9th Jun 2009, 08:08

I too own a 1999 Cougar. It is sitting in my driveway because I was told that there is a problem with the transmission. I didn't drive it and something, most likely an animal got in and chewed the turn signal wires. I fixed that and then had to replace the battery because it was dead. After doing that, the battery light stays on. My son did a simple check and it looks like the alternator needs replaced. I already did that once and had the starter replaced too. At this point, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. It looks great, but...

29th Jul 2009, 10:00

I bought a used 99 Cougar V6 automatic with 67,0xx miles. The check engine light was on from day one. Lean code, misfire code.

I've replaced the lower intake manifold, 4 intake gaskets, all sparkplugs and wires, 4 Oxygen sensors, Idle control valve, Mass airflow sensor.. all that and after replacing each item the check engine light still comes back on after 30 miles. of driving. I don't know what else to replace on this car.. it seems to idle and drive fine.. V6 engine have very little vibration when in motion, power output seems to be pretty smooth, but just the check engine light never goes away. What gives?

2nd Aug 2009, 16:40

I was going to buy a 1999 Cougar V6 Auto, but after reading all of this, I don't want it any more. Sounds like a headache. I'll stick to my Altima.

16th Oct 2009, 13:40

My 99 Cougar has been a good car for the most part. The only major problem has been the alternator.

The car had 50k on it when I bought it, and now it has a 106k on it.

The sunroof never worked since I bought it, and the engine light stays on.

The trunk latch is starting to be a pain, but overall it's been a good car.

As for the tire problem, I have over 50k, 2 tires, but I bought another brand for the other 2 and they have about same wear at 26k.

I just wish I knew how to fix the alternator.


6th Nov 2009, 18:39

Bought a 1999 V6 automatic for my daughter's first car about 16 months ago.

The only problem we had was the pulsing lights, which was fixed by grounding the alternator.

Just this week the car would not start, and we found we had to reset the emergency fuel shut off button. Why that was tripped we don't know. The car is a great looking car and handles like a sports car. My daughter drove my 03 Sebring convertible and said it handled like crap compared to her car.

Oh yeah, the hatch issue, minor but why? I think it is just too heavy.

10th Nov 2009, 13:30

I have a 99 Cougar. We run synthetic oil. The engine runs like a dream, no problems.

I have the flickering of the lights also. I'm on my 4th alternator. We have a local shop who replaces and guarantees their work and products and it only cost me $250! I am taking it back to them to determine the flickering. They said they've seen it before and it's the voltage regulator. No biggie.

Yeah, replacing the alternator that many times is a hassle, but the car is 10 years old and that's the only major problem we've had. I'm OK with that.

Oh and the hatch deal... put some little pads under the spot where the spring hits... it raises the spring up just enough after you trip the trunk release and all is good!

My driver window quit. Replaced the motor ($40 maybe). When we put it in the motor was in the down position, needed to remove and lower the window, then put the motor back in and all is good.

I've got 110k on my 99 Cougar and have had NO problems with the tires, brakes or rotors. Replaced the brakes twice, rotors once.

It's a hassle, but the engine is solid and I'm good with only replacing alternators if that's the worst of it!

21st Dec 2009, 19:20

I have a 99 Cougar V6 sexy red. I bought it new 10 years ago. I didn't start having problems with it until last year:

-O2 sensors

-Heater motor



-Engine light stays on

-Air bag light comes on

-Trunk problem.

But I have to say, I haven't regretted owning the car. It's been a ball to drive. Hate that it started costing me more to fix. I would have liked to keep it forever.

I am trying to sell in for $3500. Anyone want to buy it???

13th Jan 2010, 21:35

I purchased my 99 V6 Cougar in August, and I haven't had too many problems. My coolant light comes on maybe once a month when it is actually low. But my engine light has been on for about 3 months.

I got some gas one day, and the engine light came on literally within an hour after, so I figured that was the problem. But when I tried cleaning the gas out, nothing happened.

Oh, my most annoying problem is starting the car. For some reason, it starts when it wants to, and before getting it on, it makes this horrible noise. Very embarrassing. But overall I love my Cougar. Oh, and there's about 165,000 miles on the car. Good luck with your Cougars. =)

14th Jan 2010, 16:12

I have just bought a 99 Mercury Cougar just a few weeks ago. So far the only thing that has happened with this car is when I start driving, I notice some smoke coming out of the hood. The smell reminds you of brakes burning. I keep looking under the hood, and so far I can't see any leaks and all of my fluids are full.

As for the check engine light, I have a few friends who also have Mercury's, and they say their check engine lights have been on ever since they bought their car. They have taken it to auto shops and they say nothing is wrong with it.

Does anyone know why their could be smoke coming from the engine? It's not a lot of smoke, but it still concerns me.

22nd Feb 2010, 12:46

It seems like the majority of the complaints about the Cougar are on the 99 model and a few 2000's. I am the original owner of my 2001 Cougar V-6 with Sport Package, and I love her!

I do go thru tires pretty quickly, and yes they are expensive.

The only big issues I've had with it are the recalled fuel pump and a major brake job at about 50,000 miles.

I currently have 143,000 miles on her, and plan to keep her at least 3 more years.

I use my car for general everyday use, but I do have a 50 mile round trip commute to work.

I have ALWAYS used 89 octane gas, and have the oil and air filter changed regularly. From reading all these complaints, I guess I got the Cream of the Crop!

27th Oct 2010, 01:24

I am the lucky owner of a 2001 4 cylinder Cougar. I did not really like Ford until I drove this car.

I agree that it has a lot of issues, the design of some of the features, it's just not the best. I have problems with the trunk not opening as it should. The car starts to vibrate in the range of 60-70 MPH. When I bought the car, I did have some problems with the fuel pump. No matter how many times I replaced the pump, the car won't operate more than 30 minutes. I had to replace the housing (including fuel pump) in order to correct the problem. Other than that, it is a great car that provides good gas mileage. I think the bad luck was for the people owning 99s and 2000s. I have not had any problems with the alternator or starter.