1997 Mercury Sable GS from North America


I love this car


Bought used, I have had this car for about 5 years. It has been a really good car.

The only significant repair was a speed sensor that cost about $25.00. The rest of the repairs have been brakes, tires, oil changes, and spark plugs - all the usual stuff.

But lately I have noticed something that really worries me. The car seems to be having some kind of electrical problem. It only does things occasionally/intermittently. The battery light will flicker on and off. The dash and radio lights will brighten and dim, and my headlights will brighten and dim. The electric windows and locks will work and then they won't.

I have been driving down the road, and all of a sudden the car will lose electricity (not when I'm stopped, but while I'm moving). I'll turn the key off and on and it will start back up again. My radio settings will erase every setting and I have to reset everything. This happens for maybe a day or two and then will stop for weeks, then it will come back again for a few days.

I have had the battery checked and the alternator checked and I have been told by four places that they are in working order. Obviously I am having some sort of short somewhere, but where do I take it to? The dealership says that they aren't equipped to look for an electrical problem, but that they could give it a look see. That scares me because their look see could cost me a bundle, and I could still end up not knowing the problem. Any advice from anyone?

General Comments:

Rides great and I love the size.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2008

28th Oct 2010, 02:57

I have been driving a 97 Sable GS as well for the last 5 years. I have kept it in great shape with maintenance and repairs, it has turned out to be a very reliable car.

I hit 180,000 miles just last week, and everything runs good. Also, lately I have been putting a large amount of miles on it, maybe 500 to 600 a week. I'm hoping I can get 245000 out of it.

I would say maybe 4 months ago, I had that same problem happen to me, where I was driving normally, coming to a yield sign, then all of a sudden all electrical power was lost, and car just died. I got it started after 1 or 2 minutes of playing with the ignition switch. I thought possibly my ignition switch was going out. Well it hasn't happened since then, so I really don't know. I had to replace my synchronizer maybe 3 and a half months ago, made a world of difference. It's been having idling problems maybe once a day, it's become more frequent now it's getting colder. I'm thinking it's a sensor, but the computer says nothing??? Any suggestions.

I'm just curious, how many miles are you rolling with on yours?

1997 Mercury Sable 3.0 V6 from North America


Transmissions are bad, but a great car otherwise


Bought the car with a bad transmission. My mechanic said it would be fixed for $1400, so I figured $2400 for a 1997 Sable Wagon; sure, why not.

60,000 miles and one year later (route job) the transmission went out a second time.

Later I talked to many Taurus/Sable owners and I must say about 90% said the transmission went out on them as well.

Other than that (which is enough), it's a great car, I had the small V6 engine, but it still had great get up and go!

General Comments:

Extremely comfortable to drive, great suspension, kick ass sound system.

Roomy, was a very nice car except the cheap thin transmission; you could hit the gas off a red light and could "feel' the transmission just wasn't tough enough to handle this V6.

I wish they would upgraded it sooner, (2000+ years have a better transmission in them).

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Review Date: 12th February, 2008