W124 E260 Inline 6

AWESOME car, nothing like it, BUILT LIKE A TANK

250 words, North America

W124 200E 2.0 petrol

Cheap to service, simple engine, nice exterior and interior! A good car!

207 words, Azerbaijan, 3 comments

W124 E200 2.0 petrol

Deserved Icon of reliability and quality

183 words, Singapore, 5 comments

W124 TE 2.3

Excellent car

150 words, UK and Ireland

W124 250D diesel

A real highway star

25 words, Sweden

W124 300TE 3.0 petrol

No car is made this good any more

167 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

W124 300 TE 3 litre straight 6

Fast, class and practical

108 words, UK and Ireland

W124 300E 3.0

Fast, Fun, Comfortable, Become friends with a mechanic real quick!

120 words, North America, 2 comments

W124 300TE 3.0 petrol

Near total reliability

18 words, UK and Ireland

W124 300 TE 3.0 Inline 6 cylinder

Fantastic Wagon, if serviced and maintained

191 words, North America, 3 comments

W124 200T 2.0 petrol

78 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment