2000 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6L from North America


I would not get one again


* Intake manifold. My car was found on the road dead after it cracked. This is a common problem and a defect where they were made of plastic and eventually cracked. I replaced it with a brand new aftermarket (aluminum/plastic hybrid) one for $200 myself.

* Gas pump. These all eventually fail, and this was an old car, so I'm not really faulting Ford for this.

* Tons of rust under the the doors from the lack of good weather stripping and large panel gaps.

General Comments:

I'm young (23) and I like this styling. It's a good looking car.

Comfortable over bumps, very soft steering, comfortable seats with adjustable arch support. A tall or wide person would have no trouble with this car. The seats go very far back.

It is surprisingly quick and gets good mileage for its size. The engine is quiet and refined, and the acceleration is effortless.

Handling is pretty much nonexistent. There is massive body roll, and most trucks have better cornering abilities than this sedan. Best riding at 50mph in a straight line.

The suspension is very squishy, which results in not feeling some bumps, and other bumps cause the car's rear end to literally hit the floor.

It is very nose heavy and it is RWD. This results in bad handling i.e... very easy due to a lack of rear traction to do a 360 turn in even dry conditions. Also this car is horrible in the snow for this same reason. I always keep sandbags in my trunk, even in the dry summer, to make it handle better. Very little road holding abilities. 60mph is fine, but 70mph is downright scary.

Build quality - the doors close like a vault. Other than that, the panel gaps are huge, the weather stripping is very archaic and leads to rust forming more easily. The arm rest and doors have cheap plastics that creak. Fake wood trim. The turn signal indicator feels a little cheap, though not as much as a 90s Chevrolet (but less than a Buick). Sound deadening is good, but the car doesn't feel taut and I don't feel safe going at 70mph.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2014

14th Feb 2014, 19:01

FYI the back support is called lumbar. Your arch is in your foot.

2000 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 4.6 V8 from North America


This is your father's Mercury... a great OLD design, now surpassed by newer models. RIP!


Had an oil burning smell; most likely from a head gasket leak.

Needed new shocks, front end bushings.

Replaced intake manifold myself... had the OEM plastic coolant crossover.

Transmission shift problems.

Died on the interstate - abrupt stoppage, but restarted.

Replaced radio, which died.

Power windows were slow - common problem on these cars as they age.

General Comments:

A big family sedan, whose design is now outmoded.

Relatively short legroom in the back seat for a big car.

Huge trunk, but its depth makes lifting heavy items difficult.

LONG stepover door sills make exiting difficult.

Long reach to radio & heater controls.

Excellent highway mileage for a big V8 car: 28 MPG.

Great ride, with a little rear end hop over bumpy curves.

Quiet, rattle free body. Little wind or road noise.

Steering is numb on center and tends to wander. Not enough caster in the front end design.

Needs a small console over trans hump for additional storage. Door storage is nearly inaccessible, and cup holders in the ashtray obscure the radio.

The stoppage on the highway destroyed my confidence in this car, so I sold it. I doubt this is endemic in the model year, though.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2012

2000 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.8 gas from North America


Cop car on steroids


Intake manifold failed; new tires; tune ups and regular service.

General Comments:

Like driving an army tank while sitting on my living room sofa. Awesome to say the least.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2010

2000 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6 V8 from North America


Nice, comfort, with a bad gasket problem


When I got the car, I spotted an oil leak on the driver's front side. It turns out it's an intake manifold leak or gasket leak; 600.00 to repair.

What I would like to mention is that the Grand Marquis is notorious for head gasket leaks. Either the oil leaks into the coolant or the coolant leaks into the oil.

So when you buy a grand marquis, check the front driver's side for oil leaks unto the manifold (connections for the exhaust at the motor) or the back passenger side for oil leaks there. It won't be a big leak, but persistent. If not repaired, could result in overheating and ongong power troubles, gas consumption will increase. If still not found and fixed, could lead to a blown engine and total failure.

General Comments:

Other than that, regular maintenance would be a good practice. IE: oil changes, fluid topping, transmission oil check, tire rotations and good dripless under-spray the frame to prevent it from rusting. This car should do 3 to 4000000 kl.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2009

6th Jun 2009, 22:34

I have a 2000 Grand Marquis. I have never had a gasket problem on mine. That is rare problem, I am sorry that happened.

9th Nov 2009, 20:07

Yes, I agree, we have had a number of 4.6 powertrains and never had that problem. They've been extremely reliable and good engines except for the intake manifold problem on the I believe 1996-2001 4.6 engines, but for a car like that, that's small potatoes.

21st Mar 2012, 09:32

Haven't heard of common head gasket problems either. I have heard of several of them cracking at the plastic intake manifold or leaking at the gasket.