13th Jan 2007, 09:19

What are you talking about? You sit in a BMW or Audi or even (ugh) a Cadillac and the Mercedes clearly has a superior LUXURY interior. And I've owned several BMWs, but they pale in comparison to Mercedes as far as luxury feel.

But, more to your point, these Mercedes were unreliable, but have improved their quality. My friend has a 2005 C230 and he has only had minor problems and he drives about 20K miles a year.

Mercedes no longer has the stellar reputation it once had, but maybe that will come back some day.

14th Jan 2007, 04:34

Sit in a new Acura with a leather interior when you get a chance loaded with options.

15th Jan 2007, 13:03

I wrote the first comment. What I mean is the interior of the C-class feels cheap. The leather isn't even real leather. There is plastic everywhere in the vehchle and same goes for BMW and Audi. Mercedes has lost their reputation. I bought a 1991 560SEL after graduating high school. The car was 9 years old and had 125,000 miles. It ran all of the time I was in college. Sold it and purchased the CLK430 which was a big mistake. Lexus now has surpassed all the German cars in my mind except for Porsche. Like I said if you have a good independent Mercedes Mechanic you'll be fine and save plenty of money.

5th Feb 2007, 20:35

What are you talking about? Lexus is not nearly as good as Mercedes. Compare the interior of and E320 to a Lexus. The quality is much better also laid out with care. Lexus interiors look like something that was thrown together in 5 minutes. Also the C-class, yes there is plastic every where, but all cars are like that now? Also it is the least expensive Benz you can buy, but still by far nicer than the IS250. The IS250 looks like a souped up Honda Civic! Whatever-

6th Feb 2007, 08:18

Have you actually seen the interior of ANY Lexus? It is simply not possible for you to make a comment like that since they are very luxurious and put together with car. If you want to talk about cheap interiors, I suggest you look in an American luxury car.