22nd Jun 2008, 15:16

I bought a 99 model with a V6/auto trans for my daughter with 76,000 miles on it. The car was in excellent condition.

Within a few months the moon roof mechanism broke. I couldn't close the roof; I had to pay the dealership to close it. Repair will cost $1200 - not worth it. After researching the problem on-line I found that the 99-00 cars have a faulty plastic roller mechanism, but Mercury fixed it on the 01-02 cars by using an aluminum mechanism (and they won't offer a rebate to help with replacement costs).

Since buying the car I have experienced many of the issues as other owners. This car eats brake pads, rotors, and tires and generates constant front brake dust buildup on the wheels.

I put new Dunlops on it shortly after purchasing it, and did not get 20,000 mile out of them. There are no front end problems to cause them to wear this fast.

I replaced the front brake rotors and and had to have them resurfaced before the car got 125,000 miles.

The brake sensor light remains on, even with new pads, rotors, etc.

I have replaced the alternator and the water pump.

If you pull the hood latch too far, it will pull the cable grommet out of a clip inside the kick panel, and it is heck to put it back in place.

The engine warning light stays on, and my mechanic said the diagnostic check points to a catalytic converter EGR error. However, after reading everyone's entries I am not going to replace it if it isn't guaranteed fix.

The car still drives good, with the exception of a noise from the rear end whenever you hit a bump. It sounds like a loose muffler mount, but everything seems to be tight. Has anyone else experienced this?

At one point in time gas mileage wasn't an issue at 20-22 mpg, but now that gas prices are unreal, it isn't an economical ride.

The best thing the car has going for it is the body styling. The Cougars are sharp little cars, but not worth the high maintenance costs.

24th Jun 2008, 15:10

I have an automatic black Cougar V6! bought it for 3500$ with 165,000 km on it, and have had it for about 5 months!

It's a beauty; zero problems and added a nice short ram intake and it sounds beautiful!

This is an amazing car; never had any problems at all and no repairs.

I have changed the side markers to black smoked, and put front and back light covers on, so all the yellow is gone, and also put on a new muffler next thing is rims.

COUGAR ALL DAY EVERYDAY; best car I've owned.

30th Jun 2008, 14:22

I've recently inherited my little brother's 99 Cougar, Duratec V6, 5 spd, 125k miles. Also have a 99 Taurus and am figuring out which to keep and which to sell. I get 30 MPG freeway out of the Cougar which is a real plus, though nowhere near that in the city. Haven't had a manual trans for a few yrs and it's admittedly peppy and fun (though I made the mistake of driving my brothers 08 Bullitt Mustang first).

I've gotta say some of the people complaining here must've never bought a used car ever. Considering this was the first model year for these cars and that it's now 2008, you really must expect some problems. So far I've gotten all the warning lights out except the wrench at the top and taken off the sill faux wood paneling on the inside.

I'll trade a broken sunroof, dumb cupholder and slow window any day versus some of the major issues I've had with used cars. I think this is my 28th or 29th used car (only owned 2 brand new ones) and remarkably solid for the miles on it. I love it when people say thing like I'll never buy another X ever, as if that particular used car represents an entire company. I think I'd be out of safe companies by now. Never owned a Jaguar, maybe they are the one good company. Except I can't keep track of who owns who these days. Sorry to ramble. Seems like a solid car so far.

3rd Jul 2008, 16:35

I got my 1999 Mercury Cougar in 2004. It was a birthday gift, after having brain surgery. I was estatic!

About 4 months later the motor went out. It was replaced, then the alternator went out and was replaced. Today it is out again, this makes the third time.

Also there is a foul smell. My A/C never worked until now. But now I am afraid to use it because of the alternator. And I am extremely allergic to the sun, and do not want to sun shade it in fear it will all be a waste of money.

My Cougar is sentimental to me. Don't know whether to keep pumping money into it, or just go ahead and put out its misery?

21st Nov 2008, 00:34

I've read so many stinking posts and am mad that we're all having pretty much the same problems with the 99' model.

I just bought mine last year, and so what if it's 10 years old, it shouldn't be costing so much to fix it, and it sure as heck shouldn't be so costly to fix.

My tires are rusting to the rotors, and now the catalytic converter is out, making the car sputter and shimmy.

The coolant light stays on if you park on a hill. You have to stop, turn the car off then back on, and it goes off.

Also, when it's hot out, the radio takes like 5 minutes to come on. Also, there's been smoke coming out from under the hood once in a while, but I can't figure out where, somewhere near the top left is all I know.

15th Jan 2009, 19:46

I have had all the same problems with my '99 Cougar as all the rest of you.

My engine light has been on due to the catalytic converter being bad, which also causes the foul smell mentioned in a previous comment.

My tool light is on and the power steering line leaks out all the fluid every other day.

The fly wheel grinding happens only every tenth crank.

I just replaced the battery, yet I just had to tow the car from my university back home 100 miles because it died while driving. So I guess this is the beginning of my alternator problems!

The handles hang, the trunk won't pop, the windows whine, and the car is falling apart.

Yeah, it's ten years old, but I also have a '94 Toyota Corolla and the Cougar is by FAR the biggest headache. There is no excuse for this car to have so many major problems, only to be made more annoying by all the minor problems.

4th Mar 2009, 17:07

Wow, I really am not alone with my '99 Cougar problems am I?

- Rotors have been replaced

- Catalytic converter was taken off, afterward we saw it didn't need to be taken off.

- Moonroof is broken

- Engine light stays on

- Went to Advanced for the diagnostic test and it showed the EGR valve insufficient and cylinder misfire

- It shakes all the time like is has bad gas.

- Haha, I know what all of ya'll mean about the trunk.

So yeah I do plan to try the Seafoam for the EGR valve and get some new spark plugs and wires. Love the car, but seriously?