2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 320 from North America


Low Quality Car


Got the Car in October of 2001

-Had to replace brake pads in Jan 2003 and again in Jan 2004.

-Power steering blew and left us stranded a few miles away from LAX airport.

-Trip computer keeps resetting to GER or ENG instead of USA and resetting the date (took to dealer and they said it was fixed) but it keeps happening.

-Rear windows got stuck in down position and had to be fixed TWICE before the entire power window board was replaced.

-Front head lamp went out and had to be replaced.

-Rear Light went out and had to be replaced.

-Rear inside lamp case fell out completely and had to be replaced.

-Rear head rest got stuck and needed to be fixed by dealer.

-Front glove compartment door came loose and required repairs.

-"Visit TeleAid Workshop" error message caused four visits to dealer before it was finally fixed.

-Fluttering noise from driver side of the engine was cause for another trip to dealer.

-Interior is made of cheap materials and is not durable.

This car is the worst thing that MB USA has made. My family has driven other MB models and have NEVER had this many problems. I'm sooo glad I leased this car because after my lease is up, I'm washing my hands of this nightmare. I have a 12 year old Lexus that gives me less problems than this "luxury" SUV.

General Comments:

The turning radius is good and I like the color of the car.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2004

10th Dec 2005, 21:46

I'm with you. I have a 92 Lexus SC400 with 175,000 miles and it still runs great. I went out and bought an M class after my friend had raved about hers. If I would have known when she told me that hers had less than 1000 miles at the time, I would have never bought it. I paid cash for the vehicle and lost about 10grand in 6 months. I went out and bought an RX300 and sold that in 03 to get a new RX330. When your lease is up id go get a Lexus.

17th Apr 2009, 21:18

I am also laughing... and CRYING!

My wife and I bought a 2001 ML 320 via CARMAX in 2004. Since then, here is the list of problems:

2 years ago the sunroof stopped working. Sunroof will not retract when button is moved back.

Brakes, and rotors, have already been replaced twice by us. Once in 2007, then in January, 2009. This is assuming CARMAX replaced them in 2004!

Have replaced front headlamps twice, back lamp once.

Power steering pump failed 2 years ago (2007). Never since then had we ever had $600 to replace it at any given time. So, I just replace the power steering fluid every 2 days! I still have saved money doing that rather than getting the pump fixed! I have now opened and closed the hood about 350 times, I figure.

I WILL tell you one thing though... My wife and child are definitely alive today because they happened to be in that Mercedes while she took him to school one morning 4 years ago. My wife pulled out at a T-intersection prematurely and a Ford Expedition T-boned them, in the drivers side door, going 65 miles an hour. Even though the shop had to replace the whole left side, they said that the reinforcement steel bars that surrounds the car behind the "shell" did not bend an inch! The framework remained completely intact. Tell me that THAT is not a tank!! Go Germans... and thank you!

2001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML320 from North America


Good reliable performer


Fuel pump failed at 32,000 miles. Replaced under warranty.

Power steering connection came loose causing loss of powern steering. Repairman fixed at my home at 11:00pm on Saturday night. Warranty repair.

General Comments:

This vehicle offers a solid comfortable ride. It is quick and responsive providing as much power as I've ever needed. Other than the two instances described above, the vehicle has been totally reliable. The interior is not as plush as some other vehicles, but it is well made with no defects or flaws. The seats are comfortable, even for long distance drives (10 hours +)

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Review Date: 4th November, 2003