3rd Sep 2004, 18:07

I bought a 2003 and I am pleased with the car. It's not very fast off the line, but it's faster than the police interceptors and they get the job done. If all you want to do is burn up tires and jump off the line quickly, a Mustang Cobra is in the same price range. However, if you're a family man like me and need to seat more than 2, the Marauder is a good compromise. It's a sharp car and comes fully loaded. It will seat 5 very nicely and you can put a ton of luggage in the trunk. I was also pleasantly surprised that my insurance went down when I traded a 1997 Mustang for this car.

9th Sep 2004, 16:48

Yes, but the Mustang will still be around in 2005 and beyond.

The Marauder? Sayonara! Mercury has already stopped production.

10th Mar 2005, 12:59

This car is boss. I don't know why they are stopping production, most likely the high cost that competes with more established competition. I wouldn't be surprised if Merc stripped the car down a bit and kept the styling and lowered the price.

23rd Mar 2005, 13:54

Ford is already selling what the above comment is describing. It's called the Crown Victoria LX Sport. It doesn't have the DOHC engine, but has most of what else the Marauder had.

And it's not selling all that well either!

9th Apr 2005, 22:51

I just bought a Marauder and it is an awesome car. Everyone who sees it loves it, from kids to older guys. This car didn't sell that well because kids like small imports now, and they have no clue as to real horsepower from big v-8 cars. They have no knowledge of them. Besides, they can't afford it anyway to have a great car. Older guys didn't want the power, just a Grand Marquis. So these great cars just sat on dealer lots. You can pick one up now, low clicks for half the price of a new one.

27th Nov 2005, 11:55

Agree with previous comments made here. Why negative comments with no intelligent basis? This site is great for reference prior to purchase. You get what you pay for. If you want German quality engineering/performance/feel, why focus on Mercury?

I've never owned a Mercury or anticipated owning one. However, this sounds like one fun family cruiser and a decent value on used market considering it's lack of popularity - a plus depending on how you view it. To those who actually own one, thanks for the review.

11th Dec 2005, 15:49

My 96 impala ss blows the doors off this slow thing. I lined up against one at a traffic light where we had a pretty good size straightaway between lights and my stock 5.7 cooked that gaudy 4.6. I used to sell marauders so I know how often they were in service. This would have been a nice car if ford had marketed it better. But then again, it is a ford after all. These cars are all bark and no bite. The engine sounds hollow so to add any bite one would almost have to get aftermarket parts for one of these. Stock 96 super sports are faster, better off the line, and have an overall better resale value. Check any car mag and see how much a 96 costs versus a marauder. That ain't gonna change no time soon. Marauders are cool if you don't want to spend a lot of money and don't mind something different out of the ford line, but for true black 4 dr sedans that embellish American muscle, look for a 1996 Chevrolet impala ss.

13th Dec 2005, 14:14

With guys like the writer of the previous comment selling Marauders, no wonder that Ford gave up on it after just two years. Think he sold Lincoln Blackwoods too?

15th Jan 2006, 12:36

I agree with the other guy. I used to sell marauders and blackwoods and he is right. ford never marketed them like they should have. they just kinda put them out there on the lot thinking that they would sell themselves. in a way they did... but for the most part, it flopped. I mean did anyone ever see a marauder commercial? or any advertisement with them? and I too have an impala ss. it is no comparison. Impala's are just head and shoulders above them.

3rd Feb 2006, 08:32

To the gentleman that used to sell Marauders. Your argument doesn't hold up when you state that the Marauder is basically garbage, that you used to see them come into service all the time, and then state that it would have been a pretty nice vehicle had Ford marketed it better. I fail to follow your reasoning. Marketing does not make a vehicle better or of higher quality now does it. Its OK that you want to drive around in an overweight 10 year old has-been that handles terribly and chews up front tires due to the extreme weight pushing it through corners. Just drive it, love it, and be on your way. Don't waste others time bashing newer higher quality vehicles that you probably can't afford anyway.

25th Mar 2006, 10:45

There is no way that a stock vehicle with an engine rated at 302 hp is putting down 285 to the rear wheels. Especially not one with 130,000 miles on it. It just is not true.

25th Mar 2006, 13:34

What forced the doom of the Marauder was the introduction of the HEMI 300C. They couldn't compete. If you want to argue about it- carheadbmc@hotmail.com PS- I do, however, agree that the Marauder has better looks. It would be nice in all white...

4th Apr 2006, 20:00

I've raced in an stock Impala SS (96) and I've raced in my stock Marauder and personally for an engine that's almost 70 cubic inches larger, and a chassis nearly 200 pounds lighter, it's not the best thing to brag about. On different occasions I have both won and lost against Impala SS's so as far a that debate goes, it is clearly a driver and car maintenance issue. both cars (stock) does a 1/4 mile in over 15 seconds. however, the Marauder does 0-60 in 6.9 seconds and the SS is 7.2 seconds.

31st Jul 2006, 06:54

The actual amount of Mercury Marauders built according to Hemmings Muscle Car Machines magazine (a very reliable auto auction info source) for both years is, hold on to your hat, maybe you should sit down because I too was amazed at the final production numbers. 870. 400 for 2003 1/2, and 470 for 2004. That is it. Can you imagine what these cars could be worth to the future collector, (as stated in Hemmings Muscle...) The numbers you quote are from the 'proposed' amount.

It is issue # 23, August 2005, page 100, for the '2005 Carlisle All-Ford Nationals', (auction), top left side of page beneath a picture of a silver 2004 Marauder, quote : "This is one of approximately 870 - that's no typo - Marauders delivered before the Muscle Mercury came and went in less than a year", (referring to 2003 1/2 to 2004 years). The article continues, "Is it collectible ? Maybe not today, but read the production total and you tell us!"

I was floored by these numbers, as I was originally lead to believe the numbers were close to what you quoted, (those are the figures I was originally given on the MercuryMarauder.net web site).

Another source was a sales manager for Straub Lincoln - Mercury, Rt. 35, Keyport New Jersey, who quoted to me in August 2003 when I was looking to purchase one, that the number for the year 2003 was 400, leaving in my own mind 470 for year 2004.

I purchased a 2003 1/2 Marauder new in September 2003, it is garaged and now and has 9334 miles on it. It was very hard to find, and I had to travel to Manhattan N.Y.C. where I finally found a 2003 300A Mercury Marauder, which they had up on their roof top sitting strangely alone in a corner between 2 new Thunderbirds. Since then, I have never looked back.

I have owned Camaros, Impalas, Mopars, 440's, 350's, 318's and guess what. I have no intention of ever getting rid of my Marauder. I have upgraded it with an 'air-charger', 'Superchips', (allowing a full 357 T.H.P.), 'spoiler', 'facebra' to reduce paint chips to the nose and I can tell you, this car is always a pleasure to drive. I hope one day to upgrade the gears, heads and super-charge it.