24th Aug 2010, 13:52

My wife and I purchased an 05 ML500 in 2005 with approximately 8,000 miles on it.

After 80k miles and numerous dealer repairs I was tickled to get 10k for it. I just feel bad for the sucker who bought it.

Do not buy this car. Do not look at this car. This car will drive you nuts.

15th Mar 2012, 16:18

I brought a ML 500 2 weeks ago, and now the amp in the radio is out, the brakes squeak, and the back door get stuck. It's leaking transmission fluid. The dealer said he just replaced the power steering pump and the brakes, but I can't tell. I don't know what to do about this car. I'm stuck with it. Ugh!!!

29th Jun 2012, 18:24

I have the same brake noise problem with my 2002 ML 500, which has 50,000 miles on it. The brake always has noise, and the dealer said when the car only has 10,000 miles, that it is normal, and there is nothing they can do, other than putting new brakes on at my expense. I have already replaced the brakes three times.

Now at 50,000 miles, the ABS system malfunctioned, and luckily my mechanics were able to replace just the broken part at 900 dollars, rather than the whole system that costs US 2,500. I will not buy Mercedes again.

3rd Nov 2012, 14:34

Owned a 2002 ML500 since 2004, 109,000 miles. Vehicles shut off when coming to a stop, restart, next light same problems. Changed fuel filter (2 months ago), changed crankshaft position sensor since the problem arose, same response. Planning to change throttle cable per Mercedes diagnostic 2 months ago, however I cannot figure out how to change the cable, unable to pull the pin from the gas pedal, will it break? Do you think if I change the throttle cable, that might solve the shutoff problems? Does the throttle body need cleaning, and if so, how? NEED SOME HELP!!!

26th Dec 2012, 02:13

I've just been tempted to buy a MB ML500 for what seemed a good price. I heard the squeaking when driving it, which stopped after a minute or so. I'm so glad that I was able to read the posted reviews. Thanks to all, I won't be selling my very reliable off road upgraded KIA Sorento, to buy what appears to be a US manufactured lemon.

17th Feb 2017, 21:05

The Mercedes Benz ML500 that I own had the same problem, it was the same with my 320 also. I found that if you put better quality rotors and pads on, they are very easy to put on, then the problem goes away. You also have to keep the rotors clean; look how many people drive around with brake dust covered front wheels, of course they will squeak. Lastly never go to the MB dealer, they have a license to rob you blind. Get the parts online. Find a good mechanic, or do it yourself, these cars are very easy to work on, and you will save loads of money. I did my front and rear rotors and pads for around $600.00, that's both sets, guess how much the dealer wanted.

The moral is, do your research and stop relying on people doing the right thing, they won't, especially if they see you driving the MB.

8th Jun 2017, 03:26

What kind of fluid can you use when you change the coolant? Other than the MB coolant?