5th Apr 2005, 23:27

One thing all 1991 Capri owners (as well as many other years) is that the oil pressure gages does not read what the correct oil pressure is. This is normal. I have an excellent mechanic tell me that these Capri's are (mostly) all like this.

It is certainly true that if you plan on having a faulty gages that, you then would want to check the oil levels often and check for oil leaks. A sure sign of low oil pressure is slow acceleration, metallic fumes and the obvious droplettes of oil when parked.

A final note would be to be very careful of your convertible tie-down handles breaking off without warning. Mine lasted for several years of treating them as gingerly as possible until (even I) had them break off in my hand.

All in all, I think the car is super-fun to drive and reminds me of a Matchbox car that came to life. I would buy this car again. I have placed 60,000 miles and it's still running great and I have had it for 4 years.

22nd Apr 2009, 19:50

I sure am proud to hear so many great reviews on the 1991 Mercury Capri, as I am in-love with my little baby. I would not trade it for the world!

My husband bought this little rocket special for me. You just wouldn't believe the raves of everyone at his security job. My husband got more rover positions than one could possibly imagine!

I takes to the freeways like they were built especially for it! Believe it or not, people have been trying to talk us out of this car every-time we show it off; what an eye-catcher of pride it has been! I have been trying to get a book on it for awhile now. Ever since a guy replaced the water pump for us and knocked it out of time. He wanted the car so bad that's why; but it didn't work! Any suggestions on getting it started again? It hasn't started in a year due to the timing specs, and we aren't sure what else.

The car was in near new condition when we got it. Nothing at all was wrong with it! Well the top was ragged out and one headlight don't pop up, but that's it!

I will tell you all kinds of bikes and motorcycles have put our baby to the test on the road, and she's always past with flying colors! This is princess2angel2000@yahoo.com, please I am dying to get my 1991 DOHC 16 VALVE 4-CYLINDER MERCURY CAPRI on the road again!

Also the front catalytic converter caught fire, but we saved it and had it fixed. It ran just fine until the water pump was fixed and the timing, was messed up. Could getting a new timing component kit be the key? Or could the timing sensor need replacement? Thank-you!

25th Jul 2009, 16:03


I have a 1993 Mercury Capri XR-2 with over 200,000 miles on it. It was a lot of fun to own and drive.

I rewired the entire stereo in this car and I do not believe that rear 6x9s and a 12" are required unless you just like to make a ton of noise. The vehicle is very small and plenty can be done simply by upgrading the door speakers and adding a 10" in a well-built box with decent amps and head unit. Just remember it's a convertible and the law can hear you.

The first thing I would do to this car is get rid of that awful and restrictive air filter box and the intake pipe attached to it. Replace it with a cone filter (adapter required for the MAF sensor) and you will notice more power under boost and *also* you will hear that beautiful turbo/BOV noise :)

This car is really quite a gem. Unfortunately it doesn't have a big enough following!!! I loved owning this vehicle except for the extreme lack of specific aftermarket/performance parts available. I was able to upgrade the ignition system to a full MSD (BIG difference in smoothness, noticeable power gain) but really that was the end of affordable upgrades.

One last thing, you really should not look into a Tonneau Cover. The vehicle comes with one built in :)

19th Aug 2009, 18:42

What kind of cone air filter did you get? Is it easy to remove the old one? What kind and how much to upgrade the ignition system?

Thank you.

28th Apr 2011, 22:09

If you Google "tech capri", you'll find loads of info for making repairs on the Capri.


20th Jun 2011, 18:25

I'm getting a 93 Capri.

Will the bubble top fit it from a 91? I can't find any sites at all. =/

10th Oct 2011, 12:22

Where can I get a bubble top for my Capri?

Robert Owens

314 Sample Rd. Greenwood SC 29649


Ph. 864 229 2696

18th Oct 2011, 22:51


Please help me, my car need a MAF sensor. Could somebody tell me where can I get it? Thank you.

19th Oct 2011, 08:52

Did you clean and test your existing one?

If you really need another one, Google for RockAuto.com and Car-Part.com.

Also find out which other cars (Mazda?) share the component.

1st Mar 2012, 14:00

I am an owner of 2x 1991 Capris. One is an XR2, and the other just a base.

I've been told you can have up to 18 PSI from the turbo on a stock engine. I don't plan on running that high at all, but was wondering if anyone knows how to adjust the boost, and also has anyone found a way to replace that god awful ugly mass air flow sensor and box with something a little more soothing to the eyes, and even more importantly, with a performance boost.

My poor base model sat for 3 years, and upon start up, decided to give out on me, but I just recently bought the XR2, and would like more out of it performance wise. The base model is going to go under restoration, and then the XR2.

4th Apr 2012, 13:25

It is great to hear from other Capri owners. I live in San Diego, and just purchased a 91 base model. I really enjoy driving the car. The oil pressure seems to be low on the gauge, it reads about 60 upon start up and drops a bit when it warms up. Never goes below the 1st hash mark.

Also get a bit of a tick in the valves when it gets warmer. Any ideas? Thanks.