9th Jun 2014, 16:07

You've bought a Mercedes for 1500; what did you expect? If you are on a budget, don't buy a Mercedes, buy a Japanese or Korean car.

31st May 2015, 19:52

To all those Mercedes apologists.

Most of the time, when the majority of buyers purchase a car for a low price, “some repairs” are expected to be on the horizon.

The problem is how many, how often and how much will they cost?

In my opinion Mercedes exceeds all those expectations.

To be clear; too many, too often, and they cost far too much.

They are enjoyable cars otherwise.

Signed, JD (sobered up owner of two of them).

2nd Jan 2017, 10:11

I've got 3 E-Class, 2001.

2.8 petrol tiptronic in Avantgarde spec.

2.6 petrol tiptronic in Elegance spec.

3.2 diesel in Elegance spec.

The 2.8 is lovely, quiet, and has the optional sat nav, and digital climate control.

It also has the electric heated seats in the front plus memory pack, steering wheel leather and electric pack, and for the spec to be complete, it has the xenon lights and the original parking sensors.

It is a lovely car but is rusty. We will have to deal with it.

We had to change the oil, filter and the gasket to the gearbox, and also we changed at the same time the brake light sensor.

In the gearbox is an electronic plate which also we had to change in order to make the gearbox change properly. The ABS reluctant ring (it's basically a £10 metallic ring on the rear driveshafts; they get rusty and they break).

Also we had to change the lower front arms, the anti-roll front bushes (2 of them, around £10 each if I"m not wrong), and also we had to purchase off eBay the under engine bay shields; a full set for around £90.

Otherwise a really lovely car all around for the money.

The 2.6 had the same issues with the gearbox electronic plate, brake light switch, oil, filter and gasket.

Also we had to change the spark plugs, one mirror case on the left (broken), and a rear tail gate light; someone broke it.

Front lower arms and yep that's it.

It has an electric front seat, all the gizmos coming with the facelift and is a lovely car.

The 3.2 was a neglected car, but still very nervous on the motorway.

It came in Tanzanian blue with leather electric seats and tiptronic.

The gearbox was fine this time.

But we changed the front lower suspension arms, the engine and gearbox mounts, the water pump, the starter motor, the alternator, the shock absorbers and a couple of lights in the dashboard.

Everything was around £600 in parts, labouring was me and my cousin and YouTube.

2nd Jan 2017, 10:14

A turbo - you can buy it off the internet for less than £200.