1999 Mercedes-Benz C-Class CDI Diesel Sport TDI from UK and Ireland


Gearbox failure at 100000 miles.

Head Gasket failure at 70000.

General Comments:

Comfortable on long journeys.

Very very fast!

A great car which I regret selling and intend to buy another one now.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2004

11th Jan 2006, 22:39

I'm surprised you regretted selling your mercedes even though it had a head gasket failure. That is a serious problem.

1st Sep 2006, 09:46

Its true a blown Head Gasket is serious, however, I had to take some of the blame as previously I had allowed the coolant level to drop and drove the car home as it overheated, the Head Gasket blew a few days later! so I hang my head in shame on that one, it was dark, raining, I was in the middle of nowhere, and frankly could not be arsed to stop.

Still a cracking car tho, and highly recommended, just keep your eye on the coolant level!

1999 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sport 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


A good introduction to a top Marque


Boot clip that holds the Warning Triangle kept falling out - less than £3 to replace.

Headlamp Bulb blew after 4 days of ownership - £5 to replace.

General Comments:

I love it.

It is very comfortable, and not nearly as bad a performer as I had expected.

I am not looking forward to the servicing costs, but want to maintain the full Dealer Service History.

The cost to buy 2nd hand was very reasonable, and the quality of the finish is great.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

10th Sep 2012, 04:09

How come no poster appears to give any indication(s) of fuel consumption (FC) figures? Is it assumed that these Mb Class cars are so thirsty like 4x4s, and hence assumed as "normal consideration", or are there some other reasons?

FC indications would be most appreciative for the purposes of education and counsel for would-be buyers. Thank you.

1999 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C230 Sport Kompressor 2.3 supercharged 4 from UK and Ireland


A good car, but a bad Mercedes


Numerous dashboard creaks.

Failed electric window.

Glove compartment catch broke.

Auto box ECU replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

If this were a Ford or Vauxhall it would be acceptable. It goes well, is comfortable and quite well equipped. What it isn't is especially well built or particularly refined - the two key things which I would expect from a prestige brand like Mercedes.

The supercharged engine delivers the goods but is very rough and noisy when worked hard. It's not a pleasant noise either - just a coarse, featureless thrash, although to be fair the engine has been faultless. The auto box is the exact opposite - lovely to use but a bit temperamental, the ECU had to be replaced when it kept refusing to engage Drive.

The Sport suspension sharpens the C Class up nicely, and the car can be quite good fun to hustle along, although the traction control intrudes early on to slap you on the wrist if you're being naughty. The steering is very light, but has reasonable feel, and the brakes are strong.

The single real disappointment is the quality. You don't expect things like failed electric windows, dash creaks and broken glovebox catches on a main dealer serviced prestige car which has done only 47,000 miles.

This is a really good car which has a lot to like about it, but the bottom line is that it's not worthy of the image or the price that the Mercedes badge commands. My previous Rover 623 was just as well made, and had a more pleasant engine to boot.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2001

1st Aug 2002, 12:25

My 1999 C230 has 83000 miles on it and has not experienced any problems. We have been very well pleased with performance, service, and price.

8th Sep 2002, 09:29

I have a C250TD, 1997. The metallic paintwork is appalling, it is subject to stone chip damage on all the frontal areas. Additionally, the paint is so pitifully thin that scratches are induced with ease.

The interior trim is cheap & certainly not up to past M-B standards.

The alarm system electronics are over sensitive.

Unless the key is withdrawn very slowly after ignition shutdown, the central locking does not operate.

Wheel lacquer has failed in places with onset alloy wheel corrosion.

Door lock mechanism has corroded on 3 doors.

Engineering quality on the engine & mechanical components is excellent. Diesel MPG is very good. The ride is comfortable, but soggy on the Elegance. ASR is effective & ESP is very useful in marginal conditions.

The car has completed 50k miles, the engine prognosis is good, but systems controlled by electronics are not.

Not up to 190E standard.

Herbert Smith.