14th Dec 2009, 13:51

I have a 2000 Cougar, it died the other day in my parking spot at my apartment, I first thought it was frozen, it was just so cold these past few days. Turns out I need a new fuel pump... I am the first, ORIGINAL owner of this car, actually I ordered it FOR ME with everything I wanted on it, hasn't really given my much problems as it ONLY HAS 44,000 miles on it...

I had a recall or warranty slip sent to me about 6 years ago explaining the problem they (Ford) are, were having with the design of the Fuel pump, WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT the warranty EXPIRED 3 MONTHS AGO, now I'm screwed and have to pay up.

We called the dealers as well as the main office, no one wants to help, they really should have fixed this since the only warning I received was in 2004, but they stated if it doesn't have any problems, then don't worry for now... BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE IF THEY HAD SEND A REMINDER, don't you all think so?

The car has had a new alternator put in, and something near the front areas (part of the shock system?) had broken, my nephew who owns a small repair shop fixed it for me. Now after reading all of these concerns, I am a bit worried, and NO one ever mentioned to me to keep the gas tank 1/4 full... I never let it run lower then that, but I guess after 10 years I got burned. I will now DEFINITELY keep it past 1/4 AT ALL TIMES.

Thanks ya all for your posts, I found quite a bit quite interesting and I will put that knowledge to use. Anyone know who I can all to help get some money back on the repair that I feel should have been covered!

9th Jan 2010, 19:38

To all who are having problems with their 2000 Cougars. I'm having all the above problems, with one I haven't heard anyone mention yet; my car idles very very low. It doesn't matter if it's hot or cold; sometimes when I'm driving and let off the gas, it stalls so I'm two footing it. One guy told me it's my idle control motor (sensor) or something like that... Could this all be part of the fuel pump problem, or could it actually be the sensor? I already replaced the e.c.t. sensor cause the scanner said to, but that didn't fix it either... but the weird thing is that on the freeway it drives like a champ...

Well enough ramblings... please, someone give me some advice thanks... my e-mail is t2ooltim@yahoo.com... to all who may help... thank you.

14th Jan 2010, 16:56

I have a 2000 Cougar 2.5 auto 107,000 miles on it. Every winter it won't start it might run for a few minutes, but that is it. I changed the plugs, wires and the TPS, and nothing... I cleaned out the MAF sensor and that wasn't it. Now it is smoking from somewhere behind the motor. If anyone can help, I really need it because this is all I have. PLEASE!!

19th Jan 2010, 20:04

These cars are very very finicky to say the least.. Mercury should be ashamed of themselves for not standing behind these LEMONS.. Mine has all the above issues +. When I dump this dog I am going to celebrate!! Who would be dumb enough to spend $2,400 dollars to replace a transmission that will go out again guaranteed.

28th Jan 2010, 12:15

I called Ford about the fuel pump problem and she told me my vin # shows no recall for the pump? The 3rd to last post said this recall has expired 3 months ago? The tach also hangs about 3k rpm all the time. The battery light seems to stay on for awhile after it starts. Which it won't do now. Any help please? EVIL_Z06@yahoo.com

17th Feb 2010, 12:32

Where is the plug where the scanner goes?

3rd Mar 2010, 12:56

We have owned our Cougar for nearly 9 years. We have replaced the alternator several times. Just recently (today) we were told not to replace with an after market type... this after spending thousands of dollars.

The car is currently at the dealership and it's costing us $710.00 to replace the alternator and reroute the cables.

When I brought up this web site and the numerous complaints made towards this specific problem, one service rep acted as though he had never heard of this problem before, but once I started talking a "little louder", another service rep joined in and exclaimed that this was a known problem. They even had the poor service tech brought in from the garage to try to explain to me why we were paying for an obvious manufacturer's problem. How smart to make a car that has an alternator problem because they route the cables "wrong", and then engineer the alternator to be placed in such a spot that it takes literally hours to get to to replace? Seems to me that they are making more off this problem than what the car is actually worth!

7th Mar 2010, 00:17

Wow, someone responded (in a sense) to my comment about a possible recall, (my note was a few comments from this at the top). Turns out it was yet another scam they had sent me, now they told me it was NOT a recall, but something like a service I should have kept an eye on, hell, or something to that respect. Either way, they didn't help me, I tried and tried, they pretty much just didn't care.

So I had to pay up to fix the car, sure now it works well, (knock on wood), but this is another problem I have had with this car, only during the winter months when it's cold, the engine makes a type of humming sound, at times louder or softer, than other times (if you can figure out that...) Usually when the car first starts in the morning, or cool nights (always).

I did have it checked, and the dealer said it was nothing to REALLY worry about, that it will just stall one time and then you can fix it (they quoted me about a grand to fix it).

Well, due to my financial status and being unemployed at the time, I of course, chose to try my chances and leave it alone, after all, the warmer months are coming up. Wish me luck, we all should make a club or something, after owning these "cars" for as long as most of us have, we need a place to vent. Right? Yes, it does help us mentally, to vent.

20th Mar 2010, 03:00

2000 Mercury Cougar V6 2.5L Duratec, Automatic.

I want to start off informing everyone that has been having MULTIPLE ALTERNATORS REPLACED, the placement of this has brought to my attention while changing mine and talking to a few other cougar owners; the placement of these alternators are in such a tight spot, that is so well tucked away that the heat just builds up back there and wears them out 3 times as fast. What I have decided to do is integrate a sort of ram air to force cool air back to the alternator and more air to the back of the motor. This has helped a lot! This will extend the life of your alternator, no question.

Also on the people mentioning bad transmissions; very quickly, I do not understand how they have went out so quickly. I have my 2000 Cougar that has well over 120k, runs like a beast, and the transmission is as strong as ever. This car has been through who knows all.

Then my brother picked it up from the insurance auction wrecking, he drove it for 3 years, but in that time also wrecked it, and he had rallied it a few times and beat on it pretty badly, but yet it seems to still hold itself very well.

But now I am having a problem where when I accelerate from a stop or a low speed, sometimes my car will sit about five grand in first or second and not shift. When I get going, there is no stopping this speed demon of a car, but before then it gives me a little trouble. anyone have an idea on this problem?

I am also wondering where I can get a steal of a deal on some cat converters; I was told all 3 of mine are bad. I would also know anyone knows where I can get performance parts for my V6 2.5 Duratec? I'd like to get this car set up to have some major power underneath the hood!