1st Sep 2014, 00:52

Kompressor is just another word for supercharger. A supercharger works directly off the engine, connected to the camshaft or crankshaft.

A turbocharger works off expelled exhaust gasses. The key advantage to a supercharger is that there is no 'turbo lag'. The compressor spools up immediately, as soon as you accelerate. A turbocharger may have a delay between the time you push the pedal down, the engine revs generating more exhaust, and more compressed fuel/air mixture being forced into the intake.

This happens instantaneously with a supercharger.

25th Jan 2016, 22:25

My 1999 Mercedes C230 Kompressor has only 85,000 miles. Right now the transmission will not get out of 1st gear until it warms up to 80 (this takes 20 minutes). I was told I needed a new transmission for $5,000. However, it works fine on a warm day.

Also, the driver's side window will not roll down, I had to replace the driver's side seat module at $260, the sky roof will not close once it is open, the trunk release is broken, the air conditioner will not regulate properly, the mirrors do not work (dangerous), and then just recently both the key fobs would not open the doors. I used the metal key and the alarm would not turn off until I started the car. Hubby changed a fuse and now it works.

I will never own another Mercedes.

19th Nov 2017, 21:10

I have owned a C230 Kompressor for 5 years now, got it at 50k miles and now just rolled over 150k. Nothing major has gone wrong and the only maintenance I have had to do were on normal wear and tear items like motor mounts, spark plugs, filters, and the like. The car has aged very well for being almost two decades old now. These can get pricey if not taken care of and you have to take it in to the dealership. I do all my own repairs and the majority of parts are no more expensive than any of my other cars. All around great vehicle, quiet and smooth ride, and the supercharger has a nice whine at high RPM.