have a 1995 C180 Elegance. I had the problem with the engine overheating for about 2 years before I did anything about it. To cool the engine, open all the air vents and turn the blower to position 5; this should release the heat from the engine and you should see the temp. dropping. My C180 doesn't have an auxiliary fan; I changed the viscous fan and the problem was fixed.

15th Feb 2014, 06:14

I have a Mercedes C180 Auto Elegance 1995, and I want to replace a bulb from the back of the dashboard. How can I remove the panel?

8th Mar 2016, 20:38

Hi, I have owned my C180 Elegance for 11 years and have had no trouble with noises from any of the windows.

Overall it has been a great car and runs really nice - great on long runs.

Hope this is helpful.