2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 430 Designo 4.3L from North America


An over priced lemon


Rear brakes and rotors were required after just 18,000 miles at a cost of $800.

Front brakes and rotors were required after 28,000 at a cost of $800.

The entire rear view mirror assembly has dropped off the windshield twice while driving.

Rear hatch lock has been replaced twice.

Rear window wiper motor and washer has been replaced twice.

Drivers side and passenger side power window switches have failed and been replaced.

Heated seats will roast your rump to medium rare. This has been fixed once and will need to go back in once again.

Rear bumper came loose during a car wash.

Glove compartment broke and required replacement.

Drivers side cup holder broke and required replacement.

General Comments:

The annual brake and rotor maintenance bill will average nearly $800.00 yearly.

The quality of the car is horrible for the cost.

I should have bought a Lexus.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2003

1st Nov 2005, 18:18

My experiences with my ML 320 are very similar. Not what you'd expect from a Benz. I got rid of it for an X5, no comparison...

2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class 320 3.8 liter from North America


Less filling... Tastes great


One week after purchasing the car, the navigation system was telling me I was in Alabama. I live in Massachusetts.

Drivers side power window motor failed while it was raining and the window was down.

Power steering failure due to a defective hose.

Rear window washer fluid stopped working.

Drivers side, seat pull back snapped off.

Directional light remained on even when the car was shut off.

Front brakes and rotors need replacing at a cost f $540!!! Rear brakes are also wearing prematurely. The dealer claims that the brake problem results from the brake assist mechanism. This device allows the vehicle to begin braking as soon as you remove your foot from the accelerator. This feature contributes to premature rotor and brake pad wear.

General Comments:

I bought a Mercedes thinking that by paying more for a vehicle, I would be rewarded with a superior product.

The service has been great and the dealership has been even better. Mercedes should spend less money on fancy showrooms and free sodas and focus their attention on building a quality vehicle.

Roadside service is a plus and has responded in a prompt manner at all hours of the day or night.

I have enjoyed this vehicle when it hasn't been in the shop for service. I am disappointed with the the overall lack of quality. I don't think I would consider purchasing another Mercedes.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class from North America


It is no longer the Mercedes we all believed in..


Steering Wheel got locked, I could only drive straight (...to cementery)

Windows didn't go up.

Expensive gas... $27.00 every four days in Texas!!!

Got new brakes before 1 year old.

Got new tires @ 1.5 after bought.

General Comments:

Don't buy this car!!! it is seriously dangerous... thanks god when the steering wheel got locked I was driving in a parking garage, driving less than 10 miles/hr and was by myself.

In the beginning I believed in the tradition of driving a Mercedes, the cars my parents drove when I was a child, now thinking of the exposure that my kids had while I was driving this car, makes me feel pretty bad.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2003

19th Mar 2003, 08:52

I didn't have my steering wheel locked yet, but my windows won't go up - it will only go down. My rear window wiper won't worked. I've only used it twice and not even for a long time. The motor had to be replaced.

27th Nov 2003, 21:08

I test drove a 2001 ML320 in June '03 and I was amazed at its poor quality. It only had 20000 miles, but the air-conditioning wasn't working (salesman said it's because it had been sitting in the hot Texas sun - no, it was blowing out hot air after 15 minutes of running). There was no cd player, very poor sound system, and the windows were barely working. The ride was just very rough. The exterior looked great, but inside is a different story. Ended up purchasing a used Lexus rx300.

This is not your father's Mercedes-Benz.