1982 Mercedes-Benz W123 200 2.0 liter petrol from F.Y.R.O. Macedonia


I love my dinosaur Benz... never mind the age


Nothing... started to lose power when traveling more than 100 km. Changed the fuel filter (1.5 euro was the part, replaced it myself on a rainy night, within 2 minutes - all needed was a screw driver)...

Was losing oil after my first oil change, turned out to be bad quality (brand new) sealing on the oil filter lid - replaced it with other rubber, now it's OK...

General Comments:

Very, very little rust - some spots appeared on the wheel arches, and have one rust circle on the right corner, just under the corner of the rear windshield... will go in the workshop this summer for that, although the rest is very good... original color (dark blue) in excellent shape...

Engine is bulletproof 100%... have no comment on it. Suspension needs some work, but can wait for few more months without complaining (completely original suspension, still).

Interior is also good, but not perfect... few cracks on the dashboard... seat cloth is very good, except for the driver's seat, which was driven for long time by a large person, and now is driven by me - although a large person (110 kg)... I'm looking for some good seat if they appear...

Everything is original on the car...

Rock solid... I live and study some 230 km from home, and travel often. The Merc always drives the same - Stable, comfortable, firm... feel very nice and safe traveling in it. Not fast. Never mind - even safer - I rarely do more than 100 - 110 km/h on the highway... it would do 150 - 160, but gets revvy and thirsty...

Surprisingly maneuverable in the city, trust me, owned a Vectra B 1.7 '97 TD for a year (some 30 000 km with it), Punto 1.1 petrol '99 (4 years with me, 100 000 + km), Mazda 323 '95 and driven Honda Civic '04 for 10 000 km, Honda City for also around 10 000 km... none of those can compare to how solid this dinosaur is and how well it drives...

I plan to preserve this car as it is, and take pleasure out of it for the years that come...

Fuel consumption... well... around 12 l/100 in the city (warm to mild weather, never did the calculation for winter time) and 9 l/100 out...

We have a large baby wheelchair - fits perfectly in the rectangularly shaped, quite deep, trunk, and still has space for some serious luggage...

4 speed manual transmission :-(

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Review Date: 14th May, 2008

1982 Mercedes-Benz W123 240D 2.4 litre diesel from North America


If you need a car that can be mended with a brick and a piece of string... This is it


A little rust around the edges.

Vacuum locks no longer work.

Cruise control no longer works.

Transmission linkage needs adjustment.

Heater blower motor switch broke stuck on '2'.

Threw a set of glow plugs in right after I bought it. Now I don't have to use my block heater at all!

General Comments:

These W123 cars are fantastic. This car was bought for $800 as a winter beater, and it has turned out to love the punishment.

When I purchased the car, it was slow and smokey. I have driven it hard, and it has become a clean burning, relatively quick (for a 3,500lb car) ride.

Maintenance is super easy, and cheap to boot, so long as you stay away from specialists and dealers. These cars were designed to last forever, and it shows.

I have started this car down to 8˚F and it starts easier than most gasoline cars. I expect it would start at temperatures below 0 degrees as well. BUT YOU MUST FOLLOW THE OWNERS MANUAL! Mix the diesel with kerosene (70/30 at temperatures between 15 and 32˚F, and below 15˚F = 50/50 mix) pump the accelerator 3x and hold to the floor. Crank the engine and it will start.

See video for example in 8˚F:


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Review Date: 26th February, 2008