13th Jan 2009, 23:14

I own a 2000 Cougar and I'm having crazy problems. It's a manual 5 speed, and when I'm in neutral the RPMs will go up to 3 or 4 thousand on its own, and if left in gear it will basically drive itself that way. But it doesn't do it all the time.

Also my buttons for the trunk and locks suddenly stopped working. The same night a red light came on, on the black buttons where the defroster is. I've had this car for 2 years and have never seen it on.

Also my battery light has been going on and off for about a year, along with the engine light and the service wrench light never goes off, and the mechanics are no help :(

If anyone has any ideas about what's going on, I'd be so grateful... email me meg.e.mc@gmail.com

20th Jan 2009, 07:25

I own a 2000 automatic with 120,000 miles. I've owned her since 2005 60,000 miles. She's my baby. List of repairs:

1st alternator 62,000, $590

Full brakes (and that stuff) 75,000, $450

Transmission 110,000, $24,000

2nd alternator 115,000, $450

Upper and lower valve replacement 120,000, $1000.

She is currently in the shop for the last 4+ years.

This car has been good to me. The trunk lock pops, but the trunk doesn't. I have been blessed not to replace the fuel pump ever, but I think that it will follow after the valve replacement, since the dealer is saying that this work will just get the car in working order, not perfect order :P.

31st Jan 2009, 23:39

Hi I've got a 1999 Mercury Cougar and I have problem starting it.. when I turn the key over, neither it will crank, nor it will click. Basically when I turn the key over, all the car's electric system works, like lights, radio, dashboard gauges. But it will not crank, nothing happens when I turn the key to start position..

I asked the guy (who is an automobile technician) and he ran the bypass to crank and start the car. It cranked but didn't start. He told me that there's a fuel problem that prevents it from starting, so I had to replace the fuel pump. After replacing the fuel pump I have the same problem.. It will not crank after turning the ignition key over, neither it will click or anything like that..

I bypassed the ignition to see if it starts, but no, it cranks but doesn't start, so I'm really stuck in there. Don't know what else should I check for..

Any help? Please E-mail me at tarans@live.com I'll really appreciate it please!!! Thanks.

7th Feb 2009, 12:43

I have a beautiful 2000 Cougar. When I purchased it, it had 84,000 miles. My engine light came on and stays on. What is your suggestion for checking on this situation?


16th Feb 2009, 14:45

Problem 2000 Mercury Cougar, I need help... Car almost starts when turning over, but won't. It seems to drag like the battery is dead, but it's not. help palange51@comcast.net.

16th Mar 2009, 11:47


About the last comment about the car trying to start, but it won't.

I had the same problem.. so listen to what you need to do: every time you start, hold the clutch up to max. Then if you fail starting, it's because the engine is flooded.. :)

So what to do next? Either wait for 10 minutes to try again.. or something that always works.. hold the clutch up to max. and then press slowly (not fast!!!) and hold the acceleration pedal. Up to max. Then try to start this thing ;)

This is also in the owners manual, so if you have it you can read it :)..

I have had a Cougar for half year now, and the only problem was a power steering fluid leak.. randomly one day it got empty.. and the mechanic told me that a pipe needs to be changed.. either cracked or something similar...

80 pounds :P anyway.. luckily it was not the pump or the rack :)

29th May 2009, 19:31

Good Day.

I have a 2000 Mercury Cougar - original owner with 125K miles on it. My current problems is a blown trunk release (I can fix this), the engine goes up in RPM (4 to 5K) when the clutch is in (anyone know why it does it?), and a blown air conditioning clutch.

I have replaced the fuel pump under recall, 5 batteries (this is Arizona, that's good), radio, timing belt, and power steering pump due to a leak (finding the right part is not so easy).

Overall this has been a good car, but it is starting to wear out.

If you can help me with the RPM issue please email me at daemanj@gmail.com.

22nd Jun 2009, 20:20

My car is giving me problems. I bought the car in 2005 at 47000 miles. 3 months after purchase I had to put alternator in as it went out on the Twin Span in No, La leaving me stranded.

Today I'm at 67000 miles, when I try to start the car I'm having a problem. It seems like it may be a battery problem, but when I charge the car it starts, but as soon as I put it in reverse it dies. All the gauges bottom out and nothing? Does anyone know what it may be... Considering my extended warranty expired 3 months ago... =(

31st Jul 2009, 13:14

Alright I am going to get the TSB for the Electrical problem fixed tomorrow. This is the only site that had this information. If the issue gets fixed I will definitely post again. Wish me luck!

20th Oct 2009, 23:40

I just had problems with the shifting on my automatic transmission on a 2001 Cougar where it hesitates on shifting. I was told that you should clean the shift sensor with electrical contact cleaner before you go out and purchase a new one. That's what I suggest first. It may save you some money $$$.

11th Nov 2009, 12:02

I also have a 2000 Mercury Cougar, V6, 2.5, Automatic. I have had all of the same problems it seems with the electrical system. I bought the car used from a friend of the family's 3 years ago. A new alternator was put on when I bought it. I have had the problems with flickering lights and the car dying. The TSB has been fixed on the electrical system and I still have the problems. I am just frustrated with this car. But my question is... has anyone ever had the problem with the car making a whining noise when you put it in gear and accelerate and maybe know what it is??. It is not the power steering.


15th Nov 2009, 22:29

The whining issue sounds like you need another alternator.

My issue is my turning signals and hazard lights don't work on my 99 Mercury Cougar 2.5L V6 manual.

I checked the fuses, they are fine. However, when I checked my turn signal flasher, as long as I hold it in a certain position, it seems to work fine. It fits in nice and snug, its not lose. But after a couple minutes, it stops working again, until I mess around with it again.. lasts a couple minutes, then stops working again.

I went to an automotive store and asked for their advice, and they were not helpful at all, I wish I didn't waste my time and gas driving there. They had no idea, nor the part, nor cared.

Is it the turn signal flasher? Even if the current one works when held right? That doesn't make much sense.

And has anyone found a solution for the pulsing/flickering dash and headlights yet?

Thanks for your help. AffluentBlue@Gmail.com.