2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class 320 from North America


Overall impressed with it's performance


One year after I had it, the driver's side window switch stopped working properly. I took it to the dealer, they fixed it, and I haven't had any problems with it since.

General Comments:

I had some reservations about buying the ML320 at first, since this car is built in the US, not Germany. I had considered the Acura MDX, Lexus RX, or the BMW.

The Acura and Lexus were priced slightly lower, but not much. The BMW was priced a lot higher. The Mercedes seemed like the best option for the money.

I've had no major problems with this car. We took it to the sandy, 4x4 area of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, with not one problem.. even saw a Ford Explorer and a Dodge 1 Ton get stuck in the sand. We were very impressed with how it handled in a true 4x4 environment.

I have since bought a 2004 E320 4-Matic Wagon, but haven't the heart to get rid of the ML320. Still a reliable, fun-to-drive, safe vehicle.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2005

2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class 320 from North America


One car is a lemon twice is the whole line is no good


This car is a total nightmare. The car broke down one month after the first regular maintenance service. It just completely died. The front lights will burn out quicker than average. Second time the car died we were coming back from Whistler. It died in the middle of nowhere. MB paid for the $150 taxi ride back home. The third time the car died I was taking my wife to a ski resort 600KM from home. The card died in the middle of nowhere in sub-zero temperature.

We complained to MB who replaced the car with one of similar value. Within one month, the replacement started leaking oil. Last week, I was coming back from Whistler and the check engine light came on. I have driven MB for years, but the ML does not deserve its badge. First car was a lemon, second car a statistical anomaly, I bet the third time will prove the whole line of ML's are no good. I'm getting an X5.

General Comments:

Performance wise its great. Ride is definitely MB quality smooth and delayed, but lots of torque.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2004

23rd Jul 2006, 11:45

Our "check Engine Light " went on also. It's been at the dealership for days. They are trying to figure out WHY!. What happened to you? Did they find the problem with the "Check Engine Light"?

2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML from North America


The ML320 is not worth the money or a dime


The power steering hose busted while driving, the SUV became inoperable.

General Comments:

The ML320 is a terrible SUV for the amount of money you spend and it's a Mercedes-Benz. So What!

There are no driver amenities. The cup holders are very poorly placed. You have a cold drink in the winter and with the heat blowing right on your drink you can forget it ever being cold. No such thing as radio controls or cruise controls on the steering wheel, they too, are way out of reach. The room in the car is about as much room as a small sized car.

The handling of this SUV is horrible. Ever felt like you were going to tip over, drive this car and you will! Drives like a truck. If I had wanted a truck I would have bought a Dodge.

When on my way home with my young son, the power sterning hose busted. The SUV only had 25,500 miles on it and it was un-driveable and had to be towed. Not only that, but I wasn't even given a loner car to drive.

Mercedes-Benz will never see another dime from me.

I wish I had never bought this vehicle. You live and learn. I am now back in a Volvo! Thank goodness!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2004

7th Aug 2009, 19:27

The ML320 is classified as a light truck, hence it drives like a truck.

As for cup holders, despite being built in the US, they are still considered as autobahn drivers. Sipping coffee or having any drink while driving 120 mph or more is not exactly a priority in the development of the vehicle.

I have owned many Mercedes for many years now and am still amazed at what people expect when they buy an MB. Here it is: Mercedes are driver cars. They will last forever - if you take care of them. If something like a hose breaks... replace it. Having the three pointed star on a rubber part does not imply that the part will last forever.