29th Oct 2008, 02:13

I too own a 2000 Cougar. I purchased it used 5 years ago. Currently, it has a little over 100,000 miles. Overall, not too many problems but a few. I, like others, have problems with the trunk (I just open it with the key nowadays) and with my stereo system... it comes on and off when it wants and everything gets dark when it goes off. Usually, if I keep hitting the buttons, the music will come back on.

Two major problems though: 1) my car makes a "hissing" sound sometimes! It usually depends upon the weather! When it is cold outside, when I start the car, it makes the sound. I have a joke with my friends that I have a "hummer". The sound lasts a few minutes, and usually, when I put it in "drive" all is fine. Sometimes, as I am driving, the car makes the sound briefly. And, 2) my sunroof... my dealer tells me I need to replace the whole thing because it will not open! One day the sunroof was working and the next day it was not!

Does anyone's Cougar "hiss"... if so, tell me what you did to fix it. Thanks.

13th Nov 2008, 00:59

I have also had a few problems with a 2000 Mercury Cougar.

It now has around 105,000 miles on it.

Recently I had to replace the alternator, which I thought would fix the pulsating light problem, but it did not.

Also most recently the sunroof has went out, of course it happened when it was all the way out. I was able to slam it back down, but it is still cracked and it is winter in Portland Oregon, which means rain so I am going to try and manually get it down because I can't afford the 1,200 to get it fixed. If there is another way, please post it here.

Also I had a problem with the trunk not opening without using the key, but that now has fixed itself. I guess I got lucky with one.

23rd May 2009, 07:37

I have 99 Cougar... for some strange reason it leaks the antifreeze thru the reservoir.. I've already changed the radiator, water pump, and thermostat. If any body knows what it could be, please add a comment.

21st Sep 2009, 08:39

I own a 2000 Merc Cougar 6 cylinder. Great car until 100,000km.

I gave the car tons of TLC and regular up keep. I was driving in northern Ontario and the #4 piston rod broke away from the camshaft because of a poor linkage and seized my motor at 123,000km. Ford basically laughed at me.


I own a 2005 Camry 4 cylinder and it's faster with better fuel economy and way less maintenance required.

13th Oct 2009, 11:43

I have now owned my 2000 Mercury Cougar 2.5 V-6 for about a year.

Recently we have had to replace the alternator twice, and have replaced the battery. My battery light stays on continuously, and all the lights pulsate. I had a test run on the battery and alternator two days ago and they said they both were charging like a brand new one.???. Does anyone have any suggestions to why the lights flicker? I'm thinking when we get this problem fixed, it is out of here.

My trunk only opens when it wants, sometimes I have to pop it numerous times and my radio has a mind of its own. Looks like from everyone else's problems mine are just now beginning. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1st Apr 2010, 11:23

All of your guys' best bet for all the problems, is after they're diagnosed, fix them yourself or have a mechanically inclined friend to help you. Most of the work is easy, apart from the alternator. Had to take mine in for that one. Went with top notch $500 one after reading about many replacements. The shops love to bring in Cougars, because they make a lot of cash on them. Scamming all of you out off hundreds, even thousands, for something you could have done yourself for 1/8 the price.

For the moonroof you can break off the clamps that attach it to the moonroof's motor. Makes you have to manually open/close it, but its water tight. Only real problem doing that is you will get some scratches on your roof just behind the moonroof on the driver's side. Oh well better than spending $1,200 right? LOL.

I am going to take a look at that cable from the alternator to the battery to fix the flickering lights. That is a good find I would have never thought of.

All in all, I am very happy with my Cougar. Once all the problems are fixed correctly by my own trusty hands, I think I'll start modifying/upgrading the body/motor to show the world what these cars were meant to be. :D.

25th Apr 2010, 21:18

My girlfriend has a 2000 Cougar V6 Automatic. The other day she was going down the interstate when the car decided to slowly speed up to well wide open. She was taking her father to a doctors appointment. She put the car in neutral and turned off the key. She pulled over to the shoulder and both of them looked under the hood to find the throttle stuck wide open straight up. I am a very good back yard mechanic, and told her that the spring must have come loose. She flopped the throttle back down and drove home very slowly. I can only figure that the cruise control decided to work by itself and go for broke. This is something that needs to be addressed by FORD before someone dies. I have disconnected the cruise cable, and so far so good.

30th Aug 2010, 04:16

Hey guys! I have found the problem for the flickering lights!!!

It's that the wiring from the battery back to the alternator has to high resistance (can't be measured), so please go to this site and register (http://www.justanswer.com/questions/1xu6o-a-2000-ford-cougar-2-5-petrol-with-flickering-headlights-and), and this should fix the problem (it fixed my problem with flickering lights on my 99 Cougar).

Good luck all.

5th Nov 2010, 19:43

Hello all, I have a Cougar (2000) V6 automatic. I can't get the lights to go off while in park and the car is running. I went to the drive in, and tried to start the car to get the heater on, and the lights always come on, causing obvious problems in this scenario. Is there a way to make them go off while running??

Please forward to b_chawah@hotmail.com

Thanks for the help.

12th Sep 2011, 12:30

I have a 2000 Cougar with the flickering light issue, and just blew an alternator, and I'm also replacing a blower that went out after experiencing no radio for a couple of weeks.

The bad part is it's a used car with 87k miles, and I have payments on it.

18th Nov 2011, 08:12

I have a 2000 Mercury Cougar V6, and when I'm driving, the car just shuts off. Any suggestions?

29th Jun 2012, 13:33

Replace the pigtail that goes to your alternator. It fixed my friend's problem and mine from flickering. It gets to where it does not make a good connection, and when you replace it, it stops all flickering. The part cost about 35 bucks.

2nd Feb 2014, 11:20

Buying a super cheap 2000 Cougar V6 for 500$ on Friday. The power steering works sometimes but not always, and seems to be worse in the winter. I was thinking it is the power steering pump; anyone have any other suggestions???