4th Sep 2007, 22:44

I recently bought a used 2002 ML500 for a good price. We have had it a couple of months and have not had any problems. The only complaint I have is that the accelerator is a little hard to push. It seems to stick or the spring is too tight. Any others have this problem?

26th Dec 2007, 10:02

I have a 2002 ML500 and I must say that I am absolutely tired of all the repairs.

The brakes have been replaced far too many times

The fuel sensor is gone

The ash tray comes out when it feels like

A part of the sunroof came off

I had the trimmings on the window replaced three times

The hand rest replaced three times

My advice to you is sell it when you reach 50,000 or do not buy the ML if it is close to the 50,000 miles because you will have to pay out of pocket with a lot of repair expenses.

6th Jan 2008, 14:34

I bought a 2002 ML-500 (new) in late 2001 and it has 123,000 miles. I won't ever buy another one. I agree about the tires, gas gauge, brakes and other repairs... I currently have a problem with the gauges, which just die when driving. At the same time everything electrical starts to pulsate. I've replaces plug cables ($800), battery, but they say the alternator is fine... no one has a clue. This is my first and LAST MB.

14th Mar 2008, 11:45

Greetings - I am torn between trading in my (bought) used '01 ML430 in 06 (now at 120k miles) and getting a '07 Jeep commander (buying out my brothers lease for 15K - Jeep fully loaded).

I love the prestige of getting into my MB, but have encountered many of the issues (brakes 3 times, couple of sensor switches (for brakes, alarm, engine light... etc). Coming from a lite Chevy with no issues at 140k miles, I thought that these issues were just part of the high end car club... guess not or shouldn't be.

Looking for some more input... indecisive in MO farmern@gmail.com... Thanks.

29th Mar 2008, 10:08

It's not just MB's that have their faults. Our family has had both Acura and Lexus and they were not trouble free. The Legend had transmission problems at 60k and the Lexus has worn suspension parts and oil leaks only being a few years old. My dad had religiously serviced these cars and they were good but far from perfect.

23rd Apr 2008, 15:29

My mom is about to purchase a 2002 ML500 with 138,000 miles. Do you think we should buy.

17th May 2008, 15:34

So my mom got the ML500. We've had no problems coming from a Chevy.

8th Jul 2008, 19:38

I purchased a 2002 ML 500 and just love it. It has 35000 miles on it. This is my first Benz and really my first luxury vehicle. I drive hard and most other vehicles last me 3-4 years. This vehicle has the running boards, rear DVD entertainment system, and it rides like a dream. Say what you will, but this is my dream vehicle.

Bought this one for $14000.00, which was a steal in my opinion.

Same vehicle in Canada (bought this one in the states) would go for 25K.

26th Sep 2008, 01:35

I have a 02 ML500 purchased with 28K in 2005. Have 72K presently. Brakes and tires last for 41K, no problems to think of. Most comfortable care that my wife and I have sat in for long distance drives. Annual maintenance around $700 to 800...Gas mileage averages 14.7 mpg in town and 17 on road and as high as 21.

6th Jan 2009, 18:03

Love my ML 500, but can somebody fix the rear brakes? New brakes all around and we cannot get rid of the squeaking.

8th Jan 2009, 16:14

This is a WARNING on all 2002 ML 500 owners!

A few days ago I tried to stop my ML in morning rush hour... but no success. My brake fluid was gone in a second. What I later discovered, was a blind plug in the ABS control (HCU) unit fell out for no reason.

Mercedes Benz Canada doesn't feel responsible at all for this failure. ATE (USA) the manufacturer of the ABS unit feels the same. A new unit cost over $ 2000 and this doesn't include the labour cost.

Please be careful driving, and maybe check from time to time the ABS unit (located in the right front - under the windshield washer reservoir) of leaking brake fluid.

If you have/had the same problem please contact me. vtxc2@yahoo.ca.

Thank you for your attention.

10th Feb 2009, 13:08

I bought my 02 ML500 and really don't know if the people are telling me the correct thing about my brakes. They say that they cannot flip or resurface the rotors, and some say that you can do it if you know what you are doing to the back only.

My ML runs warmer than before. The temp gauge is always above the 80 mark (half way). Goes up when I am stopped and then goes back down when driving. It is not overheating, but it can't be good driving with such variations in temp. What should I do?

24th Jul 2009, 12:23

I own an ML350 (had a long list of problems as well). I am actually one of those guys that put in a positive comment earlier on cos I had no problems until the car hit 80K miles. Then.. wow... went through $4000 dollars in repairs in like 18 months. And the repair list go's on and on...it won't stop. Good thing I am a mechanic. Any way... to the last post where he is having problems with heating. Its not a good thing. Driving it like that is harming your engine head and will eventually lead to it getting warped or gasket needing replacing or both. Either way.. that's a $5K problem (at least). To prevent it..the easy way.. go and get your radiator flushed and refilled (its easy to do if you want to do it yourself). Then stick in some radiator "stop leak and head gasket fluid". Its not snake oil... and does work. You need to reverse out any damage you have already done and that will fix it. If you haven't damaged anything, that won't harm anything.

4th May 2010, 17:20

I purchased a used 2002 ML500 in January (not from a dealer).

I have not seen any complaints about the problems I have had.

Almost immediately I needed a new fuel pump, even when I filled up (with premium gas) the gas gauge never showed a full tank of gas.

Then came the steering fluid leak and front drive shaft replacement, all within a week of each other.

After having my ML500 back 1 day, the sun roof window vent now needs replacing. I had to have it closed temporarily until the parts come in to replace it.

The power steering fluid leak, the front drive shaft & sun roof all happened within the same month!! Not to mention the rental vehicle I needed to get to & from work (while I waited 3 weeks for a new drive shaft)

30th May 2010, 13:24

I bought my 2002 ML500 with 60,000K last year in Vancouver, Canada and it runs great.

The problems I have had so far was the power steering hose, which leaked out all the fluid when I stopped over at the Tulalip Hotel (200K from Vancouver where I live). I later found out that problem was 1 of the recalls from MB. Any suggestion what I should do to claim for the expense on it? (about $350)

The CD changer is stuck sometimes. When it happened I just removed and reloaded all CDs back and it would be OK.

Just yesterday, the BAS/ESP light came on and I couldn't shift from P to D. I later checked online and learned that the problem may be the brake light switch located near the brake pedal ($20. for the part) and I will buy and fix it.

Other than those small problems, I really enjoy driving it.