1991 Mercedes-Benz W124 300E 3.0 Straight Six from North America


Solid Sofa On Wheels


Replaced worn rear shocks & other suspension parts.

Slight coolant leak.

Oil leak at front cover seal.

Brakes squeal when warm.

General Comments:

This car is now 12 years old and still gets approving looks.

Seriously solid, comfortable ride, loads of room up front, a bit cramped in the back though.

Great motorway cruiser. Feels happiest at speed.

Everything electrical still works, car feels put together properly!

US headlights are rubbish & ugly looking, will be upgrading to Euro set soon.

Steering wheel is massive and steering a bit heavy, buy a BMW if you want more sporty handling.

4-speed transmission is pretty good, but still would have prefered a manual 'box.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2004

29th Feb 2004, 15:54

Re. squealing brakes- this was due to cheap pads being installed. Now using better quality pads and no squeal.

21st Oct 2004, 20:46

At 204,000k my head gasket has started to leak- a common fault on these engines I've now found. It doesn't overheat, just uses oil and dumps some in the coolant. The AC also packed up.

Still love this car even with these annoying and expensive design faults and hope to get another one like it (diesel estate version though) when I move back to England.

16th Mar 2013, 15:03

Can this car be brought into the USA? How did you do it?

1991 Mercedes-Benz W124 300TE-24V 3.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


The daddy high performance estate


Radiator broke at top hose

Thermostat housing broke at top hose

Auxilary fan resistor fault

Occasional Traction Control fault.

General Comments:

The car is a sport-line estate with 7 seats.

It cost the same as a 1993 Renault Espace, but is a lot faster, more comfortable and costs no more to run or repair.

Some small rust spots, but otherwise A! condition.

230+ bhp from 3 litre straight six that sounds glorious at the 7,000 rpm limit even after 150,000 miles.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2002

17th Jul 2003, 08:01

Hi, here is a progress report. The head gasket blew at 155,000 miles just before christmas. This is a known fault so it was only a matter of time.

The new gaskets, complete de-coke, new valve seals and a good clean was £900.

Now though the engine runs like an engine with less than half its miles. No leaks and even more silky and smooth than before. Well worth the money.

Now on 165,000 miles and still going strong. I am off to France soon with my wife, 4 children a neighbours daughter and a roof box. This is the only car I would consider doing this journey in and that includes MPV's.

16th Dec 2007, 17:25

The plastic breaking on the radiator and thermostat housing is a well known problem in Mercs and should be inspected on a regular basis.

Daimler do not sell the plastic thermostat housing any more, but will sell a metal one for a lot more dollars. However considering the price of repairing an overheated engine it is well worth upgrading.

1991 Mercedes-Benz W124 300CE 3.0 liter 6 cylinder from North America


High performance luxury sports coupe


Water pump leaking, replaced at 105,000, cost $600.

Motor mounts dead, replaced at 105,000.

Previous owner had the incorrect belt installed, which caused the bearing bracket to wear, replaced at 105,000.

Driver's side rear window up switch was worn out, must roll the window up from the back seat.

General Comments:

For a heavy car, this car gets up and goes.

Handles extremely well, despite not having the Sport-line option.

Seats are very comfortable, interior is very roomy.

This is a fantastic Grand Touring car. Very sporty looking and performance to match the superb styling and looks.

Only negative is that I would have preferred seating for 3 in the back instead of just 2.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2001

1991 Mercedes-Benz W124 200E 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A lot of car for your money if you buy second hand


Nothing other than normal service items (tyres, brake pads etc.)

General Comments:

Very solid, very comfortable, very reliable.

Performance could be better, but it is adequate for normal use.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2000

30th Oct 2007, 13:35

My Dream Car! I purchased a 1992 Mercedes Benz 300TE on E-Bay about a year a half ago from an older couple that had about 180K miles. The car was in great shape inside and out. I don't think they ever did much to the car except gas her up, rotate the tires and change the oil. When I got it, I really put her to the test. 55 miles a day and friends, family and loads of kids jumping in and out daily. I think I shocked her system, because the radio and antenna blew out first, driver side window regulator went out next, almost ever light from brake light to head light blew within three months and the blower for the heater decided to quit on the coldest day in Michigan. Wow, I thought. I hope I didn't get a lemon. No big deal, my mechanic said. All the parts were original, and had never been changed. Not bad for a 15 plus year old car Car! At 230K, I'm still in Love with my Dream!!! Jtp N Gpp.