2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 430 430 V8 from North America


ML 430-Made new friends at MB service


This car has been in for repair at least once per month since I have had it. (16 months)

When I got it, the remote door locks did not work.

The CD changer skipped. It took several attempts to fix it. The radio/stereo power amplifier made noise and had to be replaced. The radio/GPS system died and had to be replaced.

Several pieces of interior trim fell off, the glove box door fell off. Can you believe it on a $55K vehicle.

Both headlight bulbs have been replaced twice.

The electronics module which controls the alarm, internal lights and trip computer died three times. The dealer gave up trying to get a couple of trip computer functions to operate.

The brakes wore out at 20K miles. The wear indicator light did not indicate a problem and the disks were scored. They had to be replaced at my expense.

The plastic trim elements between the side windows and the rear hatch cracked.

The rear hatch lock jammed and does not lock. I only discovered this by accident recently.

I like to drive with the rear seats down and the rear windows open. The dogs like this configuration. Unfortunately, over 30 miles/hr, the ML's interior resonates and sounds like a base organ pipe. I am sure the volume will cause ear damage.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2002

18th Sep 2002, 23:24

I understand that these vehicles are manufactured in the USA rather than Germany, which (no disrespect) may explain the poor build quality. But regardless of where it's made, I cannot believe such a costly vehicle can be that poorly executed. I've never owned a Mercedes, and reading reviews like this one put me off the idea entirely! good luck mate.

29th Apr 2003, 11:54

Can you tell type of usage of the vehicle? I don't believe things just break without too much stress.

14th Oct 2003, 01:10

Can you clarify where are M series made?. because they are relatively cheaper than the sedans.

14th Oct 2003, 11:31

The Mercedes M-class is made in Alabama, USA.

4th Aug 2007, 07:49


I have an ML 430 with 90,000 miles. If I open the driver side windows while in the freeway, the sound is unbearable. This is not aerodynamic build. Unlike my 450 SL, even if the windows are open in the freeway, the noise is minimal.

When the "Check Engine" started to light, I brought the car to the shop that specializes on European cars, and I paid $611 for the parts and labor. Half-way home (40 mile drive), the "Check Engine" is lighting again. The gas mileage is terrible. I bought one to pull my 19 footer boat and because it is a 4-wheel drive, it has more power and traction. I did not anticipate these kind of features though. Made in Alabama? Had I knew that I wouldn't have bought one.

Pittsburg, CA.

2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 320 from North America


Avoid the M Class


I am very unhappy with my ML320.

It has so many problems that I don't enjoy the car anymore.

The very first day, I could not start it. I had to bring for repair. Then, the windows did not close. I had to bring for service again.

Now, discover that the rubber frame of windshield is cracked. Also, the leather seat has a scar or some defects the would not be expected from MB. When I came to my service center, I was told that all M-class cars have the windshield crakes, and the leather has a defect but will not be changed.

Why do I have so many problems?

General Comments:

Avoid the M Class.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2002

24th Sep 2002, 17:46

I have a 1999 ML430. I have only had it since May of this year, but we have the sky view sun roof. Recently it would not close. We took it to a Mercedes dealer not only could the not get it closed they said it would cost 5,300.00 to have it fixed. I am not impressed. That cost has got to tell you something about the design. It cannot be repaid unless you take out the entire top of the car. Who can afford that after paying the cost of the car itself?

26th Feb 2003, 19:45

I have an ML430 with the sky roof. Recently we had a tremendous amount of rain in Los Angeles. I noticed a huge leak in the car under the A/C vents. Took it to the dealer who said it was because the drain tubes of the sky roof are clogged with leafs. I assumed it would be covered under the warranty, and was shocked to hear it's not. I was not even aware of any "drain tubes" nor did I find anything about them in my manual. No one at the dealer ever told me about them when we purchased the car. The car is regularly washed at the car wash, and I take good care of it. Shouldn't this be covered under the warranty? Sounds like a bad design problem to me. What do you think?

12th Jun 2004, 13:51

My 2001 ML320 has a general recommendation to change the fuel filter at 60,000 miles. I went to the dealership to buy the filter, and have it installed. But, the filter has been redesigned by the manufacture along with 3 fuel lines. Now, it is a major project to change a simple fuel filter on the 2001 ML. Why is this not covered in the warranty? I know the 60,000 interval is beyond the 50,000 factory warranty, but please, a fuel filter redesign???

6th Mar 2005, 10:48


I am having the same problem with my ML320. My SkyView roof is jammed. Right now it is disabled for operation. I would really appreciate any help on how I can get this fixed at affordable rates.